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  1. mrs

    Oklahoma City tornado emergency

    This is truly terrible. I don't understand why schools in a place as known for tornadoes as Oklahoma, would not have shelters built in to them. Feel so horrible for the poor parents and families. What an awful day in history.
  2. In the same vein then, why do Christians approve of celebrating Halloween? It's roots are clearly obvious, yet most Christians think nothing of it.
  3. mrs

    Have you read a good book lately?

    A couple that people have already mentioned and also.. Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas Knowing God by J. I. Packer
  4. mrs

    Mark Driscoll and New Calvinism

    Driscoll is hardly an accurate depiction of Calvinism.
  5. mrs

    The Message - Bible or Trash?

    I think this website is clear enough on the dangers of the Message, let alone the quotes that showed the difference between it and the KJV. I'm actually surprised at the numbers of people who think paraphrased bibles are ok for children to read. I never owned one, I read the KJV as a kid and grew up hearing it, and I understand it fine. Even if you use a more modern translation for easier reading that is fine, but kids don't need paraphrases to understand. When I teach grades 1-3 children, they read me the verse and we talk over what it means to make sure they grasp it. I would far rather they read the true Word of God and then figure out the meaning than to read some wishy-washy paraphrase. Since a paraphrase is just the author's opinion it is really just a commentary which is hardly inspired, therefore what lasting benefit can it be? I would far rather a child read an actual translation that is still the quick and powerful Sword.
  6. Wow i am so sorry to hear that. It really seems that for some reason her heart has turned against you. God can change her heart though and bring beauty from ashes.
  7. mrs

    The Message - Bible or Trash?

    Trash! It's all trash! The message is a badly written, theologically inaccurate, paraphrase and definitely NOT a Bible. ...oh sorry I should write that in weaker, simplier, more slang-ish language.... the message just ain't cuttin' it folks!
  8. mrs

    WN: Scores butchered in Congo church - Scotman

    The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperatly wicked; who can know it?
  9. mrs

    Is it just me...

    It's with bittersweet memories that I stick a post in here. I remember all the hours I spent back in 2005 vying with people for lastness. Most of them I haven't heard from in months or years, some don't even want to talk anymore. Its kinda sad... like childhood memories of friendships that crashed and burnt when you matured. But at one point it really was fun to be.... last.
  10. Fresno, I really liked reading those, thanks.
  11. Again you are actually missing what Paul said in those verses.
  12. I'd like to give you a real life story about why NOT to force your child to be baptized. Growing up, I knew what baptism was and it would terrify me. I was very shy and didn't want to be in front of people. As a child of 8 or 9 I remember asking my dad why he couldnt just baptize me in the bathtub. At 10, I said in an indirect way that I had gotten saved and my parents brought up baptism. I still remember, because it was so stressful and unpleasant to me, sitting in the living room as they talked to me about it and I would not give in to the idea. For whatever reason they dropped it at the time. When I was actually saved at the age of 12 in summer tent meetings, baptism was the last thing on my mind. I was too busy enjoying the freedom from that heavy weight, and the tenderness of a new conscience. Then my mom started bringing it up, and I started getting uncomfortable. Again I remember one night going to church in the fall, and she had been talking about it, and I told her I wouldnt, and she was mad at me. Finally bowing to the pressure, I asked our pastor to get baptized, and was with a group of other people in early October. It was not a special time for me though,and afterward as people were having fellowship my mom commented to me on how I didnt look happy. I just frowned and turned away. The reason I told you is the whole episode was entirely unpleasant. I was a child and a new Christian and there was no joy in being baptised or even really understanding full well the signifigance. It was just something to do so my mom would stop bothering me about it. It still leaves a bitter taste in my memory. So be careful how you approach it with your children. It could be they are just scared at being in front of people.
  13. Quoting Ovedya - So we'll have a fresh pack of "WOF-ers" from the prisons. I guess "watered down Christ" is better than no Christ at all. Response - Philippians 1:18 What then? notwithstanding, every way, whether in pretence, or in truth, Christ is preached; and I therein do rejoice, yea, and will rejoice. Question - I've seen that term "WOF-ers" and do not know what you mean by that. Please explain it to me. Thanks in Jesus' name - Note : it says Christ was preached, but for the wrong reasons. It doesnt say, a inaccurate or unBiblical version of Christ was preached. There is a huge difference.
  14. You have to see ted for that. What he charges you depends on his mood at the time. (Im just kidding folks) Oh, hmmm...mood rings... they are on the occult list! O.O What about my membership card from Roger's Video? It is called a "mood" card.
  15. So you are equating this disobedient little 11 year old girl with Jesus Christ... And us with the Jews who called for Christ's crucifiction? I think that's a bit of a stretch. Don't you? Aren't we supposed to see God in each other? I mean, not to bring the level of dialogue here to a fever pitch, but I always thought the challenge of the Gospel was to see God in those who were hurting and angry and needed care the most....sounds like this kid was pretty troubled. So yeah, it's not that much of a stretch, maybe. Where do you get that idea of the gospel? God is not in humans The challenge of the gospel is teling the lost that they need a Saviour without being killed doing so.