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    The Charismatic movement is engaged in things these days that make speaking in tongues like like nothing. They are into occultic practices such as "Christian" tarot card reading, "Christian Ouija boards" contemplative prayer/spirituality, fake signs and wonders, the Kundalini spirit and of course you have the heretics of the "Jesus Culture" folks at Bethel Church and Hillsong that allows homosexuals to lead worship and stuff like that. The Charismatic movement was pretty bad back in the 80s and 90s. But now they are far, far worse and suffer from a total lack of any kind of discernment.
  2. Guns or security guards in churches

    To all the ladies reading this thread: If your man won't stand up for you and violently defend you and the children to the death, you don't have a man; you have a girlfriend.
  3. Guns or security guards in churches

    I don't need to read Isiah 53. You are simply a lousy interpreter of Scripture.
  4. Guns or security guards in churches

    So what about all of the Christians that were in the British army who died for your freedom?
  5. Guns or security guards in churches

    That's not what I asked. Do you think that English government should have taken up arms, or should they have not fought the Nazis?
  6. Guns or security guards in churches

    No, YOU miss-apply it to an issue that Jesus wasn't addressing. That's why your approach is sloppy, incompetent and fleshly.
  7. Guns or security guards in churches

    Do you think England should have laid down their weapons and let the Nazis walk right in and take over?
  8. Guns or security guards in churches

    Which is just another sloppy, incompetent, fleshly use of Scripture.
  9. Guns or security guards in churches

    You have no place in the Bible where self-defense is prohibited. You are trying to make a doctrine out of silence and out of biblical narratives which are not doctrinal in nature. You need some lessons in biblical interpretation.
  10. Legalism

    It is important to understand that the Bible doesn't have a word in either Greek or Hebrew for "legalism." What the Bible does say is this: "Christ is become of no effect unto you, whosoever of you are justified by the law; ye are fallen from grace." (Gal 5:4) You people are really over-thinking this because very few of you have a biblical understanding about legalism is. Legalism is when you attempt to earn God's favor by keeping the law. There is no a single person on this planet that has the capacity to please God apart from Christ. God is not pleased by our observance of His law because our observance is tainted with the stain of sin. The ONLY person who ever truly pleased God was Jesus because Jesus kept Gods laws without any sinfulness. The difference is that Jesus fulfilled the righteousness of the law and that is imputed to us when we are justified by faith. Jesus' perfect righteousness which fulfilled all of God's laws places us legal right-standing with God. If you trying to be right with God by keeping the law, then you are saying that what Jesus did wasn't good enough. Christians are not bound to the law of Moses because Jesus has imputed to us righteousness by virtue of faith and the internal indwelling, abiding presence of the Holy Spirit makes us far better equipped to avoid sin than the external constraints of the Law. "I must keep the law" = "Jesus isn't good enough for me."
  11. Guns or security guards in churches

    That only applies to spiritual warfare. It does not apply defending your family. The one unable to rightly divide the Word of God is YOU. Pacifism is carnal, not defending one's family. Those Christians who would not defend their family are worse than infidels.
  12. NT Wright Exposed

    Actually Cobalt is right. And I would take anything Cobalt says over anything the false teacher, NT Wright, says.
  13. NT Wright Exposed

    There are Bible scholars who have made a career out of studying the Bible and they don't believe a word of it. Biblical scholarship is not necessarily Christian scholarship. The Jesus seminar which was concocted (and populated by several "Bible scholars") to discredit the the New Testament is proof of that. There some without any discernment who quote heretical "scholars" as authorities. NT Wright is essentially a false teacher and he puts forth a false gospel. That alone should discredit him the minds of believers.
  14. Legalism

    I am not sure why legalism has got to be such a complicated issue. Legalism is believing you have to follow a particular set of rules in order to please and be saved. Legalism is all about trying earn God's favor through works. That's really all that it is.