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    Ministry, theology, spiritual warfare, jail/prison ministry, deliverance ministry~<br />Currently starting a womens discipleship center for those coming out of prison and drugs...<br />Full time missionary with the AG

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  1. How did the logos of God "become flesh?"

    His opening statement is contrary to scripture. Wisdom was never "identified as Jesus" in the New Testament. Paul tells us Jesus was "MADE wisdom" which means he was not previously wisdom, and that his being made wisdom was limited, "to US." In other words, He was not wisdom in total, but only to the saints, and then only after being made so. And the fact that he " increased in wisdom..." should serve to show he was not wisdom, for how can "wisdom" increase in wisdom? I think he lacks understanding. Thank you though for your intrest. You obviously did not read the whole page. Formed an opinion before you read it, then you go off it a flurry of your information.. That is sad.. You are here why??
  2. How did the logos of God "become flesh?"

    Enquirer, Here is a study (part of a book) that Michael Heiser,(who has a list of degrees) has to say about the "WORD of God". Actually his whole study on the Divine council is interesting. http://www.thedivinecouncil.com/WordChapter.pdf Be blessed, Karen
  3. TODAY on the 700 club

    Sister, I know I can rub people wrong at times. I have forgiven and ask to be forgiven for my behavior also. I might not have been openly but inwardly I had taken offense. I had to work through it. I guess we can all say we have been on both sides of this.. I consider you my Sis.. Thank you, Blessings, Karen
  4. TODAY on the 700 club

    Would you like to share some more on that? Hi Neb~ I can.. My mind had been opened to the demonic realm by me having open doors for them to come in. Drugs and lawlessness of course was a big door. But the others came from my emotional traumas and even occult involvment. My torment was manifesting the same symptoms of paranoid schizoprehenia(sp). Secular would have had me committed and only offer the psychotrophic meds to try and shut down the voices I heard all the time. Problem was they had a right to be there.. Deliverance and emotional healing set me free. Blessings, Karen
  5. TODAY on the 700 club

    Go God!! He is awesome. Only He could use a broken life to bring help to others... Blessings, Karen
  6. TODAY on the 700 club

    From the producer at the 700 club. Quote: Karen, over 800 people called in to say that they prayed with Pat for a first time commitment to Christ. Thank you for sharing your story. Blessings to you, Cindy Yes, it was worth it.. Karen
  7. TODAY on the 700 club

    Peaches~yes, it was a sketchie version of my story. I was happy that they made sure to include my deliverance from the tormenting voices.. Too many are being committed &/or heavily medicated for the very same thing that I was delivered from. My prison time was not that bad. It was the time the Lord revealed Himself to me in ways that He wold not have been able to me had I been out trying to piece my life back together myself. You see my upbringing was not Christian. I only knew dysfunction.. As far as the 10 year sentence, it was reduced to 3 years when I went to court to plead out. Prevously I was looking at 20 to life.. And I was held with out a bond... I knew there were consequenses for my behavior. There was no "get out of jail free card" for me. You see I had witnessed so many who didn't make it out alive, so I truly was thankful for jail/prison. The addiction stats of those who try "meth" once is 98%. The ones who die in it is 92%. SO yes I am truly blessed. Micah 7:7-9 7. But as for me, I watch in hope for the Lord. I wait for God my Savior, my God will hear me. 8. Do not gloat over me my enemy (devil)! Though I have fallen, I will rise. Though I sit in darkness, the Lord will be my light. 9. Because I have sinned against Him. I will bear the Lord's wrath, until He pleads my case and establishes my right. HE will bring me out into the light. I will see HIS rightousness.. Bless you, Karen
  8. TODAY on the 700 club

    Yep, that is my mug... Sure sounds like a much quieter me.. Maybe they dubbed my Okie accent??
  9. TODAY on the 700 club

    To God be all the glory! He came to me just in time. The short version was a very TAME version of my testimony.. Needless to say I was a very hurt person hiding behind a lawless front.. That is the key to reaching those who society thinks are throw aways... get to the hurt places and they can hear the truth from God and it will overthrow the lies they have bought in to..amen... Thank you for letting me share with my WB family.. Blessings, Karen EX~you can add me as your friend anyday.. Doesn't mean I will agree with you all the time.. But you are use to that..
  10. TODAY on the 700 club

    The District Council/ Assembly of God in Oklahoma was contacted by one of the 700 club producers for a salvation testimony. I was the one they refered and the 700 club came to Oklahoma to do a couple of different interviews.
  11. TODAY on the 700 club

    Can you see it on line????? Yes, here is the link. http://www.cbn.com/media/index.aspx?s=700club
  12. TODAY on the 700 club

    Wow, not too bad. I was very happy they knew what they were doing.. That was one of the hardest things I have ever done.
  13. TODAY on the 700 club

    Hey, I haven't seen it yet.. I guess I will go to the web site.. Thank you for the encouraging comments.. Blessings, Karen
  14. TODAY on the 700 club

    Greetings, Just a note to let those who are interested, today is the day my salvation story will be aired on the 700 club. I haven't seen it so I am a little aprehensive.. Check your local braodcasting for specific times. Blessings. Karen