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  1. Please join your faith with mine. A young lady named Theresa has a very rare and weird bone disease, which causes 'stringers' of bone to grow through part of her body they don't belong. Bone growth goes through muscles, across joints, etc. She is now all but bedridden, this lovely Christian girl. Please strongly rebuke this devil.
  2. Please pray for an old friend, Reverend Doctor Gary Stacy of Ajo, Arizona. The Doctors have told him that essentially his entire heart is scar tissue, and it cannot be made well by physician's care. Pray God does a 'heart transplant' for this wonderful small town Pastor, who has sacrificed so much in the Lord's service.
  3. God Almighty break every fetter, and put the fractures pieces back together.
  4. Sorry, I don't think I know how to post pictures
  5. Please pray for my dear friend, Fr. Isola. His wife, a wonderful lady named Elizabeth went home to be with the Lord Saturday around 3:30 A.M. after several months of illness and 2-3 weeks of being completely bed ridden. it was not unexpected, but Fr. Tony's grief is very real as you can well imagine.
  6. I've got New Zealand White's, Silver Fox, and Mini Lops, all pedigreed, and several of show and championship quality. caring for them is labor intensive, and I'm wanting to get larger, so if anybody knows quicker ways of doing things--especially the cleanup--LET ME KNOW!
  7. Amen. Be blessed on this your birthday.
  8. Leonard

    1 Peter 3:7

    One thing Jesus said over and over and over was "Fear not."
  9. I was in ER on Monday/Tuesday for heart beat irregularities. Today my heart was actually stopped for longer intervals than it was beating. Took megadoses of magnesium and that solved it, but no Doctors know why my body is using--or dumping so much magnesium. Need healing badly. Secondly, my Disability pension is $400 less than our monthly bills, not counting food, clothes, or gasoline. Any savings we may have had is long gone now. We need a very great breakthrough. Thank you my Worthy Friends, your payers are efficacious.
  10. No, she is not. She is merely confused. The Lord clean out the rubbish and cobwebs in her spirit. +
  11. I greatly begrudge the unproductive time wasted on sleep, but now after little activity, I am so weak I must sleep to recoup!
  12. "These things must QUICKLY come to pass....." 'Quickly' in our text is the Greek Tachnos, meaning 'in rapid succession.' I believe the 4th horseman has now been released. What I say to you, I say to all: PREPARE!
  13. No. I would say he has been singularly successful in his goal of destroying America, and aiding Islamic terrorists with American treasure. President Obama is NOT a failure in realizing his goals at all; his goals are just plain wicked.
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