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  1. shiloh357

    New Mexico Child-Terrorist Training Camp Leaders Go Free

    Just the fact that they were starving the children and a child with epilepsy died in their care is enough to put them behind bars for life. It is interesting how that all of those people who were losing their minds over the children being separated at the border are suddenly very silent about this. You don't see the wall-to-wall outrage and demonstrations in the street over these children. They can't blame this on Trump, which means the children are expendable. The welfare of children only mattered when they could use it smear Trump.
  2. New Mexico state judge Sarah Backus on Monday released five Islamic radicals on a $20,000 “signature bond,” which requires no payment. The decision came as a shock, given what local law enforcement had discovered. At a ramshackle compound near the Colorado state line, Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, 39, Lucas Morton, 40, Jany Leveille, 35, Hujrah Wahhaj, 38, and Subhanah Wahhaj, 35, trained 11 children to use firearms and attack schools. The compound had been under surveillance but police only launched a raid when one of the children texted that they were all in need of food and water. Police found rifles, handguns and ammunition and a shooting range. In a tunnel leading outside the compound they found the remains of a boy later identified as Abdul-Ghani Wahhaj. According to his mother, he took medicine for seizures but the Islamic radicals thought he was possessed by evil spirits. Prosecutor John Lovelace told reporters that the child died during one of the rituals. As Rod Steiger said in In the Heat of the Night, they had the body, which was dead. Yet prosecutors only charged the five Muslim militants with child abuse. Locals had to wonder, given the connections of the dead boy’s father. Siraj Ibn Wahhaj is the son of Imam Siraj Wajjai, an unindicted co-conspirator in the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993. The Imam, a former CAIR advisor, offered prayer at a Democratic National Convention event in 2012. The elder Wahhaj is also close to Linda Sarsour, who urges Muslims to wage jihad against the Trump administration. For New Mexico officials, activities at the compound were reason enough to suspect the Muslims of training the children for terrorist attacks. “This was not a camping trip and this was not a simple homesteading,” prosecutor Timothy Hasson told reporters. “The evidence as a whole suggests that this family was on a mission. And it was a violent one, and it was a dangerous one.” Added retired law enforcement officer Bill Rehm, Albuquerque Republican: “These suspects face serious charges that they intended to inflict mass violence, possibly through school shootings. This, combined with the discovery of the remains of a young child, is strong evidence that they pose a high risk of violence and should be behind bars People who are suspected of killing children and orchestrating mass shootings should not be allowed to walk out of the courthouse and back into their communities with almost zero guarantee that they will ever show up to trial.” Despite similar pleas from local police, that is exactly what happened. Judge Sarah Backus is a graduate of the University of California Hastings College of the Law and served as a deputy public defender and deputy attorney general in San Francisco. New Mexico governor Susana Martinez appointed her in 2011 and the next year the Democrat gained election to the judicial post. Backus cited “troubling facts about numerous children in far from ideal circumstances and individuals who are living in a very unconventional way,” but ruled that prosecutors had failed to show evidence of a plan to harm the community. Gov. Martinez, a Republican, said the decision “highlights how extreme the New Mexico Supreme Court has been in dictating pretrial release for all kinds of dangerous criminals.” In similar style, Backus recently supported a motion to release Rafael Orozco, who attacked his girlfriend, her newborn baby and a hospital worker before fleeing to commit other crimes. Those baffled by the Democrat’s decision to release the five Muslims might contrast two other cases. For deciding to live in rural Idaho, Randy Weaver was branded a “white separatist.” Weaver’s wife Vicky had committed no crime and was not under arrest but in 1992 FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi shot the woman through the head as she held her infant child. Democrats such as Herb Kohl and Patrick Leahy showed sympathy with the family but Sen. Dianne Feinstein asked Weaver if he had made kids wear Nazi armbands and shout Nazi slogans. In 1993, Clinton Attorney General Janet Reno approved the deployment of military