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  1. This year's "Christmas is Satanic" debate

    No biggie, but Rosh Hashanna comes before Sukkot. Rosh Hashanna coincides with the Feast of Trumpets. Yom Kippur is the Day of Atonement. Jesus was like born on the first night of Sukkot.
  2. Adam and Eve as Genealogical vs Genetic Ancestors

    It's your thread, you can go back and read everything he said. It's not like everything is strewn all over the board. I really don't think I need examples, because you have been following the thread since day one, so you have read what I and everyone else posted. I have already stated that I am not going to, because I don't think it is necessary. If I had really felt you didn't have a clue about what was said, or if you were a newcomer to the thread, that would be different. But trying all of a sudden play "dumb" when you have NEVER had a comprehension problem on any other thread you are involved in, doesn't ring true and like said, if you were anything like you claim to be, I would not need to do that because a real Bible believer would have called out false doctrine/teaching like his.
  3. Adam and Eve as Genealogical vs Genetic Ancestors

    I have already told you what he said and you have been following the thread the whole time, so I don't need to run back and search all his posts. The fact is you have never had any problem understanding a single post of mine, so I don't believe the clap trap that you don't understand what he said and why it is false teaching. In fact, were you the "Bible believing Christian" you claim to be, you would have recognized his false teachings and called him out on it. The fact that you didn't would seem to indicate your pretense about believing the Bible is the claim that is completely hollow.
  4. This year's "Christmas is Satanic" debate

    Exactly. If the standard of logic is that having a Christian celebration on the same day of, or even looks similar to a pagan celebration, then Passover is pagan because it coincided with the ancient Egyptian worship of the lamb god, Amun. http://frumheretic.blogspot.com/2009/03/sheep-worship-in-ancient-egypt.html
  5. This year's "Christmas is Satanic" debate

    From a missionary stand point there is likely a very good reason that Christians decided to to choose Dec. 25th to celebrate the birth of Jesus and it has nothing to do with the silly conspiracy, junk history that has been used to denigrate Christmas by people who don't know what they are talking about. I know a missionary to Japan who said that over in that country, they have their own pagan customs, not related to the neo-paganism in Europe or the pagan traditions of the ancient near east (Babylon). The missionaries had a problem with those who became Christians in Japan integrating Japanese pagan customs into their Christian lives. They were still celebrating the old customs and this had the effect of pretty much shipwrecking the faith of the new converts and luring them back to the old religions. So the missionaries and church leaders in Japan developed new holidays for the Japanese believers that coincided on the pagan holidays. They didn't want the holidays to fall on days that were different than the pagan days because the Christians would celebrate the new holidays, but still celebrate the pagan days when they rolled around. So they made sure that the pagan holidays and the Christians celebrations occurred on the same day. They were not attempting to adopt pagan customs in doing that. They were combating them. The Japanese Christians needed something to replace the old holidays. The early Christians had to do the same thing when it came to the pagan traditions of Rome and Greece. The conspiracy theory about all of this incorrectly argues that when the Greeks and Romans got saved, they retained their pagan customs and simply reinterpreted them in their worship of Jesus. It states that they simply started celebrating the birth of Jesus on Dec. 25th like they did with Zeus or whatever. That is simply not the case.
  6. Adam and Eve as Genealogical vs Genetic Ancestors

    Yes, I did initially. But then I realized later that there are actually two possibilities. Oh please... You don't have to "remember" his words. They are in this thread. And I don't think you had any difficulty in reading his posts. You don't have any trouble reading my posts well enough. So I don't really believe any of that hogwash. You know exactly what he said and it appears very likely that you agreed with it. His views fit with your liberal, selective acceptance of Scripture.
  7. Roy Moore Threatens to Sue Washington Post

    How do you know what he has or does not have to hide??
  8. Roy Moore Threatens to Sue Washington Post

    But that is not how we determine guilt. This is a very dangerous direction we are going when a person's life can be destroyed over allegations that never have to be proven, where someone's character can be defamed and they have no legal recourse because instead of the usual jurisprudence that we are entitled to, people can simply be accused of something and the public gets to decide if they agree or not. If Moore is destroyed because of this, it sets the precedent for anyone to be treated that way, particularly by people who want to seek revenge or something. Do you not have a problem with that?
  9. Saturday or Sunday?

    Every cult has a public face and a private face and while the SDA try to claim, in public, that they don't believe the Sabbath day observance is necessary for salvation, their own theology holds that Sunday observance is the Mark of the Beast and they believe the 10 commandments are necessary for salvation. In addition, they hold that if you don't keep the Sabbath day, that it is evidence that you are not saved. So yeah, it is pretty dishonest.
  10. No, what we have is allegations, not eyewitness accounts. And there is no evidence that these events actually happened. The yearbook is not evidence. In fact, they are looking into it because the "signature" looks just like the official stamp his clerk/assistant used when was the Assist. DA in Etowah County, AL to affix his name to legal documents. They have hired handwriting experts to examine it as well. So at the end of the day, you really have nothing to anchor to as actual evidence.
  11. Adam and Eve as Genealogical vs Genetic Ancestors

    I am not making contradictory claims; I am suggesting two possibilities. Either you are amazingly unable to comprehend and understand his false teachings, or you are in collusion with his false teachings.
  12. This year's "Christmas is Satanic" debate

    her point is that you don't need to bring up the RCC in every thread.
  13. Guns or security guards in churches

    Yes, that's the point. This is the way liberals look at guns! LOL
  14. This year's "Christmas is Satanic" debate

    No, it is not.
  15. Adam and Eve as Genealogical vs Genetic Ancestors

    Or maybe it was because you actually agree with him and saw no reason to correct him, which is far more likely.