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  1. Happy birthday

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      Happy Birthday! Miss you!

  2. Tried durian today! So interesting. Love that God knows when we need fun and love and encouragement.

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      So Glad you were able to have some fun! God bless!

    2. FresnoJoe
  3. Brokenness Aside

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I5CapyHVhjM The Way of God is more beautiful than the way of the world, and no matter how broken I am and have been and will continue to be, as long as I catch onto God, and allow myself to be caught up in the things and ways of God, then he will take the “brokenness aside and make it beautiful”. That phrase from that song entrapped me so much because it is my whole life’s plea with God, that he could do that for my life. That he will take my putrid mess and make something out of it. “Will your grace run out if I let you down, cause all I know is how to run”. I am so afraid that God will give up on me. No matter how much he is tender with me, no matter how much he shows me that he is big and loving and so much more than I can fathom- I am so afraid that like so many people, and the nature of my story that He will give up too. That I will run again. That I can’t be enough for God, and that’s just it we are never enough for God, but He loves us and uses us despite of, and because of that.
  4. God is incredible. Thank you God for not fitting in the little boxes we try to squeeze you in. Thank you for your grace that doesn't run out. Help us to love like You do.

  5. Phone won't turn on. Dad in hospital. Sister just had her baby. Bro-in-law in hospital. So tired I can barely see straight.

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      In my prayers

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      My prayers are with you.

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      no matter what state we are in, therewith being content. Nothing is to big for God. Pray, pray, pray. My prayers are with you.

  6. I have never felt so defeated and humiliated in all my life.

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      oh dear - whats up? xoxo

  7. super sick not doing well at all. plz pray

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      sorry!! I hope you are able to get in some solid rest

  8. Why millennials are leaving the church

    ~Candice~ I am a part of that generation too- or close enough any way. I agree with a LOT of the things the article brings out. Particularly these statements: "But here’s the thing: Having been advertised to our whole lives, we Millennials have highly sensitive BS meters, and we’re not easily impressed with consumerism or performances." Why yes, this is actually a totally accurate statement. I hate insincerity. I've been to so many churches where people are completely fake. And half the time they don't even know why they believe what they don't even know why they believe in Jesus. Also this: "We want an end to the culture wars. We want a truce between science and faith. We want to be known for what we stand for, not what we are against." This sums up pretty much everything- and why I have such a hard time with not only the church- but also online christian communities: "We’re not leaving the church because we don’t find the cool factor there; we’re leaving the church because we don’t find Jesus there."
  9. I can't do this. I tried. I just can't. I'm sorry.

  10. 6 year old "transgendered" student... really?

    I also wanted to add this personal note: One of the reasons this topic is hard for me is because of one of my friends I was talking about. The one that is trans, and not the one that was a hermaphridite. The one that I mentioned having top surgery. He is an amazing person who has suffered so very much at the hands of christians. His mother, one of my closest friends and mentors- her and I weeped together last week about this very thing. The church has ostracized her son. Hurt him on such a deep level. My friend is having a hard time reconciling this. The church was her whole life. She's done so much ministry and helped so many people. And she's angry at how the church has hurt her son. I am angry at how the church has hurt so many people I love and cherish. When I saw some of the same comments in this thread, that my friend said her church had said- it made me see white. I just sat at my computer and I stared at the screen. I just don't understand why Christians have become so cold. Even if being trans is wrong- (which I don't believe to be true) then why wouldn't we show them the utmost love? Jesus was the most compassionate person. I just want us to all think about having compassion--- even if we don't understand, or agree, or like something. There are people being hurt by our words, and our attitudes all the time. I just think in the end we will be held accountable for that too.
  11. 6 year old "transgendered" student... really?

