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  1. Faith1

    Thank You Father

    I thank God for His incredible protection and care towards us and for the support that He provides through friends family and loved ones and even those who do not yet know Him as their personal Lord and Saviour. Romans 8:28 F1
  2. Faith1

    Just Me

    Calamity - Oh so Jessie is to blame for that table being knocked down LOL but she was just all excited when the cake was being cut hehehehehehe most of the time she sat demuley at my feet...she's a lovely Christian doggie... Ronald brother how you doing? you can throw pies at me cause I cant feel it anyway had my wisdom tooth pulled yesterday ouch! afterwards I could not even drive so my dentists nurse had to call a Pro Driver (they are people who drive you and your car home when you are drunk LOL) to drive me home LOL so needless to say parts of yesterday and all of last night are a blur to me..I even tried to get on the board and could not even connect properly LOL feeling better this morning tho. Dove - I need your email addy again cause need to put it on this new puter Calmity has my new email addy and I think I PMd it to you as well... Gosh I mess you guys/gals... Hey I got Scator and Lab my 2 budgies for Christmas remeber I was telling you about them way back in this thread...they are gorgeous just like their name sakes...and they sing like angels although they are 2 males hehehehehehe.... Got to get ready for work talk later... Neb - Will be praying for your start next week Blessings F1
  3. Faith1

    Just Me

    Calamity Sis - your clever thanks for that...altho I think I made them look a bit funny with my messing about on Photo Editor LOL I'm sure the professional ones will be a lot better on one pic I chopped off my sons head LOL and now I dont know how to fix it..hehehehehe...gotta run to work...l8ter... Neb - Thanks! when do you start teaching? I have been praying for you God is good... BTW Dove/Calamity, K looks like 7-10 years...and is now asking questions about life Jesus etc etc our Father sure does work all things together for good....K has now asked someone else who I heard back from about God this person is a Christian and a lovely Christian too..no worries about him now asking me (apparently he is to scared too LOL to ashamed sad really) so long as the desired effect is that he is searching and Christ will find him.
  4. Faith1

    Just Me

    Hey All, Monday evening here got back from the wedding late last night and it was wonderful....golly I have missed this board I even dreamt about it LOL how bad is that Okay I have some work/banking to do for work 2moro but just thought I'd pop on real quick and say hi and let you know how it all went with that 'woman' ugggghhhh she was very silly to put it kindly she was upset at the wedding because Gavins father and I sat together at the top table with the bridal party and she left early and demanded that Gavins father leave as well...oh it was just horris, I tried to be kind and patient, and she kept following me around giving me horrid looks...so Gavin and I went outside for a wee while alone and prayed...we came back in before his gorgeous bride even missed him and that woman had settled down somewhat actually her name in Geniveve and I told her what a lovely name that was she just granted and got a taxi back to the hotel and there she stayed LOL.... I have some pics that my daughter took not proffessional but nice and I would like to post a couple of them on the baord here ... Calamity Dove anyone please help me maybe I will just email them to you both and you can post???? would that be okay??? When I get the proffessional ones then I will post those of Gavin Jamie and I with my daughter Charlotte and my youngest David...he was the groomsman and he looked so handsome but then I an biased LOL...Gavin and Jamie looked DDG... Okay I gotta get this banking done before I go to bed...Will be on tomorow nite for sure...talk to you then hopefully.. Dove/Calmity sent you emails but they were bounced back what's up with that???? Special blessings all Love F1
  5. Faith1

    Just Me

    Calamity - You burnt the bird LOL....Jessie does look like she is growling LOL.. Dove - Yep me come to Texas first... Ronald - I will wear ear muffs at your house soon as I see you heading for Hank... Today here is Thursday morning and my son Gavin is getting married on Saturday, I'm l;eaving this afternoon to travel further South for his wedding I am sooooo excited, he has called me eveyday this week at least 4x a day and is getting very nearvy...my poor baby...well he is 23 now but still my baby boy LOL...my youngest son David is in the wedding and wrote a wee little speech that he is going to read for his big brother and new sister-in-law, Gavin does not know about it yet, but David called me as well and read it over the phone it's just lovely... Hey what you all think of this....how should I havdle this wee irratation...Gavins fathers girlfriend will also be there and I have never actually met her but rumours are that she was hoping I would not be going to my sons wedding because she has a problem with me ugggghhhh she called my X mother-in-law who then called me (her and I still get on after all the years fabulously) and told her that she is jelous of me and really does not want me to go to wedding..My goodness it's my own son for crying out loud..uggghhhh... Anyway rumour got back to my daughter-in-law-to-be and she struck her of the guest list..oh dear oh my :x: Gavin also was very upset about his fathers girlfriend dissing me, anyways I spoke to Gavin and Jamie and talked them into reinstating her... Why is it that some women are just so messy about silly things.... Anyway how do you think I should handle this young lady at the wedding??????? My first thought is, is to just ignore her! Sheeeesh I have never even met the girl not even seen pic of her but she apprently has seen many pis of me... hey I miss you guys Love Ya f1
  6. Soulmates/Karma etc I dont much like all that kind of stuff sounds to universal new agey for me, but then some people may use that term 'soul mates' in a purely biblical way in their own thinking, but I would say that the general 'world' looks at it from a very non-biblical perspective... I prefer to say after meeting that right person, that 'he is the one God has blessed me with' long I know but much more biblical I think... Okay just my thoughts F1
  7. Faith1

    Just Me

    Oh well that's just lovely aint it Ronald you see it as a problem! if I want to stay after meeting everyone.... but yes I sure will go down to Texas and see Gary/Patsy and Calamity then we will all come back to your house and raise havoc LOL.... F1
  8. Faith1

    Just Me

    Yes Neb it was terribly pretty....I'm happy in the snow rain sun wind, not to much of a complainer when it comes to wheather.... I'm hoping to come to the USA sometime this year for a visit...I will have to come visit you all F1
  9. Faith1

    This is the Day!

    Thankyou Lord for not only your blessings to us but for who You are...the same yesterday today and forever Amen! F1
  10. Faith1

    Just Me

    Neb/Ronald Well I will tell you something very strange...we have had some gorgeous sunny days here this summer and over the holiday break I went about 8 hours drive South from where I am now and the skies were blue the sun was out and there was still snow on top of the mountains....it was a very strange sight to see indeed. I mean even the tarseal on the roads was melting in the sun but still the snow stayed put...very strange but very pretty.... We have celcius here so it was 34 cel whith snow capped mountains hehehehehe very cool 1
  11. Faith1

    Just Me

    Okay I'm baaaack but only just cause at work right now..it's Monday afternoon 2:00pm and it such a hot day...rather be at the beach or the waterfall.... be back later this evening... F1
  12. True! true! JP1 that Ronald has some far-out sounds...eeeeekkkkkk Shadow2b is nutty to as well as Pope River Be happy stay cool F1
  13. Hey Ronette/Ronald take a bit of your own LOL: Fake flowers!!!!! okay fake flowers are good real ones for April are even better, so I'll only throw this one pie at you LOL... JP1 dont believe anything that Ronald says he realy is NuTTIER F1
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