tanks in an attack on a compound at Waco, Texas, claiming the lives of 75 people, including 25 children. In neither case was anybody starving children, killing children in rituals, or training children to use firearms in attacks on schools. None of the adults held ties to terrorist supporters in the manner of Siraj Ibn Wahhaj. Instead of mounting a raid on the compound, the FBI sent in a neighbor with a hidden camera. Police found guns, ammunition, and the dead body of Abdul-Ghani Wahhaj, yet the adults were only charged with child abuse. If anybody thought that a travesty of justice it would be hard to blame them. Meanwhile, as Fox News reports, on Tuesday Jany Leveille was transferred to the custody of ICE. Siraj Wahhaj is being held on a warrant from Georgia and the three other Muslims are “still incarcerated pending the fulfillment of their release conditions.” https://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/271036/new-mexico-child-terrorist-training-camp-leaders-lloyd-billingsley
  3. I said that Theistic Evolution which he apparently supports, is a heresy. And it is an unmitigated heresy.
  4. So now this judge in New Mexico just lets them go free. It's pretty disgraceful. If a "Christian"(so-called) starved a bunch of children, they would be in jail. Muslims starve children, and a child dies, they go free. David and Louise Turpin starved their children, and their bail was set at $9 million dollars.
  5. This kind of argument only works if one falsely believes that the creation account is theologically disconnected from the Gospel. The reason we defend the Creation account is because it is directly connected to and explains the need for the Gospel of Jesus. It explains WHY Jesus needed to go to the cross. We are called to defend all of the truth of the Scriptures, and that includes the creation account. Theistic Evolution is an unmitigated heresy and a compromise with the atheistic scientific community that is in complete rebellion against God. Theistic Evolution is essentially an act of treason against God, a selling out to his sworn enemies. Those who trust in and stand upon the solid rock of Scripture are not fearful at all. LOL, no they are not threat to us at all. Those of who follow Christ are on the winning side. We start from the point of victory. Our confidence is in Christ, not in ourselves, so there is no erosion of power that threatens our confidence. Our confidence is not reside in our power or strength. We derive our power from the full and inexhaustible power of God (Isa. 40:31). Who says we forgot that? It is precisely because he is more powerful than anything we find in science that we can stand on His Word, as written without fear and without wavering. He needs no defense, but we are told to stand for the truth and to proclaim it. And that is what we are doing. His veracity doesn't reside in our ability to defend him, but we must stand and debate and hold the line for benefit of weaker brothers and sisters who may waver in the face of a heresy they are not yet strong enough to refute and repudiate. This author appears to think he is qualified to assign values to us and how we feel and what we think and really has no clue how we think. This is just a lot of projecting on to other people and really is not a very good or very accurate assessment of what we think. The fear should reside only in those who seek to meld the Bible with an godless, atheistic, baseless and irrational theory. They will stand before God and be required to sputter up an explanation for why they held science up to be the infallible standard against which the Bible is to be measured.
  6. Because when the rest of us get to see what amounts to a gang rape of Europe, suddenly taking in refugees might not look like such a good idea. So there is a veritable media blackout in the MSM that is trying desperately to protect Islam's image over here in the US. They want to open the US to those knuckle-draggers and put our own women at risk. You will notice that just before Trump was elected, they were talking about these refugees, but changed their status to "immigrant." Suddenly the media was treating them like immigrants, not refugees. I noticed that back in 2015 and 2016. They kind of subtly tried to slip that in, in order to shape our thinking and start viewing these refugees as permanent residents, with the hope that they would be allowed to vote and vote Democrat, just like they are doing with the illegal aliens. It's all about shaping how we think, instead of just reporting the news.
  7. It's really bad in Germany, as well. The refugees they let in are really being a problem. The numbers of German women getting raped is just unbelievable. And these are not "terrorists." They are just Muslims that decided to invade Europe.
  8. shiloh357