    Lady C, thank you for explaining yourself a little better. I think I understand what you are getting at. Appy: I have no claws out. I was just shocked at the tone of certain parts of the thread. I could have been less shocked in my response. So let me clarify why I said some of the things that I did: LadyC said in post 1: The issue had nothing to do with the child being gay or not. The article and the video within the article do not discuss the girl's sexuality at all. That is why my first comment was that transgendered and homoesexuality are not the same thing. I know the terms are different. Let me explain why I included Hermaphridism in my comments: because of the stigma with that disorder, a lot of parents do not come out and say that their child has it. We have no way of knowing if the child in the OP's article has it or not. It's true the news anchor says that she is transgendered. It may just be that being transgendered is slightly more accepted than the other. I guess I don't understand how you can accept one but not the other.I also included it for my frame of reference.I didn't know my friend was a hermaphridite until we got into college and her name had changed. To me, growing up together, she was transgendered. I only found out later, that she was not technically trans, but trying to find which gender she was more comfortable with since she had all the parts for both. You never know what someone is going through. I never would have known she had the underlying condition had I not discussed it with her years later. Littlelamb said in post #3: I do not believe people who are transgendered choose to be that way. Why would anyone intentionally chose a life of ridicule, judgements, and pain? It's not logical to make that assumption. Do you believe that God created each and everyone of us? How do you explain people who go through this? Perversion...I have an issue with that word I guess. Qnts2 said in post #4: This is the post I was refering to when I said that transgendered people do not go into the bathroom to harm your children. Like I said before there are predators all around us, at all times. But to say that a transgendered person is automatically a predator? That's a problem. And appy said that qnts meant someone pretending to be trans just to get into the restroom...if that's what was meant, I misunderstood. It was not clear from the post that I quoted that, that is what was being implied. For that matter though: nothing is stopping a man from dressing as a woman and doing that right now without unisex bathrooms. Also, my college had unisex bathrooms and people didn't get any more molested or taken advantaged of there than they did in the traditional bathrooms. And what stops a man or a woman from abusing people in their own regular bathrooms? It cannot be assumed that abuse will happen just because someone of the opposite sex/or transitioning/or drag or anything else you want to throw in there, is sharing the bathroom. BTW: apparently guys bathrooms are less threatening and upsetting than females restrooms. Guys get in, get the job done, and get out. Women get all chatty and stuff. According to my trans friend any way He said that the guys don't care what you look like or anything and aren't judging you they just want to use the bathroom and get back to work. For whoever posted the article about genderless kids: The people who try to raise their children genderless are not that crazy. There are stereotypes and gender roles that get ascribed to us from early ages that limit us as individuals. My niece used to say things like: I'm sad. I want to mow the grass. I want to go to outer space like an astronaut." I would look at her and say, "Why can't you?" She'd say, "Because I am a girl." I would then tell her that she could be and do anything that she wanted! That girls dont' have to stay in the kitchen and boys don't have to mow the grass. She was really shocked, she said, "Oh really!? Oh I can't wait to mow the grass!" lol. (I didn't want to burst her bubble that mowing grass really isn't all that fun ) If our children didn't have the mindset of, "Oh I can't do that because I am a girl, or because I am a boy" then think of all the things they could do. It's not such a weird idea to break the bonds of gender stereotypes. BFP I missed your post entirely. In re-reading the thread, I wanted to reinterate something you said in post #10: BFP I want to give you a big hug. Have you talked to him? Told him what you told us, here? Maybe it's not too late. Maybe, knowing that you realize your mistake, would help heal some of his hurt. Thank you for sharing part of your story with us. Justin in post 12 you said: Why do you think it's not okay to be transgendered? Is that, at all, ever? Or just because she is so young, and that is why it bothers you? And then there was the several comments from various people about transgender people needing "deliverance from demons". I just disagree. I think it's wholly judgemental and cruel to accuse trandered people of being demonically possessed and influenced. It just strikes me as ugly, some of the attitudes towards transgendered people in this thread. I think I have laid out the comments that appropriately show that here. I hope some of what I said is clearer now? Appy it bothers me that you think I had claws out or whatever. I didn't intend for my post to come across as that. I was saddened by some of what I saw here, yes. I am not trying to cause trouble, or be ugly to people. That's not who I am. I don't feel that what I said was disrespectful. If some one is truly offended then they can PM and I would be happy to talk to them about it. I can get that no one likes a political agenda. But consider that especially in a child's case, they have no one to stand up for them. They don't really have a voice yet. <<<Removed graphic content>>> That's why kids go in groups too. It's hard for something innapropriate to happen if there is a whole group of kids going at once.
  12. Hold me know

    I thought I had posted this weeks ago! I love this song so much. I probably listen to it at least once a day.
  13. 6 year old "transgendered" student... really?

    I do acknowledge God in all my ways. My location being a winding path means that life is not just a straight road. There are always twists and turns. Always. God or not. Life is unexpected. Unpredictable. You go up hills and down hills. Interesting, that out of all the things I had to say, you pulled something random, and unrelated from my profile. And I agreed that it was unusual for a 6 year old to be trans. I also went on to say that regardless of what the parents are telling that child, it will work out in the end. They tried to force David Reimer to be someone he was not, and it didn't stick .That's what I was getting at. If that child's parents are wrong, or whatever, that child won't stay transgendered for long.
  14. 6 year old "transgendered" student... really?

