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  1. For I, Yahweh, am your portion, therefore wait for Me. I am good to those who hope in Me, to those who seek Me.” (Lamentations 3:21-25).
  2. Why exactly... God allows us to worship Him freely and openly. If you don't feel that the Holy Spirit has placed you there for tending to the young ones during service then you should let you pastor know of this quickly. It is not him who decides where we belong and he should be in agreement if under the leadership of the Holy Spirit. This dream has nothing to do with the church nursery. The baby in the dream attends my daycare center.... absolutely no link except that I watched her one saturday and took her to church with me for a meeting I had.
  3. Thank you everyone for your replies. I'm just so confused.... this wilderness experience is lasting far to long. God's continue blessings to each of you and your family.
  4. I haven't done this in a while.... but I thought I would throw this out. For a few months I have been praying that God would allow me to leave the church that I have attended for about eight years. I few weeks ago I had this dream.... It started with me at the church with one of the babies that I care for in the day... I stopped a few feet from the entrance of the church when I saw the congregation lined up in a single line leading into the church with the pastor at the head of the line. When I walked up to the line the pastor looked at me and said "Hi Jackie." He then picked me up and passed me to the next person in line.... I was handed from one person to the other each saying hi until I was in the church and placed on a seat. That's where the dream ended.... the thing about this dream is that when I walked up to the line I was able to see the faces of the people... people who is very formilar to me... but the moment the pastor picked me up.... I could not see anyone... I just felt myself being passed from one person to the other and heard them say hi.... Do you think this is the answer that I seeked from God? I don't know anything any more. If I ask my pastor he would think it was just a dream.... I've changed... through the years of being there... once I craved Jesus... He's presence... guildance.... love.... truth.... to be real.... I just craved Him.... ever aspect of my being craved Him.... I never wanted anything or anyone more then just being with Him. Now.... well... to much has happen.... I just don't know.
  5. The truth that you believe sets you free. Jesus is who He said He was.... and yet many each day is dying and going to hell. Those who believe are saved. So yes the truth that you belive sets you free.... not truth itself. God's blessing Jacqueline
  6. Thank all of you for your replies. I actually fixed it. I should say by the grace of God I fixed it. Today everything was going wrong so when I sat down to try once again to fix the computer I had already had enough of the foolishness of the day. I said God at least help me to fix christines computer.... let one thing go right today and wow.... I don't even remember how I did it.... but I pushed some button and the computer started scaning the drives and what not... found the trouble and told me to insert the disk I got from Dell... even when the sky seems to be fallen God gives you hope. Thank you once again. God's continue blessing toward each of you Jacqueline
  7. My neice has a Dell Inspiron B120 computer. It has a virus on it. I called and got a recovery disk from Dell. When I turn on the computer it allows in to login then goes to the screen savor. From there nothing. It just sits there and won't allow you to do anything. I've tried putting the disk in in hopes that it would run the disk. It doesn't.... it sounds like it's going to then stops.... Do anyone knows how to run the disk in a situation like this. I've tried calling Dell, but they charge to help and I can't afford it right now. Thank you for any help you can give. God's blessing toward each of you Jacqueline
  8. Thank you all for your reply. I didn't send the pages to my brother. God's blessing to all of you and yours Jacqueline
  9. My uncle has this really old book that contains what he say is the lost books of Mose. I've read some of the pages in this book and it seems more like a spell book to me. Do anyone know anything about the lost books of Mose? My brother is in really big trouble with the law and my uncle wants me to sent my brother a couple of pages that he copied out of this book. I haven't done it because it seems to me as I said before a big of spells... that can't be of God. What do any of you think.... do you know about these missing books of Mose? God's blessing toward you and yours Jacqueline
  10. I had the most interesting dream last night. I was at a school with my sister I remember. We weren't students and I don't know why we were there. Any way as we walked from the parking lot this man ran up to us and started saying something like I've told you before... but you don't listen. I turned to my sister and gave her a look to say what's up with this man. He started talking about Gensis. Something about a word in a part of Gensis. A name of God maybe... I can't remember. I do remember writing down one of the words a few times because my spelling of it didn't seem right. then out of no way the correct spelling of the word appeared on the paper right in front of my eyes. I stared at in surprised as I listen to the man. He kept saying theres more then one meaning to the word, more then one. then he ran off more words... Names of God. that's what he was saying. The names of God has more then just one meaning. I just remember that. He said something like the power of God is in His names... and there are more then one meaning that we understand. Odd dream... At least I remember a little bit more of the dream as I wrote this. Any thoughts anyone. Jacqueline
  11. When Christ return I believe that all babies will be taken with us. I don't believe that they will trick you into taking the mark of the breast because it will be the mark of the one who claims to be God. People will choose to take the mark and those who don't will be killed. Jacqueline
  12. Why panic? I'm not afraid of some stupid chip made by man. I'm not afraid of the mark of the beast. I'm a child of God and in being so I am not blinded by the tricks of Satan. As these things develope I say look up and prepare your hearts brothers and sister for our Lord will soon return. I think If I was afraid it would be for my family members and friends who do not know Christ as their Lord and Savior. I left them up to God everyday and I'll continue to do so. In Him will I trust. Jacqueline
  13. Thank you for the remembrance.... I really needed to read this. God bless you all. Jacqueline
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