    Is our God same as the muslims?

    No, allah is not YHVH. Christians worship the true God of the Bible. Muslims do not.
  9. Many Swedes were horrified in early 2017 when U.S. President Donald Trump linked immigration to rising crime in Sweden, but an increasing number now agree with him. Amid soaring crime rates, gang violence, complaints about education, and pregnant mothers even being turned away from maternity wards due to a lack of capacity, resentment in Sweden has built over the influx of more than 600,000 immigrants over the past five years. And tonight is one of the worst night for violence in recent history as police report multiple gangs of masked youths rampaging across three major Swedish cities, setting cars on fire in what seems like a coordinated action. Read more at: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-08-13/sweden-burning-migrant-gangs-unleash-coordinated-fire-bomb-rampage-across-multiple
  10. shiloh357

    WorthyNews: Trump prevents F-35 transfer to Turkey

    Too many times. And not just our enemies, but enemies of Israel. Our government complained that Israel was selling technology to China some years back and yet we sell military goods to Israel's sworn enemies. Our government can be pretty hypocritical. And that's putting it lightly.
  11. shiloh357

    How To Bring Back Christian Sexual Morality In Society?

    The first thing we need to do is bring sexual morality back to the Church, as there are many in the Church today who don't think that pre-marital sex and homosexuality are sins.
  12. This is the kind of anti-America garbage that comes from the Left. Why don't they just move to France, or something if they hate America so much? Abolish the POTUS! We’ve seen it: the belligerent typo-ridden tweets; the fawning press conferences with autocrats and overlords; the self-described Nazis on parade praising an American president’s name. We have seen it with our own eyes. There is a bloated authoritarian lounging in his bathrobe in a 200-year-old mansion that used to symbolize the principal republic of the world. This is a man who openly conspired to cheat with the help of a hostile foreign nation in a federal election. On election night, he came in second place, yet due to a scab of slavery in the Constitution (the electoral college), this usurper has the full power of the most powerful military in history, command of the treasury, the absolute power to pardon and he can unilaterally annihilate millions of people with his command to deploy nuclear weapons. He’s made refugees begging us for mercy into orphans hoping it will deter other asylum seekers — because he can. He’s now poised to put a man on the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh, who believes in supreme leaders (if they’re Republican that is). Russia attacked our country; the target was Hillary Clinton and liberal democracy and they hit their mark. If you’re stunned that President Donald Trump is still in office because he’s so horrible and so unpopular and so obviously corrupt — you are not alone — the overwhelming majority agrees with you. Only about 25 percent of eligible voters voted for President Grab ‘Em By The P----. Yet, the majority was apparently powerless to stop him. Impeachment won't remove Trump from office And I have other bad news. The remedy in our Constitution for a treasonous turncoat who got into the White House on a technicality is impeachment. But guess what? Impeachment has never gotten rid of a bad president in this country. Not ever. Bill Clinton finished his term after being impeached. The threat of impeachment got Nixon to step down, but impeachment as a whole has failed. It’s never lived up to its promise. It failed to remove President Andrew Johnson, described by his contemporaries as "the vilest radical and most unscrupulous demagogue in the Union." The main charge against Johnson was that he ignored the authority and will of Congress. It was then thata group of concerned citizens saw a monarchy in the making and drew up a petition titled "Memorial Regarding the Abolition of the Presidency." Their idea was to copy the Swiss Republic and make the executive branch a federal council without veto power. Mid-19th century Americans’ trepidation that an emperor could follow an idealistic revolution was well founded; they’d witnessed that very thing in France with the ascension of Napoleon. The petition makes the case that the three branches of government are not equal. “Congress is more dependent on the President than he is on Congress,” reads the petition. “The President has the elements of power; Congress has but words: he can act; Congress can but talk.” The pamphlet printed in 1868 offers that a constitutional monarchy is still a monarchy, and the exorbitant powers of the executive branch are borrowed from monarchs, which make it impossible to hold a president accountable. And if the president is above the law, they argue, he’s an autocrat and not a (small d) democrat. Abolish the Presidency to Save Democracy In 1973, the idea came up again a few weeks after the second inauguration of Richard Nixon, when Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Barbara Tuchman wrote a piece in The New York Times asking “Should We Abolish the Presidency?” Tuchman argued that Congress is at fault for the executive branch becoming too powerful. “Responsibility must be put where it belongs: in the voter. The failure of Congress is a failure of the people.” Eighteen months later Nixon resigned. His successor gave Nixon a blanket pardon, ratifying that he was in fact above the law. Tuchman also touted the Swiss Republic’s use of a council in lieu of a hero-like dad figure. But I’m most inspired by Comedy Central’s "The President Show" starring comedian Anthony Atamanuik. With his searing Trump impersonation, Atamanuik is introduced as “the 45th and final president.” We can make that happen! My fear isn’t Trump; it’s that the next autocrat is most likely smarter and savvier than Trump. Every partisan from every niche of American politics should be alarmed. We have a branch of government that stinks so bad it’s wafted over the entire nation and its outer territories. The entire world sees it. We’re in trouble. The presidency is broken. Our little democratic experiment is in peril. We can amend our Constitution to save the republic. Abolish the presidency! Power to the people! Power to the Congress! Make the co-equal branches of government more equal. Give us a council of boring bureaucrats who will do their job, serve the people and leave after their term ends. Because, as our forefathers believed, democracy is worth fighting for — even if you have to fight a mad king for it. Tina Dupuy, a former Capitol Hill staffer, has written for The Atlantic, Fast Company, The L.A. Times, Vox and Mother Jones. She’s a host at SiriusXM’s Progress channel 127. Follow her on Twitter: @TinaDupuy. https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2018/08/10/donald-trump-russia-election-inept-monarch-abolish-presidency-column/923543002/
  13. Doesn't matter. It is still adultery and if she is a Christian, she needs to cut this guy loose. He is a loser.
  14. Yeah, that is called "adultery." That's a bigger problem. If he is willing to do this to his former wife, he will do the same thing later on to your friend. Any man that would commit adultery is not worth being married to. If she is a true Christian, it should bother her that she is committing adultery.