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    i love God first and foremost, my children<br />i like to voluteer as scout leader for daughters troup<br />i love the country

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  1. carant2000_2001

    Bugging Question

    hi manic, just wanted to let you know jesus is always there, the bible is a good way to learn about the Lord, and don't worry he will meet you at what ever stage in life you are. he can answer the questions you have about life. remember everyone and i mean everyone who is a Christian is a sinner saved by grace. Jesus loves you he shed blood for our sins. the fact that your still posting let me know you are looking for the answer. just wanted to let you know we have an awesome God. i will pray for you. God bless you. in Christ, carolyn
  2. carant2000_2001

    Need some advice

    while this is true living a Christian life is not easy, as long as you follow the Lord Jesus, you will never be alone. God is with you and will never give you more than you can handle. faith is believing in something you can't see, yet still in your heart you know hes' there. i pray that God will soften your parrents' heart so that they also will follow, pray also for you that you will be strong in the Lord. God bless you in Christ, carolyn
  3. carant2000_2001

    Needing Advice on Mothers Day Gift

    hi i don't know about your mom but i enjoy going out for dinner being able to talk to my kids and i like plants because cut flowers die. just being able to spend time with them is a great idea to me. in Christ, carolyn
  4. carant2000_2001


    hi you can't sit on the fence for ever candi is right you have to chose i read this sign once no jesus, no peace know jesus, know peace in Christ, carolyn
  5. carant2000_2001

    i might be die next week

    hi christina, God bless you, keep your eyes on Him, He will love and care for you. i will pray for you. in Christ, carolyn
  6. carant2000_2001

    REAL Issues Need Tissues

    thank you this is exactly what i have been looking for i have a childhood friend who needs to read it. i wrote it down can't wait for her to read it, thanks again. please pray she is not a christian. in Christ, carolyn
  7. carant2000_2001

    Capitalizing God

    hi roxy, i agree and if you look at most of my post you'll find the only words i do capitalizie is God, Jesus Christ. i too feel he is the only true God. thank you for bringing that to our attention. in Christ, carolyn
  8. carant2000_2001

    Talking to the Lord

    i truly enjoyed those, bolt thank you for sharing in Christ carolyn
  9. carant2000_2001

    Playing the Numbers

    making my head swirl
  10. carant2000_2001

    What an Awesome God we serve!!!!!

    praise the Lord. what an awesome God we serve
  11. carant2000_2001

    He's arrived!

    God bless and congrats
  12. carant2000_2001

    computer tech

    lol very funny thanks for the laugh
  13. carant2000_2001

    Has to be one of the funniest things I've read

    her face i am sure was all shades of red
  14. carant2000_2001

    Best Dating Tips by Kids

    lol that was great