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  1. Worried About My Friend

    :blink:Wow that's quite a story. You know what at this point there is no sense in forcing religion on her. She denfinetly needs psycological help. She has become over obessed with this one person that she has put him infront and as all her happiness. Suggest counseling. I know this sounds aweful but you can only help a person as much as they let you. Your trying to be a true friend and be there for her but she won't listen. What more can you do if she doesn't take your advice. crystal
  2. Want to believe

    I want to be back again in my religion. I was raised believing in christianity, but now, that I'm 19, it's hard to put the worldy facts behind and give that "blind faith" that I once had when I was younger. Plus I was never fully devoted. I'd be one person at church and one person to the world. I have gotten to the point where I feel like there is no god, and if there was why would he hear me, I hear that God's a gentleman and if you turn your back on him to many times he turns and leaves you. It's been about 9 months since I stop believing and my ideas I have expressed to others same to influence them. Is it too late for me? Am I lost forever? There have been two bad incidents that have taken place since I have lost my faith. During both, I start to pray, but then I stop and ask myself, "Why pray? No one is there to listen, and if god is there it's too late for me?" Is that a sign?? Have I been abandoned for abandoning god?
  3. feeling lost

    A lot of christians I speak with think that they are constantly under the gun and constantly feeling bad for the sins that they have committed. The bible says that where all guilty of sin and that when sin every day. In order to be right with god we'd have to be praying and asking for forgiveness 24-7. This is not possible. So how do we make it to heaven. And is it wrong for us to enjoy our lifes???
  4. Quick Question

    I hope you figure that out. I am on the same boat. I have no idea what to believe or not to believe. It's possible. I am living proof -crystal
  5. Ups and Downs in faith

    Well basically I had a question for all the "true" and strong believers. I wanted to know how you keep the blind faith when all the facts are in front of your faces. I was a christian until I hit 17. I am almost twenty know and I feel that the bible has no physical evident of it's truth. Also it seems to have too many loop holes and everyone gets their own ideas off of the true truth that the bible states. Also how do you trust something that was written by so many people?? Play a game where you tell a story and pass that story through about ten people verbally. By the time it hits the tenth person there is significant change. What I'm trying to get at is how do you trust something that is that unstable??
  6. A question for atheists

    I am myself, but I am having a hard time putting the faith infront of the facts. I need to find the faith I once had and here I can hear bible based facts and make up my own mind. I'm not here to say whose right and who's wrong. But I here to do alittle research. -crystal
  7. divorced!

    Of course not. If you can't be with someone, you shouldn't stay. God is understanding. He knows the story with your parents. I sure that if they ask, they will be forgiven. I mean that's the whole reason that where here right?? To repent?
  8. Lost in faith

    OK here's the scoop. I am 19 years old. All my life I have grown up in a christian household. When I was little I used to get in a lot of trouble if I didn't go to church or if i didn't pray or so on. Anyways up till I was 17 I guess you could say I really had the religion forced on me. I always got severe punishments if I didn't follow the religion. But when I reached 18, my parents said"It's your life, do what you want". For a while I went to church I guess out of habit. I have been studing on my religion and other religions and I'm starting to really question my faith. I feel like something in the back of my head is telling me that I have been forced to believe all my life these facts that are not true. I can't find any truth in the bible, and I can't find any comfort in prayer. I feel like there is a higher power, but it may not be the "christian" god. And the weirdest thing is that I don't feel empty knowing that I'm not including god in my life. I still do in fact believe in hell. So am I hellbound?