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  1. -Nolongerinwaiting-

    I once was lost but now I am found

    Just wanted to share it not my "testimony" it is what the Lord has done. I could not do anything to change me, slowly Jesus changed me. And its still not complete I am sure of that
  2. -Nolongerinwaiting-

    3 month anniversary

    yaaaaaaaaaay Keep thanking Him God bless you
  3. -Nolongerinwaiting-

    I want to share something special.

    I was laying on my bed reading Luke 4 v 18 (I absolutely love Luke 4 v 16 through to 21, breathtaking!!), when I got to verse life and basically have made decisions unknowingly in that mindset. I have been a captive to it. When it said in Luke 4 v 18 that He has been sent to heal the brokenhearted, it was Jesus speaking directly to ME. He was very direct and personal, He touched my soul this afternoon in the most clearest of ways. Jesus simply blows my mind and is forever amazing me. He is the Gentlest of Teachers, giving what we need at the RIGHT time. I am seeing myself in a different light and will be changing things for the better. ThankYou Jesus!! Just wanted to share.
  4. -Nolongerinwaiting-

    I struggle with fear

    ((((((((Stormy)))))))) Praying for you.
  5. -Nolongerinwaiting-


    Hi David, Yes as everyone has said here we do care for you and are willing to listen. It takes a lot sometimes to open up to people. As I have learned when doing that it things start to stir in our heart and a healing starts. David your Love that you show and give people is worth things. Even if people do not show anything or any reaction in return. but every time you may not know what that moment did to them. We all leave an impact on the people that we met and even if you see someone that does not seem like they are receiving it in a positive way, maybe that was a little something that they needed that day. I don't if you have a relationship with the Lord but those little things that we do even the hidden things are treasures and Jesus see them. David Hang in there my Friend you will overcome this.
  6. -Nolongerinwaiting-

    Now I have heard it all.

    Yep this is crazy........wow
  7. -Nolongerinwaiting-

    Tesco bans parents from buying alcohol if they are

    Hey all, I can relate to this not on the bases of buying the alcohol but on the cashier having to stop things like this from happening. I work in retail in a Wal Mart, as a cashier we have to ID you if you looking 40 or under and let me tell you tell age is hard . When we are trained if the customer has there own kids with them its fine but anyone else kids we can't. There have been many cases of people getting mad at me. I understand on both side of why people are having a hard time with this. There have been in a couple cases to where a parent would come in and stand in line and I hear the "teenager" say I don't like that one and the parents say go back and get a different one for "me"........ I have to tell you its hard to make judgment calls, sometimes I do have to wonder...... But I pray that the Lord would give wisdom to those that have to make those calls.
  8. -Nolongerinwaiting-

    The aloneness of grieving....

    (((((((Angel))))))) As I was sitting here reading your Post tears are running down my face. I don't know the pain of the feeling of your lost but I know your heart is in pain. That is natural and even to be angry. God does know your heart and I am sure He is standing right by your side and even holding you because that is the Loving Father and Friend that He is. " The Lord your God is with you, he is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing". The Lord is near and close to the broken. Angel, I don't know what to say but just know that I am here to listen and pray for you.
  9. -Nolongerinwaiting-

    Are we all alike test?

    lol Well I Thought of a red hammer...............yes!
  10. -Nolongerinwaiting-

    The Conversion of Mudcat

    I Love how the Lord set things up and prepares our hearts for Him to come in, God bless you Mud.
  11. -Nolongerinwaiting-

