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  1. Well, since I posted this message, I decided to just be patient (amen). Maybe she simply just doesn't check her e-mail often. About not being sure if she's single: I'll do the guitar lessons for musical experience (I'm doing free guitar lessons for someone else also). If I begin liking her and seeing that she's responding to it, I'll ask her if she wants to go some place (like the movies or coffee or whatever) and she'll either say yes or "Sorry, but I have a boyfriend"--simple as that. I'll just pray and ask for YOUR prayers that I'll stay strong and not end up being crushed. I'm not gonna ask her if she has a boyfriend NOW 'cause she might think that the only reason I'm giving her free guitar lessons is because I'm trying to "get with her". Anyway, she's a very nice girl and I have a great relationship with the Lord, so I know it'll work out. Thank you!
  2. So, I like this girl who I can only communicate online with at the moment. The thing I don't like is she's hardly ever online. I sent her a plain e-mail a while ago and she hasn't replied and that kind of worries me. Maybe I'm being anxious. Please pray for me for this. But, here's the big problem: I'm not even 100% sure if she's single. I offered to give her free guitar lessons and I'm scared that, by doing this, I'm REALLY gonna start liking her, then discover she has a boyfriend, then be crushed. Your advice would be greatly appreciated. I apologize that I use this site for advice so often. Please pray for me. Thank you.
  3. Girls

    Yes, I always plan on becoming friends first.
  4. Girls

    *Waits for replies*
  5. Girls

    Look: Tawny is a great person (I've already gotten to know her), but looks are what we see first and I'm just not attracted to her. I don't JUST go for looks, but I'm not gonna date someone if I'm not even attracted to them. I WILL remain friends with her, no matter what. I thank you for your replies, but you didn't answer my question: should I ask Tawny for Sarah's e-mail or is that asking for trouble? I'm actually attracted to Sarah and she's Christian, so I'd LIKE to get to know her more, but the only way to do that is through Tawny 'cause she's the only one that I know who knows Sarah.
  6. I met a Christian girl (Tawny) online and we later discovered we were childhood friends. I invited her to come to my church's Christmas assembly, so we could meet and see if we wanna date someday. She did come to the assembly last night and she's a great person...I'm really not attracted to her though...that's just the way it is. So, I decided I'll remain friends with her (obviously), but I don't want to date her. Now, here's the problem: she brought her [Christian] friend (Sarah) to the assembly and I find HER attractive. Should I ask Tawny for Sarah's e-mail or would that be asking for trouble? Here's what happened today: I forgot Sarah's name, so I asked Tawny, "what's your friend's name?" and she replied, "Sarah...do you have a crush on her?...She's pretty"...obviously, I don't have a crush on her (since I don't know her), but I REALLY DO find her pretty and she seemed to be a nice person. I replied, "I didn't say that..." PLEASE HELP. Thank you.
  7. Thanks alot, folks! Great idea's! I'll take them all into consideration. God bless.
  8. Honestly, I need some idea's like NOW. lol
  9. Unfortunately, I can't do food, since I may have to ship it by mail. Thanks for the response though! From your reply, I had an idea for a charity: Salvation Army. Sound good? People: I need replied immedietely! The holidays are almost here! Thanks!
  10. I have an idea for my Christian youth organization, Worthy: before Christmas, sell a small product and proceeds go towards a charity and Worthy (since we have a small bank account). Any idea's on a product I can hand make? Keep in mind I don't knit--I'm not artistic, so I need something simple. And, what charity should I send the money to? Thanks!
  11. Warnings Of The End Times

    Thank you for your replies, folks!
  12. Warnings Of The End Times

    Wow! Thank you so much! I'll definitely be reading your whole message to the class! Jeez, you could be a journalist! haha God bless you.
  13. Praise the Lord, I'll be teaching the youth class at my church in two weeks! This will definitely help with my organization! The topic I have chosen to talk about at the meeting is Warnings Of The End Times. What I'm asking from YOU people is YOUR experiences of Y2K. How did YOU react to the warnings?
  14. Thanks for all the great advice, people! I'll try my best to see her on Monday and make conversation. I'll also try to get e-mail. That'd be cool.
  15. I just found out that Alisha is about 2 years older than me. She's about 19 and I'm 17 (going on 18 in a few months). I wouldn't have a problem dating a 17 year-old if I was 19, but some might. Do you have anything to say about this? Keep in mind she came back from university to update her marks (from what I was told--from a good friend). Also, she actually used to go to our school, which I didn't even know. She may know who I am and maybe she has an opinion about me, since I've performed at the school numerous times and I was a bit of an acne-faced rebel 2 years ago. Should I be concerned about this?