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  1. help!

    wow if I wanna talk privately it means I don't want my dirty laundry aired out to everyone I prefer realtime conversations to a forum and you don't know what i got goin on so you don't know why I prefer privacy and why would you think the text would be altered
  2. help!

    that kinda goes along with my trust issue... if I could trust better I would say more, not to mention its disturbing
  3. help!

    ok so no one seems to be listening so here's a cry for help! unfortunately I have a very personal issue going on that I think is work related and am having a huge trust issue... please feel free to IM me on yahoo at kowboykiller2684
  4. You still come around here? I've not seen you in ages, but i've seen you on a few of my friends profile friends list. Hope your doing well!

  5. More Weird Dreams

  6. should an X replace the spelling Of Christ in Chri

    WHY SAY X-MAS? whats the point? going out of your way to leave Christ out, thats why!
  7. hi....

    deleted the opperating system, i can help you... lets see PM me on here and we can set up a time for me to walk you through it
  8. should an X replace the spelling Of Christ in Chri

    no it should not, we are coming up to CHRISTS day, not "X" i mean we dont go around sayng "x-mas" do we? no we say Christmas. so why short Jesus Christ by writing "x", in math "x" is a variable, a replacement. so in that respect the "x" never shoulda been there. thanks butter good topic we love ya!
  9. Yes, but is the Matrix's Oracle Reloaded?

    the matrix to me was just an action movie, i dont let things get to my head... but also it did have some biblical influence, the name of the ship, the verse on the plaque, and a few others.
  10. Death Penalty

    i remember reading somewhere in the bible where God says (paraphrased) any man who kills another man shall be executed. for to kill a man is to kill the likeness of God. if anyone knows where this is please tell us so we can get a better grasp
  11. guns and people

    i am glad to hear there are more republicans out there LOL. i would hate to be in the situation too but again when the little ones are in danger we do what we have to do. loved ones are more important than those who try to hurt the ones we love
  12. guns and people

    oh wow oops talk about plagerism, so sorry guys i didnt realize that, my mom actually told me that one and i thought it was true and cute so i put it on here, i have never seen that anywhere. thanks for letting me know it belonged to someone else, now to find out who.... LOL anyway, i agree with paul, if the family is in danger, it is my job to eliminate the threat. i also agree with the person who said we are the nations last line of deffence. thats very true. i personally am glad they make it tougher to get a gun, makes me feel safer about who has one and who doesnt. honest people deserve the right, criminals dont. especially those who commit violent acts.

    "where ever you go, there you are."
  14. guns and people

    ive heard it said guns dont kill people, people kill people. i say guns sure help. you aint gonna kill too many people by pointing a finger and saying bang
  15. who wants to know seraphs name