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  1. Food for thought: Suppose that the kingdom of heaven mentioned in the parable of the sower as well as the ten virgins parable is not referring explicitly to salvation. Then, all ten virgins could be saved, but lacking in certain rewards related to the kingdom, rather than being apostates bound for Hell and the lake of fire. We would have to examine what is meant by "outer darkness" in Matthew 8:11-12 where sons of the kingdom were thrown for lacking faith. Perhaps this is a different kingdom principle than that of the ten virgins - or - perhaps the foolish virgins are apostate.
  2. I have to be forthright with you. This is the first time anyone has said to me that the ones locked out were not the foolish virgins. I will consider what you've said. I am skeptical when I hear something for the first time, but don't hold that against me. I am diligent about discovering the truth.
  3. I appreciate your insights. Thank you for responding as kindly as you did.
  4. This then is the cryptic meaning behind the phrase, “I do not know you.” The foolish virgins without faith didn’t love God. That is a beautiful answer. THANK YOU!
  5. This view seems reasonable to me. It is interesting that this view admonishes those who have been saved to not take it lightly. I hear people who believe salvation can be lost say that the foolish ones were not really saved when they thought they were. This parable is probably the most interesting of all of Jesus' parables to me.
  6. I don't want to misunderstand, but I think you are saying that they are not saved.
  7. So some saved believers may miss the wedding banquet. That also is interesting to me.
  8. Thank you so much for your answer.
  9. I assume you are saying that all ten virgins are saved and that they lost their salvation by not having the oil. I'm not trying to trap you in your words. I am just trying to understand whether the foolish virgins are saved.
  10. I appreciate your responses, but nobody has answered in a straight forward manner. Are all of the virgins saved or not?
  11. Were all ten virgins saved? If so... Did the 5 foolish ones lose their salvation? If so, What is meant by having enough oil? How do we know whether we are saved? Is my debt paid in full or not? If the foolish five were not saved, what does it mean to go and buy oil from them who sell it?
  12. Let me retract this until I have read the entire thread.
  13. If there remains no longer any sacrifice for their sins, then death is what they get as the penalty for sin, as stated throughout Scripture. They do not lose their rewards only, but their life. (there remains no way left for them to be forgiven of their sin). You are reading that into the text. That is not what it says. It says that they can no longer be renewed unto repentance - not salvation. You can only introduce salvation into the passage if you believe that your repentance had something to do with your salvation.
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