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    I like to watch chrisitan movies, true stoires and romantic ones. I also like to read especially spiritual books. I love to hear Gospel music. I love to be share the Word of God and to be of help to people in need
  1. I Praise you Wonderful Daddy today, I was fearing satan in a demon possessed person but today I acted on faith and I talked with authority to that demon to flee from the room out of a window. OH Lord you are so GOOD, the same ex-possessed lady managed to say Jesus three times by her tongue! ALL GLORY AND HONOUR TO YOU ALONE MY FATHER. (Whoever can teach me more about deliverance and the after of it , i will appreciate, thanks, and GOD BLESS YOU)
  2. I can understand that once you have had sex together it is physically difficult to stop. On the other hand, like one of the sisters told you, you have to be very careful if this relationship is the will of God for both of you. Though lust is natural when you are attracted to the partner , it should be practised at its time in marriage. I suggest that you stop seeing each other for a while and both of you pray for enlightenment from God if you care to know what is it that the Lord wants to say about your relationship. I am doing this at the moment. My Pastor suggested this and in fact my supposed ',worshipper' stopped coming to church cause he does not want to submit to the Pastor . While we were dating he used to tell me he will not have sex but though he knew that I did not want to have even intimacy that can lead to sex and he knew that I would regret it afterwards, still did not control himself. I can not blame him but all this happened cause I was sowing in the flesh and the result is destruction ( James). So I pray that by God's Grace you will stop seeing each other until you know what the Holy Spirit is ministering to you. Remember from the beggining God said that Adam and Eve became one flesh. Flesh can not be separated. So better you be careful whom to marry. God tested Abraham when he asked him to sacrifice his son. He wanted to see who was first in Abraham's life. So check whether your fiance really loves you by him bearing staying away from you and check yourself also. In Revelation the Lord shows us that He expects us to have Him as our First Love. He said in Matthew Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all other things will be added unto you . Remember He is love and all He ask from us is for our own good. I suggest also that you have a prayer partner and you fast and pray together. Read Isiah chapter 58, God bless u, U can do all things through Christ who strenthens you. (Phillipians) I will keep both of you in my prayers
  3. In the world, not of the world

    JOE!!! Great to see you back on the Boards!!!! (((((((JOE)))))))))) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Its great reading all the last comments added on the board. 1 John 2:-17 hits the point ! We can be used so much by God when we are humble and living a life that honours Him. Then we can see His Faithfulness which endures forever. It confirms the scripture than that even if people make fun of us at work or at school still the Lord in due time will lift us up for the wrath of men will be used to glorify God. Even so, the Lord has suffered so much humility and persecution and He stood it all so why not us imperfect weak people by the Grace of God we can make it . Like Paul we can say I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me and nothing is able to separate me from the love of God. PRAISE THE LORD
  4. I am a new member and I found a problem to upload the photo. Can you (IslandRose) please send me yr email so I will send my picture to you and will send me a URL. thanks so much
  5. In the world, not of the world

    ItThat's great as long as you're not being a prude amongst all those drunks. I was a bartender at the local legion for a couple of years and one of the most frequent comments I got was how I managed to dal with all those drunks. It was simple . They were like little kids misbehaving and I repremanded them like a parent when they got out of hand <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Nope, just trying to give an analogy. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> It's not easy to be part of the world but not of the world. Yet we can do it because the Lord gave us the Holy Spirit to guide us. Its up to us to be in clear tune with Him by living a Holy life made up of prayer, fasting and obedience rather than rebellion.