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  1. Sounds like a good opportunity....ask just in a natural way if he wants to go. People don't want to be pushed. Perhaps his heart is seeking the Lord since he is willing to do those things?
  2. We share Holy Time with God in our daily lives, even hour by hour. This is why our devotional lives are important. It's more than not doing anything on a particular day.
  3. Yes, the JW's change the meaning of some verses in order to fit their doctrine. Surrendered wife, remember that some sow, some water but God gives the increase. Meaning that it will ultimately be the Holy Spirit who works in your husband's heart, to draw him to Christ. One of my cousins became a Christian. Her husband had been raised Catholic but not attending that church. My cousin just kept going to church and finally her husband wanted to go with her. He saw the change and even joy in her....so he started to attend with her. Now they just returned from a mission trip to Guatemala with their church....both serving the Lord now and happy together. So live your life in Christ, don't get pushy, pray for him. It's already a good thing that he prefers you to be a Christian as he likes the good changes in you!
  4. Yes, focus on Jesus, don't focus on Sabbath keeping.
  5. Praying she gets her sandals. I've been slow to get new sandals....hope mine won't break!
  6. Sorry ladypeartree! So glad to have another Welsh lady!
  7. Friend, don't forget there is a Music Video section, too. As well as Comedy and Biblical Topics.
  8. Yes, of course, our righteousness is as a filthy rag before the Lord. We believers have the imputed righteousness of Christ and that is what makes our legal standing before God as being righteous. P.S. We will as a result of being in Christ have good works.
  9. Maryjayne, I hope you will stay. You are very nice and also it's good to have someone from Wales here!
  10. Another good article by Paul Ellis. Hope others like it as well. By Paul Ellis, escapetoreality “I know your deeds,” says Jesus to the churches. He exhorts the Ephesians to do the deeds they did at first (Rev. 2:5), he rebukes the Sardisians for having incomplete deeds (Rev. 3:2), and he promises to reward the Thyatirans according to their deeds (Rev. 2:23). Clearly our deeds or works matter to Jesus. But what sort of deeds is Jesus referring to? The preacher of law says, “Jesus is referring to our law-keeping performance. We must keep the commands to please the Lord.” A similar interpretation is offered by the preacher of works. “Jesus is saying we need to work out our salvation, do the deeds that prove our repentance, and pursue the spiritual disciplines.” Yet both interpretations raise uncomfortable questions: How many deeds are needed to qualify? What if I neglect to keep all the commands? Worse, both interpretations do nothing but promote dead works and pride. What are dead works? We can distinguish dead works from faith works. Dead works of the flesh lead to death, while faith works release abundant life. The former relies on self; the latter leans on the Spirit. Living under any form of law is a dead work because the law is not of faith, and its purpose is to minister death (2 Cor. 3:7, Gal. 3:12). To insist we must keep the law of the old covenant or the commands of the new is to preach dead works. Such a message will inflame sin, minister condemnation, and leave you wretched. Any works done to prove our salvation or complete our sanctification are also dead works because they reveal unbelief in the finished work of the cross. You don’t have to finish what Jesus started for you are complete in Christ (Col. 2:10). In him you are as saved and sanctified as you ever will be. Since the Author and Finisher of our faith has perfected us (Heb. 10:14), there is nothing you can do to improve upon what he has done. Repenting from dead works and having faith in God is one of the elementary teachings about Christ (Heb. 6:1), yet many haven’t grasped it. They’re trying to keep the law or make themselves holy, and they are exhausting themselves. Their dead works are killing them. They have forgotten that in the kingdom, all is grace, and “if it is by grace, it is no longer on the basis of works, otherwise grace is no longer grace” (Rom. 11:6). Every believer has deeds of one sort or another. We should not be impressed that the Revelation churches had deeds but we should ask, what sort of deeds did they have? Were they engaged in dead works or faith works? What are faith works? Faith works are what lovers do. The word love appears four times in the seven letters and on three of those occasions, Jesus is referring