    I am appalled by this whole thread. The prejudice here. The hate here. I am going to get slammed for saying this. But I cannot un-see what I've seen in this thread. and I have to say this: First of all: Homosexuality is NOT the same as someone who is transgendered. Secondly: Someone who is transgendered is NOT a predator in any way. Not to say that there aren't predators who are transgendered because predators are everyone. You cannot single-out people who are in transition and say that they are all perverted freaks because they are not. Thirdly: I know many transgendered men and women who have and or going to transition into their proper identity. One woman I know was born as a hermaphridite. She had both sex organs. Because one was more prominent at the time her parent's called her George. And she grew up more or less as a boy. She never fit in with other boys. She wasn't interested in typical 'boy' things. In high school she started to wear 'girl's' clothes. In college she made the full transition. She is a fully female, woman. Who believes in God and goes to church too mind you. She has not sinned here. God for whatever reason created her with BOTH parts. She had to figure out who she was. God gave her a weird and hard road, and she has dealt beautifully with it. Another, man I know. Was born female. He struggled his whole life. Tried to kill himself. He never ever felt right in his own body. Something was off. He just had, "top" surgery. Meaning he had his breast tissue removed. He got a letter from his dr confirming his change. And he is now who he always was mentally, emotionally, chemically. You can't imagine the hard life he had growing up. Girls didn't want to play with him because he wasn't a typical 'girly-girl'. Boys didn't understand him because romantically he was attracted to girls. The church certainly didn't accept him. First because he was a lesbian, and now because he is transgendered. He was shown NO love by people just like you. These people have done nothing wrong. They are not perverts. They are not rapists. They are not hurting you or your children in any way. Please for ONE second, consider what it would be like if you had both sex organs, or if you knew you were not your birth gender. Consider how hard that would be. Consider how painful. And then YOU. You people are supposed to be Christians. Christ-like. Loving. Accepting. Compassionate? Reread this thread and the UGLY nasty horrible comments you have made about these people. You all ought to be ashamed. You fear something you do not understand. A trans man or woman is going to go to the restroom to USE it. Not to hurt people. They are not after your kids. They are after a life that feels even remotely normal to them. They just want to be who they are. As for the OP, it is young, that at 6 they would know anything about trans at that age. But it's not totally unheard of. Do any research at all on Gender identity disorder. On the same token you cannot force someone to be something they are not. Look at the case of David Reimer. He was raised female after a botched surgery destroyed part of his genitalia. But it never fit with him. It's not something that is learned, like a lot of other behaviors. They tried to raise Reimer as a female, but that's not who he was. He killed himself because of it. It's a tragic example. So for those of you that say it's just liberal whatever spewing agenda. No. If that gender doesn't suit that person there are tragic consequences. People don't just do things willy nilly like that for a so called agenda. Please educate yourselves and don't just judge people based off of misinformed fear.
  15. Who is God?

    Some of these are really interesting answers. I've read them all, contemplated and appreciate them. Just want to comment on a few though, as I am just tired, and honestly having a hard time right now: Bary: You said It's amazing to me too. I think sometimes, I look for him to show his power and all and really He is likely whispering and I just cannot hear him. I wonder why God communicates with us. Or doesn't. What motivates God? I dunno. I just can't seem to make sense of any of it. Patty: I used to love that song. Listened to it all the time. I used to think I 'saw' God like that. All around me in things, and people, and beautiful moments. MorningGlory when I asked, "What happened to God" What I meant is on what level does God experience the world. What is God's testimony...or history. His experience. If he is energy and all around us and in everything, and outside of time, then I wonder what God experiences. What does he go through? God spoke the world into existence according to Genesis. The power of words ought to mean something to us. There's that old saying, "Sticks and stones may break our bones, but words can never hurt us". Biggest lie. Words have the power to build and to destroy. But back to God. If he can do anything- and he chose to create a world in which he KNEW already, apparently, would fail Him. Would break his heart. Would not be able to be sin free. Why did he do it at all? I wish I could know that moment where God decided he would create the world, and put people in it. If he's been around forever-for all time, how do we know earth is the first run? Maybe God has made 100s of earths and we don't even know it. and we are but one page in this history of God's book of experiments, or creations, or whatever you want to it. Fez: Why are you okay with not knowing? How can I be okay without knowing? I am jealous of the people here who merely put "He is" like that was supposed to just magically make a whole lot of sense. I want to be able to just go okay, yeah, cool, God is who He is and I'm not going to think about the logistics of any of it.