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    softball, reading, learning, writing, spending time with fam and friends, sharing wholeheartedly my belief in God Almighty

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  1. My email address is m8mass@gmail.com. Thank you

  2. Hi my name is mario. You sent me a smile on ChristianM

  3. The Gospel

    I chose other because I feel the Gospel is: "Christ is all, and in all." Col. 3:11
  4. Bible read.

    I'm just coming in on this(although I've been registered here for a while now). I hope to slip in here everyday and join the daily reading of a chapter a day. It would be most pleasant.
  5. God is...

    God Almighty is omnipotent, omnipresent, and He is our Savior.
  6. 19,000 Registered Members on Worthy!

    so many ppl. it's nice. like it was said before though. i wish more of them were regulars.
  7. Music

    debra snipes, gospel.
  8. Microchip ID Implants

    it seems you are more concerned with your accomplishments here on earth than with the Holy Father.
  9. Microchip ID Implants

    No one said that you had to risk your livelihood do to this chip. It's meaning will not come into full effecct until after Christ has returned. There's reason to be watchful right now and worry, not panic. You said urself that nothing else came close to the desciption like this lil' chip that has so many unique and strangely similar qualities as to the one that is mentioned in the Bible. Why would we not have the right to have as much confidence in this subject as you do in believing otherwise? Sure technolog is advancing and all. Makes it just that much better for the government to reign supreme. Look it's understandable where your doubts come from, and maybe some of us just can't see it the way you're putting it considering all the sources that we may have allowing us to see how real all of this is. please understand though that no one is asking you to give up anything for something you do not have your complete trust in. Let it be known though that the mark will come into full effect after Almighty God's chosen ppl have been called home. I'm sure that you being a Christian yourself, that you are looking forward to that glorious moment. Your worries about the mark should be dim, and the least of ur worries. I sure hope that you do not plan on being around during that time.
  10. The Four horses of Apocalypse

    I disagree. I feel that the seals, trumpets and vials mentioned in Revelation will not come to pass until after Almighty God's people have been called home. Then will the Tribulation begin. If I'm not mistaken they're suppose to be almost like punishments that will last throughout the duration of seven years.
  11. Microchip ID Implants

    If you ever have reason to doubt teh validity of something as serious as the mark, which in this case is the chip, then you have reason to believe that this is indeed the source that will separate God Almighty's true ppl from those who profess themselves as his children. As far as sticking it in the watchband that is not an option. 1) technically you would have already accepted the mark. When the Bible says in ur right hand or forehead it means that it will be placed literally in your hand. As for the head it's like those who will be standing in line waiting to get the mark. They've already accepted it even if by man's standards they have not yet physically recieved it. 2) If it was a simple as placing a chip in ur watch so that u could easily do away with it what would be the purpose of creating such a device? Right now your doubt is protecting you from making a futile decision even before the mark becomes a mandatory option. Not that you'll be here during the tribulation or anything. Look beyond the physical boundries of it all and into the spiritual. That makes all the difference.
  12. Times are hard

    nicely done.
  13. A question for atheists

    Thanks for the insight, kamusat. The second reason is the one that puzzles me. What vested interest would an atheist have for causing a Christian to doubt? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I feel what you're saying Kamusat, and as for the second reason I don't think even an athiest would realize Satan's attempt to work through them to get at Christians.
  14. What version of the Bible do you read?

    I read only the KJV version of the Bible.