to his love. To the Ephesians, Philadelphians, and Laodiceans, Jesus spoke of his love, but the Thyatirans were known for their love. “I know your love,” said Jesus. And since the word for love is the divine agape, it wasn’t really their love but God’s love shining through them. This was a church that knew the love of God and was actively sharing that love with others. What deeds matter to Jesus? The only work that counts is faith expressing itself through love (Gal. 5:6). But note that it is not our love, faith and service that impresses the Lord. Rather, we become commendable when we are impressed by his love, faith, and service. Jesus commended the Pergamenes for not denying his faith, and it’s a similar story in his letter to the Thyatirans. “I smell agape love,” Jesus is saying. “You have received the love of my Father, you are giving it away, and that’s a wonderful thing.” Some might say, “Love is a verb. We reveal our love by what we do.” But the scriptures declare that agape love is a noun. Indeed, love is a Person, for God is love (1 John 4:8). Love is not something to manufacture but receive, and those who receive the wild and uncontainable love of God can’t help but give it away. Giving away what God has given us is how we change the world. This is a radical revelation for many, yet this is how the early church lived. The Book of Acts is not a record of manmade accomplishments; it’s a collection of stories about people who co-labored with God to do the impossible. In a few short years these believers changed the world. They left a legacy showing us what can happen when we trust in the goodness of the Lord. — Extracted from Paul Ellis’s new book, Letters from Jesus: Finding Good News in Christ’s Letters to the Churches.
  11. Quite unbelievable, all of those fires happening all over the globe! The Amazon is like the lungs of the Earth...we get 20% of our oxygen from there. I feel sorry for all of the animals and even birds who can't escape.
  12. I don't think so. Apparently the two child law has been in effect for a few years now. It seems the aging population in China is the main reason for the new law. Japan also has mostly a senior citizen population. They have to actively recruit young people from other countries to work in Japan. They recruit for business and other type of work....but they also actively recruit people to care for senior citizens. They even offer training to foreigners because they need young people in the work force so badly.
  13. Mostly Spanish....some might be bilingual. The town where the woman moved to has alot of ex-pats so they would speak English. I have a cousin who moved his family to Guatemala. They took Spanish classes.
  14. Coax a cat to eat. See the tigers or the lions at the zoo?
  15. I watch NHK (Japan) news fairly often. They have mentioned a couple of times that China has abandoned their one child policy. This is mainly due to their aging population and concerns about the economy. However, according to NHK, it seems that now Chinese young people don't really want more than one child. They feel it costs too much and they prefer to lavish the money on their only child. So the one child policy has now backfired on China. https://www.brookings.edu/articles/the-end-of-chinas-one-child-policy/
  16. Interesting article with pretty photos. Former New Englander retires to Panama with her adult daughters, cats and dogs. https://www.marketwatch.com/amp/story/guid/65CD8BC8-C509-11E9-9465-A60A287E37E3
  17. Hi 1to3, don't forget there is a music video section. I asked the moderators to move your hymn over.
  18. Was anyone else aware of this group? I just heard of them recently. The above college professor sounds dangerous! He is from Iowa.
  19. Well, the moderators only have so much time to view videos along with their other duties....so that's why they would like less than 20 minutes.
  20. He says the video is over two hours long. I told him moderators like the videos to be less than 20 minutes long.
  21. Can you imagine this? The medical assistant ran out of the room upon seeing the spider in the woman's ear! I hate seeing spiders or bugs anywhere....now we have to watch our ears! https://beta.washingtonpost.com/science/2019/08/23/she-thought-she-had-water-her-ear-it-was-venomous-brown-recluse-spider/?outputType=amp
  22. Here's the information.... https://www.worthychristianforums.com/topic/198805-video-length-and-other-info-please-read/
  23. Hi Tony, glad your dear Kitty is improving! What did the vet say and do about the growth?
  24. Btw, the moderators like videos to be no longer than 20 minutes!
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