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  1. Hold on... You guys can voice your opinions on how great George Bush is and everyone else is expected to smile and nod, whether we agree or not? These are discussion forums...
  2. And then everyone who has a cause will go around killing people they believe are being immoral and it will be some weird form of anarchy/chaos. Yeah... that'll work.
  3. So you honestly think those people who kill abortionists are actually "Christians"? They give a bad name to Christianity, maybe.
  4. Easy answer here... Both men are able to clearly consent to the marriage. An animal cannot. As long as it's consensual, it should be ok.
  5. This would depend on your definition of "terrorist". Some consider George Bush to be a terrorist. What about Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold who went around terrorizing their innocent (?) classmates and teachers, killing over a dozen of them? They were American. What about Timothy McVeigh and his helpers who bombed a government bulding, killing dozens of innocent children? They were American too. How about all the radical pro-lifers blowing up abortion-clinics? What about the sniper? The dictator? The mail-bombers? Hmm, I don't recall Hitler being Muslim either... Oh right, Hitler was a Christian. Don't be so racist. People make me sick.
  6. Wow - I found that post VERY offensive, as a gay-rights activist and as someone who suffers from depression. Before you try to make some sort of connection there, I might as well state that I'm straight, not that it really matters. I agree that suicide is a selfish act, my Dad attempted suicide a couple weeks ago and decided to leave a message on my answering machine informing me that he was going to kill himself, before he made his attempt. I don't think I could describe in words how upset I was and still am. It makes me wonder though, how much pain someone has to be in when they make the decision to end their own life. I've felt inclined to do so many times, but haven't because I don't want to do that to my family. But there are some people who's depression has clouded their thoughts so much, that they don't realize what they're doing or honestly don't think anyone would miss them. I have a lot of friends who are gay or bisexual, and we agree that they are very lucky to be living in a city like Toronto where it's widely accepted. I can only imagine what it would be like to be gay and live in a place where everyone considers it to be an "abomination". The movie "Boys Dont Cry" really hit home for me. Anyways, I find it very amusing hearing Christians whine about people who heckle them, yet Christians are the first to show up at gay fests with signs stating that they're going to hell. It's SO sad that so many of these teens are so insecure about their sexual orientation and being ostracized about it, that they would kill themselves. What's worse, is that I don't see much empathy.
  7. The Christians shouldn't be at a Gay Fest if they are opposing homosexuality. That's like a guy going around with a pro-Bush sign at a peace rally - of course its going to create a ruckus. Their fault, they're paying the price. Chazy.
  8. The threat of you going to hell is very real. Your belief of that may be minimal, though. Trust God. Nothing of this world is by accidental chance. t. Thats only your belief my dear. Everyone seems to have their own idea of where im going. Christians think im going to Heaven or Hell, Buddhists think im going to be reincarnated... theres also Nirvana, space and nothingness. So apparently my own belief doesnt count :-) Chazy.
  9. I dont feel resentment when people tell me there is no second chance. Actually, I feel resentment when people try to tell me that there IS something after death. Im a Skeptical Agnostic, so thats implying that im not completely cutting off the possibility of God, but I doubt He exists. Since im not Christian, in my world, there is no Heaven and Hell. So the threat of me going to Hell is very minimal. If people tell me that im going there or that im evil, I dont care. Its like a little kid telling me that Santa Claus is coming. Hence the term "reprobate" doesnt affect me. Chazy.
  10. I was apparently every Mothers dream kid until I hit high school (hard to imagine huh?). I went to Church camp, my Mom was my best friend, I had decent grades... I was a bookworm, volunteer, girlscout, athlete, and I dreamed of becoming a Doctor. Then I got to high school which was great for me socially, but I got caught in the hussle and bustle of a school with 4,000 people. I barely passed all my courses and my stepdad left and moved to the US (which wasnt such a big deal to me... enter my disgusting apathy). Grade 10 rolled around and I finally began to get annoyed at my father who always called when he was drunk or high (during that divorce when I was 4, he was given the choice of AA or me and he refused to go to AA... so my Mom and I moved to Toronto). I failed some courses in Grade 10, was having attention problems, the classes I didnt fail I got 50s in and I found solace in rock and metal bands. I began to self-injure that year, and I started reflecting my mood on my clothes. Long story short, everything bad happened and simply waking up in the mornings was the worst part of my day because I wasnt dead. My last year of Bible camp wasnt a good one, because I was the odd kid out (no one talks to the Goth unless they are trying to "convert" them) and the councellors were annoyed at my skepticism. I started thinking that in reality, the chance of an all-powerful being was pretty unlikely. Id pray, something good would happen and id think "hey, maybe there IS a God". Eventually the misery outweighed the happiness. Too many Christians started to annoy me by continuing to try to help me "find God" when I didnt want their help. I could tell they were judging me. My Mom became the worst, and still is. I try to be open-minded, and she always says "support your own!" when I learn about other religions. I am constantly being ranted at about believing in a God that I think is either non-existant or really mean. Id probably get edited for mentioning some of the things Im into these days, but I like myself in some really weird on-again, off-again way. That probably doesnt make sense to you considering it doesnt really make sense to me. Im currently very happy with my religion (Agnostic), because it has no defining lines. It doesnt try to tell me that there IS a God or that there ISNT. There are no rules, codes, judgements. Im comfortable where I am, and at times just a little bitter at everyone else. Anyways ive basically written a book and I dont think you got anything out of it except that I like to rant and complain. Chazy.
  11. I dont think so. I asked Jesus into my heart once, then I said goodbye. According to many Christians, theres no way im getting into Heaven these days. Chazy.
  12. Pfft. Ive got piercings, I dont regret one. There are many beautiful religious tattoos that ive seen on people. Many Christians have their ears pierced... I dont see how eyebrow, nose, lip etc. is much different. Its all according on how you personally feel about it. Chazy.
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