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  1. happy birthday nubbie and may God bless ya

  2. Hello everyone, I just wanted to praise the Lord for His divine intervention in my life. I was a fool living the most horrific of lies which were leading me to death, long before my time to die. Drugs, self destruction, loneliness, depression, you name it. I spent a couple of years in prison for drugs. You could pretty well say I gave up on myself. But praise be to God, that He saw fit to pull me from my despair! Now, after graduating a faith-based recovery program, I have become an overseer in the program helping to lead other men to Jesus. I lead worship for our daily bible studies, and I get to cook for the men, ( not always fun, but I'm feeding the hungry ). God is preparing me to serve in even more positions too as I'm preparing to educate myself as a certified drug and alcohol councilor for the state of California, (which I will use to help men who are in residential faith-based programs who can't afford secular counseling). I have goals in life now! More friends then I can mention, friends that are sincere, caring, and motivated by the same things as I am... Most importantly I am led to mention that all this is because of Christ in my life, for apart from Him I am nothing... I hope and pray that all of you whom might read this are touched by my testimony, for the Lord can deliver you too! No matter what the bondage may be! For "Greater is He that is in you, then he that is in the world". God bless! Sparepoet.