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  1. Anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism expressed on a global scale. Classic Anti-Semitism denies Jews equal rights in a given community. Anti-Zionism is the denial of Israel the right to operate as an equal member of the community of nations. Zionism is: The National Liberation movement of the Jewish People. It is the modern expression of the ancient longing by the Jewish People to return to their land and live as a free people once again. It is the desire to secure a modern state for the Jewish nation. It is the conviction that the Jewish people have the right to live in freedom and security in its homeland. It is the determination to aid and encourage the return of any and all Jewish refugees of the Diaspora who wish to return home. It is the concern for the safety and security of that modern state, and the desire to see it strong enough to defend itself and the Jewish people as a whole from any present or future existential threat. If these were denied to any other people, it would be considered racism. But Anti-Semitism/Anti-Zionism has become, in our day, the one form of socially acceptable racism. Anti-Zionists are racists, pure and simple.
  2. That is why the polls are being rigged and skewed. They are trying to stay out of prison.
  3. I interpret it in the light of the context in which those verses appear. Using this as a prooftext to make the case that the Sabbath is a requirement for all humanity really doesn't fit the point that Jesus is making. They were not arguing over whether or not the Sabbath was for all of humanity and who was required to observe it. That is not even on the radar. Jesus isn't defending Sabbath observance. He and his disciples were accused of violating the Sabbath. Jesus didn't correct his accusers in the substance of their accusation; He defended their violation of the Sabbath Day regulations. He did not defend Himself by arguing that picking off the grains of wheat was not a Sabbath violation. Rather, Jesus' response was point out the fact that David took the shew bread that was unlawful for him to have, much less eat back in I Sam. 21. What is important in that passage (vv. 23-28) is that Jesus is calling Himself "The Son of Man," which is a Messianic title drawn from Daniel 7:13-14. It is the 2nd in Mark that Jesus has referred to himself by that title. And what's more is that He is claiming Lordship over the Sabbath, which would have been rather incendiary to his opponents. Jesus' point was that the Sabbath was meant to be a day of blessing and that Sabbath observance was not to become a burden. Jesus made this case numerous times. It's why Jesus violated the Sabbath numerous times by healing and doing good on the Sabbath ,and His violations of the Sabbath actually brought the joy and peace that were supposed to be the features of the Sabbath day. The Sabbath serves man; man does not serve the Sabbath. Jesus shows this in Mark 3 and the man whom Jesus healed on the Sabbath from a withered arm. It is lawful to violate the Sabbath Day rest to do good to others. Jesus was proclaiming Himself to be Lord of the Sabbath, He was proclaiming himself to be greater than the Sabbath, thus greater than Moses and this was a declaration that was tantamount to Him establishing His deity, as only God can really be Lord of the Sabbath.
  4. No he doesn't believe that. He has been supporting OSAS.
  5. I don't see that in what Giller said at all. I think you misreading him.
  6. This is why ISIS needs to be utterly destroyed. They don't need to be defeated. They need to be destroyed. Every last one of them.
  7. It's not new, but it is still an outrage.
  8. Yes, but that is not apostasy. Christians can have times of discouragement and even anger at God for allowing adversity. That happens. There may even be a season where a Christian is distant from the Lord as a result of pain and anger at the Lord. But that is not apostasy. II Peter 2 deals with apostates, but the people he describes are false teachers and their disciples/followers. Peter describes people who participated in the external community, but were never really followers of Jesus. They are the "dogs" that return to their vomit, meaning they were never
  9. No, that is heresy. Jesus is God because Jesus has always been God. He preexisted creation with God the Father. Jesus was never "made to be" God. Jesus always was God. That is the ONLY correct view on the matter. Any other view is heresy.
  10. They could just forgive the debt. There is nothing that prevents them from doing that.
  11. I didn't contradict myself on anything.
  12. But in none of those passages is it referring to salvation in the sense that we are saved through faith in Jesus. The issue in those passages is preservation through persecution here on earth. It's not about enduring to the end of your life in order to go to heaven. Yes we are saved from sin. We are freed from it. Same thing, even if your weird theology doesn't make room for that reality. No, I was using Greek words, not KJV words to exegete. No, missing the mark or deviating from the truth does not equal moving away from the faith they had. There is no equal connotation with apostasy. That's just nonsense. One can be a false teacher without necessarily being "apostate." The "name it and claim it" people are false teachers, but are not apostates. I am not equivocating anything. Nor, am I referring to anyone who is pretending to believe. There is genuine belief that results in actual fruit borne for the Kingdom of God. And there is mental assent, something people mistake for actual faith/belief. There are religious people who adhere to rules and rituals, but never really embrace Jesus. They sit in a church, but it's just going through the motions. Everyone knows those people exist. This has nothing to do with RT. I am not Reformed, not at all. But the fact is that this is one line of thought that carries over into chapter 6, like it or not. 6:4-6 is part of an entire discussion. You cannot (with any credibility) separate out those verses as if they are not part of the previous context. And the word used is not the Greek word for apostasy. Repeating the same error over and over won't make it true. Besides, if we take your erroneous approach, then if someone falls away, they are forever lost and there is no way back, salvation is a one time thing; lose it, and you're lost forever. No one believes the passage says that. It is not referring to apostasy at all. No, it doesn't deal with an actual situation. It is hypothetical and anyone reading it in the plain, ordinary sense of the text can see it is hypothetical. No, it means what it says. "Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new." It says nothing about a new Covenant. That is just sloppy exegesis on your part. You may still have an old carnal nature, but I am Christian. I am a new creation. My heart was changed. Sorry to hear that you're still living in sin and have no assurance of eternal life.
  13. I don't think anyone says that salvation is an excuse to sin. Seems like you're trying to refute an argument no one raised. A true Christian doesn't die sin. Committing a sin does not send anyone to hell, anymore than good works get someone into heaven. A true Christian is in Christ, not in sin. A true Christian is one who has been born again. Seems like you have a different standard for what a true Christian is.
  14. I am not judging anyone. I am simply stating the nature of salvation if someone really has it, means that they cannot walk away from the Lord and there is NO biblical example of a genuine believer walking way from Jesus.