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  1. Gerioke

    Is it just me...

    I thought I was late.
  2. Gerioke

    Trump Is A Ringer for Clinton

    I am with you artsy lady. There are lots of "christians" who say they are all for the Lord, but don't live the life. If we can't be responsible enough to call them out and expose them, how are the undecideds going to view us? Western Christianity has been watered down and chopped up and divided for as long as I've been a Christian and longer, I'm sure. Donald still does not admit to his shortcomings. If he were to, just once, admit that he was a bad person, people would be more inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt. If I were American, I would vote trump just because Clinton is that much worse. God help us all.
  3. Gerioke

    "Muslim Migrant Invaders"

    Is it an invasion when they are invited here by our leaders? It seem more accurate to call it a transfer of power.
  4. Gerioke

    Donald Trump, Man of Faith

    It seems that trump is death by nukes while Hillary is death by shariah law. Choose your poison.
  5. ignorance is bliss. The internet destroyed all that.
  6. Gerioke

    What is going on with North Carolina

    Video shows a gun lying on the ground.
  7. Gerioke

    What is going on with North Carolina

    Witnesses say he had a book and he was waiting for his kid to get out of school.
  8. Gerioke

    I need a pardon from God

    She's 15
  9. Gerioke

    I need a pardon from God

    My daughter was arrested last night as an accomplice to robbery.
  10. Gerioke

    I need a pardon from God

    I was arrested in 1987 for possession of Hashish. Now I cannot get a job because of it. I go for interviews, and they are quite receptive until they find out I have a conviction. A pardon costs over 800 dollars and I just paid my rent with my credit card. My wife recently had a mental/emotional breakdown and is having a hard time dealing with our situation. To top it off, my daughter, who is now 15 years old is constantly stealing from us and lying and hanging out with some very bad people. We can do nothing about this, as the courts have made teens between the ages of 14 and 16 immune from prosecution. Please pray for my family and for our judicial system. Parents and police are powerless when dealing with teens . Thanks.
  11. Gerioke

    Most Posts on Worthy Since April 2008

    I remember when you closed down the "last" thread. That probably had an impact on your numbers, as brief as it was.
  12. Gerioke

    Are super heros antichrists?

    Hey, I've dropped by now and then. I think I've already covered about every topic already, so I stay out of the melees now. I have enough friction in real lifethat I don't need to go looking for it among my brethren.
  13. Gerioke

    Are super heros antichrists?

    As a follow up, I want to let everyone know that my son just turned 17 and still believes in God, Jesus and truth. Thanks to all that participated.
  14. Anybody else feel uneasy about the media and government attempt at covering up what trump said he saw about hundreds of muslims cheering the twin towers? Or about the attempt at Islamic propaganda being introduced into the public school curriculum? Or about the many people who overlook the violence and still insisting islam is a religion of peace? Or about 10000 Syrians headed for the states and 50000 headed for Canada? All this while Obama and Trudeau go on an islamic hugging spree and trying to disarm the infidels? Are we ready for tribulation?
  15. Gerioke

    A Long Hair, Tattoo Pastor

    What about a homeless pastor? There's a very good chance that someone is ministering out of a cardboard box in some alley. A homeless pastor may not find a chisled lid to be paramount in the great commission. Does that disqualify him as a credible voice of God?