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    Looking for the return of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!!
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  1. JIME

    Under His Wings

    When I read about being under God's wings I thought it was just symbolic representing that we will be under His protection. I have never really seen a bird with chicks under it's wings before. It really does put a whole new perspective on that scripture and makes it come to life for me.
  2. JIME

    Any medical professionals out there?

    TurtleTwo, Thank you for asking about my Thanksgiving. It was nice. I hope yours was as well. I am glad I could help you better understand about BUN. Here is a link with more information that might be of more help. BUN (Blood Urea Nitrogen) It explains a little more in depth about the test. Also, here is a link with more information about the Hemaglobin A1C. Hemaglobin A1C It will help explain what it is used for. By the way, I too have diabetes. I was diagnosed Dec. 24, 2009 and started on Glucophage 500 mg twice a day to help with it. My doctor checks my Hemaglobin A1C about every 3 months to see how I am doing. I also check my blood sugar twice a day to make sure it stays in range. I am supposed to be eating properly to help as well. That part is more difficult. Also, if you are having trouble from neuropathy and your legs are giving out sometimes, you should probably be using a walker instead of a cane. A walker can provide better support for you because it uses both of your arms to help to stablize your legs using the four legs of the walker. As for the electrical sensations, would you describe them as the feeling you get if you hit your funny bone on your arm. Is that the "electrical" sensation you feel? I know that I can be resting my arms on the desk and move the wrong way and I will feel like an electrical shock around that area on my arm. It is quite uncomfortable. I am here for you. Your Sis, JIME P.S. You are not a freak. God created you how He wanted you. Remember, you are a Kings Daughter . You were created in His image. God doesn't make freaks.
  3. JIME

    Any medical professionals out there?

    Hi TurtleTwo, I have been an LPN for 19 years and I agree with what AyinJade told you. Hgb A1c is a test that they do to get a 3 month average of how your blood sugars are doing and the BUN measures Kidney function. As for the "electrical sensations," you should discuss this with your Doctor. Explain to him when you noticed the symptoms starting and how you are concerned about it being connected with the Propranolol. If you are having trouble discussing things with your Doctor, I would suggest changing Doctors also. As for the Doctor stating that the Blood sugar reading was excellent, that could mean better than your past readings have been. I don't really know. I hope I have helped you.
  4. JIME

    God are you listening?

    I like that one Spiritman!!! Very Good!!!!
  5. JIME

    Your first car?

    My first car was a 1969 AMC Rambler. It was white and we had it painted royal blue with the glitter in it. We had an 8 track player installed. It was owned by a old neighbor lady who was the origianl owner. I think we paid $600 for it. My Mom bought it for me and she would drive it sometimes. She didn't have good luck with white cars hince why we had it painted. After I got married though, the color didn't keep her from wrecking it. I enjoyed that car. The alternator went out of it and a elderly neighbor put in a new for me. My husband and I were dating at the time. My boyfriend (Husband) and I were driving in it when it died all of the sudden. I pulled over and he got out to see what was wrong. The ignition was turned of and the key was out, and all of the sudden the thing started trying to start all by itself and then it stopped. Found out later that the elderly neighbor had wired it wrong causing it to short itself out and burn out the electrical system.
  6. Today I was doing laundry and thought how I hated doing it and wish I could be doing something else. Then I was reminded by the Holy Spirit how women used to do laundry before the Washer and Dryer were invented. Thank you Lord for my washer and dryer and having them do the work for me. All I have to do is place the clothes in them and they are washed and dried. I don't have to use a creek with stones or a wash board with a tub. I don't have to hang them out on the line to dry. Thank you Lord for the modern conveniences we take for granted on a daily basis. Forgive our ingratitude and lack of appreciation for the blessings you have bestowed on us!!! AMEN!!!!
  7. JIME


    That is a common thought among people now a days. Sad but true Spiritman. That was a good one!!!
  8. JIME

    Fire 2 !

    Amen Fez!!
  9. JIME

    The Dead Church

    :24: That is so funny, but it is sad at the same time.
  10. JIME

    The Oil find

    :24: I really liked that one Spiritman!!!
  11. JIME

    My Signature Pictures

    Thanks everyone for your input . Based on your replys, I have decided to alter my signature pictures. I appreciate the reminder about making another believer stumble. Thank you Walla299 for that . I hope the new signature is more to everyones taste. JIME
  12. I was contacted by a WB Member who was bothered by the pictures of my signature. In particular, the one of Jesus. Please let me know your opinion and why it is that way. Thank you, JIME
  13. stopper knot Knot in my stomach
  14. JIME

    "It's Magic"

    Anybody else out there find this utterly hilarious? I do!! I do!! Isn't that sentence "The theory of evolution is established fact" an oxymoron. That is the same thing as saying someone is "pretty ugly" or something tastes "awful good".