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  1. Why wouldn't he get the votes? He's gotten everything else he's wanted. The GOP is the party of, "We Can't Do Anything To Stop Him."
  2. Stacy Dash, Denise's friend on The Cosby Show, has a really good piece about this whole Cosby thing: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/staceydash/2015/07/i-was-wrong/#st_refDomain=t.co&st_refQuery=/Nnit7AoGq5 Here's her summary statement:
  3. Actually the British Empire did a pretty good of containing the Muslim contagion for a while. And ancient Israel showed us the right way to deal with false religions and false gods. When our gormless president talks like this, he sounds like a typical college professor who has no knowlege outside of the bubble in which he lives.
  4. I'm bored with his "lectures." It's always annoying when a non-believer lectures believers about proper conduct.
  5. ...and the freak show that is American culture rolls on...
  6. This whole administration is just plain creepy. And yet there is a segment of the "liberal evangelical" church that will carry whatever water Obama wants them to.
  7. https://en.linga.org/christian-news-in-the-holy-land/article-1231.html Here it is.
  8. Mueller wasn’t exactly a combination of Mother Teresa, Joan of Arc and the Virgin Mary, the way she was originally portrayed. She may or may not have started off to be a Good Samaritan, but she became a "useful idiot" working on behalf of Hamas. It's highly probable her Syrian boyfriend influenced her ideology. She freely took part in Palestinian demonstrations, was a propagandist for Hamas, portraying them as freedom fighters. She was young, and young people are easily led astray. It's sad she didn't live long enough to see the error of her thinking. Her actions were indefensible, but she certainly didn't deserve the leave this world the way she did.
  9. The fda is quite necessary. It helped prevent the damage in the us from thalidomide that europe saw. I would suggest the FDA is actually responsible for more American deaths each year than it "saves," but that's a discussion for another place. I would further suggest that NO govrrnmental regulatory agency is necessary. The government itself tells us that monopolies are wrong. A regulatory agency, like the FDA or FCC is a monopoly, therefore... But then rarely does the government follow straight paths of logic.
  10. That's right. Conservatives should be more concerned about winning hearts and minds than elections. It doesn't matter who is in office if the culture is liberal. Yes, Nevada will elect a conservative, then another liberal. It's the way she swings.
  11. Term limits is not the answer. Just look at the president, for example. He'll be out of office in a couple of years (term limit), but thanks to the hundreds maybe thousands of new regulations he's put in place, not to mention legislation, no matter who gets elected in the next cycle, we citizens will be living under Obama's shadow forever. That goes for any elected official. Just look at what Pres. Bush left us to deal with. The political class has way, way too much power in this country. An educated, empowered populace is the answer. But, alas and alack, the public school system has made that all but impossible to achieve.
  12. First off, ban the FDA. Second, we are being micromanaged to death and I suspect we'll be reaching a tipping point sooner rather than later. Living in a micro-regulatory state is NOT what America is about and it's not what most Americans want. There's a lot of discontent in the heartland that is festering and growing and, from my lips to G-d's ears, a revolution is simmering.
  13. Yes, but there is no operation to cure stupid.
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