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  1. shiloh357

    Fall is upon us. Comfort food! Yum

    I had a buffalo steak. It was like a filet mignon but with out the bacon. It was really good. I was actually on a camping trip and cooked it over the fire.
  2. shiloh357

    Fall is upon us. Comfort food! Yum

    I like Thai, as well. We have one really good Thai restaurant. It's menu goes from 0-50 stars in degrees of spicinesss. Someone was brave enough to order the 50 star and they brought it past our table on the way to the table of the "victim," and it burnt my eyes as they passed by. I go with about 10 stars because I like food with some kick, but I still want flavor; I don't want to taste only heat, I want to taste the food.
  3. shiloh357

    I asked Jesus what must i do to go into heaven

    That doesn't excuse the heresies that you have been spreading about Jesus teaching works-based salvation.
  4. shiloh357

    Does God Get what He desires?

    No, God doesn't get everything He desires. God desires that man does not murder; but, people murder. God desires that man does not fornicate; but men and women fornicate. I could go on and on listing things that happen in violation of God's will, but you get the point. And I would also add that Isaiah 55:11 isn't saying that God gets everything He wants. It is talking about prophecy and in particular the establishment of the House of David, which is a messianic prophecy about Jesus who will establish the Davidic Kingdom. That verse is an assurance that this messianic promise will come to pass in accordance with God's timing and His sovereign purposes.
  5. shiloh357

    Fall is upon us. Comfort food! Yum

    I know she used bread crumbs and eggs and she used salt and pepper and covered it in ketchup but that is all I know. I don't have her recipe at this time.
  6. shiloh357

    Fall is upon us. Comfort food! Yum

    Same here. It has been a long time. She was also great at fried chicken. Her cooking would bring peace to the middle east. You can't be mad while eating fried chicken.
  7. shiloh357

    Fall is upon us. Comfort food! Yum

    I think French silk chocolate pie is a good comfort food, as well. I could make myself sick on that. <<< major chocoholic.
  8. shiloh357

    Fall is upon us. Comfort food! Yum

    Sounds good! 85 meatballs? Do you have a giant freezer to store all of that? I love meatballs, Swedish, Italian, all that. I am also a big fan of meatloaf. My mom's recipe is the one I am partial to.
  9. shiloh357

    Fall is upon us. Comfort food! Yum

    My cooking is somewhat "interesting" though...
  10. shiloh357

    Fall is upon us. Comfort food! Yum

    That sounds interesting!
  11. shiloh357

    Fall is upon us. Comfort food! Yum

    I could actually for some of that, right now!!
  12. shiloh357

    Fall is upon us. Comfort food! Yum

    Earl Grey, Constant Comment, are two that that I like. When it comes to tea, I am the same way. I like unsweetened iced tea with lemon. Really hits the spot after a hot day of working in the yard.
  13. shiloh357

    Fall is upon us. Comfort food! Yum

    Yes. I got to where I really looked forward to tea just before dinner.
  14. shiloh357

    I asked Jesus what must i do to go into heaven

    According to you, Jesus taught salvation by works. So Jesus would have re-enforced a false Gospel. That was not the mystery. The hard thing to understand was how the Gospel related to the Gentiles and their entrance into the Kingdom of God, as Gentiles. Romans 9, 10 and 11 are dedicated to that discussion. That is not the same mystery as spoken of in I Cor. 2. And yet, we have no record of them teaching salvation by works. You keep assigning that value to them, but you are really just wrong. Actually the word for "end" is telos and as used in that context means "goal," or "focus." Jesus is not the termination of the Law. They never taught salvation through the law, either. But Jesus only ever taught a spiritual redemption. They were not looking for a Savior, but someone to overthrow Rome. But that is beside the point. The fact is that Jesus came to be a Savior, the first time, and will fulfill the role of King/Messiah when at His bodily return. And Yet we don't find THAT teaching in any of their epistles in the NT. Again, that is just you making up a lot of bogus garbage. That's because you don't have a very firm grasp of the material, particularly the text of Scripture. You don't see two gospels that offer contradictory messages confusing. That only shows that you really don't think these things through. Peter encountered Gentiles at Cornelius' home. What did they have to do to be saved? They didn't have Paul on hand to preach to them. All they had was Peter. That is not how salvation worked in the OT and that is not how it was taught by Jesus or the disciples. Salvation was the same for everyone and it was always by grace through faith. That would amount to ways of salvation and that is anathema to anyone competent in scripture. Well, I go by the Bible's approach to works, not your carnal misunderstanding. We are not saved by works, meaning we are not saved by any meritorious act. The Bible uses works to describe our thinking and conduct before God. When it says we are not saved by works, that means there is nothing meritorious, sacramental, no good work (which is not the same as "good deeds"), that we can do to earn God's favor. Nothing that is pleasing to God that we can perform is efficacious for salvation. Baptism isn't work because baptism isn't sacramental. It is a sign, not a work. Baptism follows faith, not the other way around. Does it need to spelled out to you? It's pretty clear that circumcision crowd lost. But not for salvation. I fully expect Jews to live like Jews. And Christians who were Jewish didn't see Jesus as the abolition of the Law of Moses, but rather as its capstone. He was the fulfillment of the Law and the prophets. But nowhere do we find that they promoted a works-based salvation anywhere in Scripture.
  15. shiloh357

    I asked Jesus what must i do to go into heaven

    But James didn't teach salvation through the law in his epistle. Why would God have the same message to Jews and Gentiles? Because God is not the author of confusion. God didn't have contradictory messages out there. The problem is that the law can't save. No one in history was ever saved by keeping the law. Salvation was never accomplished by living within the framework of the law. Because that wasn't works-based message. Those who are sophisticated and competent in their understanding of the Bible know that baptism isn't work. It was. The results of that counsel was not a win for the Judaizers who taught that Gentiles had to be circumcised (convert to the Jewish religion) to be saved. They lost that argument. Wow, for someone who preaches to others about understanding the cultural context of the text, you sure don't seem to follow through on your own advice. Those restrictions had nothing to do with salvation for the Gentiles. They were the baseline requirements for table fellowship with the Jews. Avoiding fornication and contamination from idols is to be expected. I don't see any Christians who would have a problem with those first two requirements, and the other two were simply dietary restrictions that one would be expected to respect in the presence of a Jew, meaning that Gentile believers would not serve that kind of food to a Jew invited to their home. On this matter, yes.