    I once was lost but now I am found

    " Over the Mountains and the seas your river runs with Love for me and I will open my heart and let the healer set me free" This was the start of my new life in Christ but took me a while to get there and accept. I have grown up in a home with a long list of Family that does not accept Jesus as Lord or does not even believe that there is even a God. The only time I heard anyone use Jesus Christ was when they were using it as a cuss word. I never questioned who Jesus Christ really was, all I new was that it was not a good thing to say. I can not say my childhood was a wonderful one but I can say that there are things that I have went through that has made me the person I am today. I would not take any of it back even tho at the time it was not good. Up until I was about 10 I went everyday feeling like everything was "pretty much Normal" but during that year when I was 10 my parents had filled for divorce. It started the tearing of my heart and having to be in the middle of both my parents and not really having a stable home life. Going from one house to another trying to please both parents when they asked about each other, trying to find things out and only to use them against one another and my sister and I being lied to even to the point of my mom telling me my dad was not my real dad. That's the saddest thing you could tell your own child. During this time I felt very unloved . The same year My one Aunt that I was closest with had passed away this was hard on all the family. I thought things could not get any worse but on top of everything still going on. Throw in some Emotional and sexual abuse and you get a child hiding away trying to create her own little world. After about a year of everything going on my search for True Love weighed heavy on my heart. Seeking.......(For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be open. Matthew 6:8) So I picked up my Moms old bible that she had gotten from her grandma when she graduated. Picked it up and started to read the words on the page. I had started to read in Genesis about creation and God creating everything. I read for a week or so then put it down. Then I had went over to my Aunts House the sister of the one that passed away. I cant tell you in detail what really went on the next year because I cant remember everything that went on or things I did and I Praise God that I don't. But when I went over there she was "talking to the Dead" using this to communicate to my Aunt but knowing now this is something called channeling. Used in Occult practices and this is clearly not of God and we are told *You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons too; you cannot have a part in both the Lord's table and the table of the demons* 1 Corinthians 10:21. Light and darkness do not go together. But when I started to get into these things I thought it was amazing and "real". As I got more into it, I started to have weird things happen to me and I had a lot of fear. (For fear is not of God) The next day I went home, having a close friend live next to me that always was singing this one song by Jars of Clay "Love song for a Savior". She had spent the day and night at my house that night. We slept out in the living room I am not sure of the reason of why we did but that is where she had talked with me and told me of the Love of Christ and what he did for me. And HIS AMAZING LOVE that he had for everyone. Asked me to go to church with her and the first time I went with no problem but after that I made every thing up of why I could not go. I am not sure why but it was so different from what I was used to and I felt welcomed by people that did not know me. And I could not help but notice the feeling during worship. This went on for a couple of months of me not wanting to go but after a while I gave up telling lies of reasons I could not go. So I went, going every Sunday.... Until this one Sunday, all the other ones were just building up to the wonderful moment where Christ opened my eyes. The song "I could sing of your Love forever was being played in the back ground. Me sitting in the chair not wanting to move or do anything then it hit me I started to cry and just hearing the words of this song and wanting to Know that love and know Jesus Christ as that True Love. This girl next to me asked if I wanted to go up front and pray. She took me by the hand and lead me up front. The youth leader came over and spoke to me He said "Jesus forgives you of the things you did" I never said the "sinners prayer" but I knew I need something more and something True in my life. As I was standing there I felt this warm feeling like a blanket coming around me and it was at this point where I felt Loved and accepted. A couple of Months after this I had moved and that is when my relationship with Christ started to take place. Moving to a new town and not knowing anyone Jesus became my Best Friend and still is. And its awesome to know that He will never leave us nor forsake us. His Love is unconditional and loves us for who we are. Now Wanting to touch those who are down and broken, because I know that Jesus can only make them whole. To place my life in his hands. Not my will but His be done. I will never forget the day I accept Christ into my life, the day was the afternoon July 23, 2008.
  12. -Nolongerinwaiting-

    One sock

    I've tried pre-positioning them the night before I need them but still, one will be gone in the morning so I gave up on that. Where is that one darn sock?? t.
  13. -Nolongerinwaiting-


    Angelique, I have to say that that as a women, we sometime deal with things like this, some more then others. But I have gone through the same thing. But one thing that I had to do was try and see my self in the Lords eyes. Being able to accept how he feels about us, and how he loves us. One thing that is helpful is going through the word of God and asking Him to show you who you are in Christ. Another thing that I had done was post scriptures in the corner of my mirror in the bathroom as weird as that may sound....but every morning I had to get ready I would see them and I was reminded of who I really was despite what others have said or what negative thoughts were being thrown at me. In Christ you are a God's child with love lavished on you. 1 John 3:1 We are Christ friend John 15:15 We are Valuable Matthew 6: 26 You are fearfully and wonderfully made Psalm 139:14 I am the apple of God's eye Psalm 17:8 these are just some of the many...... Hang in there my sister and friend. I will pray for you.
  14. -Nolongerinwaiting-

    We are purple!

  15. -Nolongerinwaiting-

    I need big time advice...

    I feel that you did the right thing in sticking up for what you thought was right in going an speaking to someone about what you had seen going on. I once had to do the same thing but I was in 6th grade, yes the same thing had to happend the teacher had been asked to leave because what was going on was not right at all. You have great strength and don't let the looks from others get you down. Sometimes by doing the right thing other may get mad but you did what you felt was right. Its not your fault so dont be down on your self . One things I would like to encourage you to do is pray for your class mates, the teacher that is leaving and the new one that is coming in.