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  1. Yes, we have had a Presbyterian church in my city split over this kind of stuff. The conservatives basically had to leave the building behind and start their own church.
  2. That is patently absurd. We protect the unborn offspring of bald eagles on the grounds that bald eagles are a protected species. Unborn bald eagles are still bald eagles under the law. If someone raided a bald eagle's nest and was arrested he could not offer a defense that unborn bald eagles are not bald eagles. The term "embryo" does not indicate a different species of being; it simply refers to a stage of development within the human species. The same holds true with terms like "fetus," "newborn" "toddler," "adolescent" or "adult." If being an embryo or a fetus makes one less human, then by that absurd line of logic, a toddler is less human than an adolescent, and an adolescent is less human than an adult.
  3. What she heard was a woman calling for help and she immediately went to see what was going on. Lot's of people do that when they hear a cry for help. It is perfectly normal response, in most cases.
  4. No, you are not going by the Bible's description. You are trying pencil tradition into the text. You are putting tradition ahead of Scripture. Yes, and my understanding is correct and yours is based on sloppy exegesis (if you can even call it exegesis). No, they do not. Your claim is that the entire week is called Passover and the Bible makes no such claim.
  5. Well, since I am a Christian, I will go by the Bible's description and presentation. The Bible is what Christians go by and the Bible does not treat Passover as a week long event. The Bible overrules man's traditions, but I guess if the Bible doesn't mean much then by all means, go by man's understanding and just throw the Bible out.
  6. Yeah, I heard that, too. Not buying it.
  7. No, Black Liberation Theology is what amounts to heresy.
  8. That's beside the point. The only point I was making was about your incredibly ridiculous and uninformed speculation that this has something to do with "loyalty" to the president.
  9. No, you're not going by the Bible, at all. No, it doesn't say that at all. The two festivals occur in the same week, but they are separate festivals and the Bible makes that clear. Nowhere in the Bible is the week of Unleavened Bread referred to as Passover. The Passover Lamb is eaten on the 15th the first day of unleavened bread. The two festivals are occur simultaneously. But the week of Unleavened Bread is NEVER referred to as, "the Passover" in Scripture. The first Day of festival of First Fruits also occurs during the week of Unleavened bread, three days after Passover, but it is not called Passover and it is not called Unleavened Bread. Just because certain festivals occur at the same time, doesn't mean they are one and the same. Again, the Bible is our final authority and we need to go by what it says and not try to read human traditions into it.
  10. And that's the point in the title. Racism apparently only flows in one direction. If this story had been the other way around, if a white female cop had shot a black man in the same way, the title in EVERY liberal news outlet like CNN, MSNBC, Yahoo, HuffPo, etc., would have been about a white cop killing an innocent, unarmed black man. The liberal media made sure to hide the race and religion of the killer. When the shooter is white and victim is black, the story is about race, when the shooter is black and victim is white, suddenly, any story that mentions that fact is immediately "racist" and how dare you mention race!!
  11. Well the problem is that the Word of God is what doesn't sit right with you. Paul's words in the are Scripture and are inspired by the Holy Spirit. Paul's words are a transmission from God to Paul. Paul's words agree 100% with Jesus and a real Christian would know that. Paul glorifies Jesus and points to people to Jesus consistently in His epistles and your criticisms of Paul prove you don't know or read the read the Scriptures. So it is God and His Word that doesn't right with you. You need to repent, believe the Gospel, get saved.
  12. Which demonstrates a fundamental lack of understanding regarding the nature and purpose of worship.
  13. The president oversees and is in charge of federal agencies and he has the authority to clear who he wants as far as White House staff is concerned. They do not have the authority to "veto" the president unless that person has a criminal record. It has nothing to do with loyalty. It is about the president's authority as commander in chief over the executive branch to which federal agencies like intelligence agencies, belong.