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  1. THE GREATEST GIFT GIVEN For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son that whoever believes in Him shall not die Can we even grasp the enormity of what God did for you and I? Have we considered? Have we even tried to comprehend? What a precious gift was given to us And laid in a manger in Bethlehem A star shone to announce His birth Angels rejoiced, proclaiming peace on earth On that Holy Night, God sent A gift from Heaven to touch the hearts of men He sent His only Son Jesus, to dwell and live among them He was the perfect sacrifice for mankind
  2. My Redeemer Lives ___________________________________________________ The Sovereign Lord has given me An instructed tongue To know the WORD that sustains the weary Morning by morning He wakens me, and opens My ears to hear Him clearly Lift up your eyes to the heavens Look at the earth beneath The heavens will one day vanish And the earth will soon deplete Hear the Lord, You people who have My law in your hearts And you who know what is right Do not fear the reproach of men And do not be terrified I, even I, Am He that comforts you Do not fear mortal man Do not be afraid of their threats Do you remember that I Am The Lord your maker! Or did you happen to forget? I stretched out the heavens and laid The foundations of the earth Why do you live in constant terror? Because of he who is bent on destruction And because of the wrath of the oppressor The cowering prisoners will not die In their dungeon They will soon be set free I AM the Lord your GOD Who causes the waves to roar And who churns up the sea I have put my words in your mouth And covered you with The shadow of My hand I set the heavens in place And laid the foundations of the earth On which you stand Who has believed the message? And to whom has the arm Of the Lord been revealed? He grew up like a tender shoot Like a root out of dry ground There was nothing about Him that Would attract or appeal He was rejected by men and despised He was no stranger to Sorrow throughout His life He had no beauty or majesty To draw us unto Him and we esteemed Him not Surely He took up our infirmities And carried all our sorrows Yet we considered Him stricken by God He was pierced for our transgressions He was crushed for our iniquities By His wounds we are healed and His Punishment bought us peace We are all like sheep, which have gone astray Each of us has turned to his own way But God laid all our iniquity upon Him His gruesome death was the Atonement for our sin After the suffering of His soul He will again see The Light of Life and be satisfied Because of Gods Righteous Servant, Many will be redeemed, forgiven and justified So do not be afraid You will not suffer shame You will not be humiliated, And no longer fear disgrace The Holy One of Israel is your Redeemer The Lord Almighty is His name Though the mountains be shaken And the hills be removed I will never take My unfailing Love Away from you With everlasting kindness, I will pour Upon you My compassion And give to you, Everlasting Salvation Your sons and daughters will be Taught by the Lord And great will be your children
  3. Thanks guys! I am glad my poem blessed you all May God bless you all Love BellaRose
  4. On Eagles Wings Isaiah 40 v 28 -31 ___________________________________ Do you not know? Have you not heard? The Lord is the Everlasting God The creator of the ends of the earth He will not grow tired and weary He who watches over you does not sleep He gives strength to the weary And increases the power of the weak Even youths grow tired and weary And young men stumble and fall God renews their strength When they put their hope in the Lord They will soar on wings like eagles They will walk and not faint They will run and not grow weary When they trust in God and upon Him, wait Get up out of the ashes Rise up from the dust of your past Wait upon the Lord and let Joy, peace and love compose a New song in your heart Your strength will be found in Quietness and confidence God is the Eternal Rock of Hope And His salvation is our reassurance God calls out each starry host by name And without His knowledge Not one of them falls from the sky How much more then does God Care for you and I Do you know? Have you now heard? The Lord is the everlasting God The Creator is calling the created From the ends of the earth Come all who are weary and tired Let God renew your strength, so that On eagles wings you can rise up, And by His Spirit, learn to fly __________________________________ By K A Graaf
  5. A Fight to the Finish Ephesians Ch 6 v 10 - 18 ________________________________________ Finally, dear friends be strong in the Lord And clothe yourselves with love and In the might of His splendid power Stay alert and submit yourselves to God For we are living in the final hours Be prepared, you are up against far more Than you can handle by yourself Call on the name of the Lord He is your strong tower, where you can run Your hope and source of help God has given you the weapons to fight Go into battle by His Spirit Not in your own power and might The weapons we fight with are not Swords, bombs, guns and knives We fight with our spiritual weapons And are clothed in the Armour of Christ Truth, Righteousness, Faith, Salvation and Peace Use the weapons God has issued to you So that when it
  6. Sometimes people don't understand why I write the things I do I write about what I have heard with my own ears and seen with my own eyes... It is my perspective, my story and my view Some of you may not agree with my poems, some of you wont understand where I am coming from But.. just because you see something from a certain perspective That doesn't mean, that what another person is feeling and expressing is wrong It is how I see it, how I experienced it and came through and sometimes people wont understand why I write the things I do But I don't care, all I care about is one thing that ONE person will be touched by the poems I share and bring I will admit, that this poem was written with a little bit of hurt but I hope you are blessed by the lessons that I have learnt POETRY is an expression of the soul, nothing less and nothing more But I will use this gift that God has given me to bring Glory to the LORD God bless you all Love Kerrie xox This poem is dedicated to ALL the people that NEVER let go of my hand, even though you didn't understand what I was going through Thankyou, for letting your LOVE continue to flow even in the times...I said to you "WHAT WOULD YOU KNOW?" I cannot express how much I appreciate you and I know that I am LOVED because you never let go of my hand and never gave up WHAT WOULD YOU KNOW? _____________________________ No one would know What it is truly like to be free Unless they have known What it is like to be A prisoner in captivity No one would know what It is to be loved Unless they had known What it was like to be rejected No one will be really free To be themselves, unless they know And believe they are accepted No one would know the pain of Grief, sorrow and dread Unless you know what its like To hold the photos As the only memories of loved ones And only wish you could have The chance to hold them again No one would know what it like To walk in another persons shoes Unless the same pain, the same hurts Have happened to you too And just because you feel the same pain That doesn
  7. Sure..you can share it. I write to bless.. so if you feel to share it with others.. share away! I need no reconition... Only Jesus deserves the reconition & the glory I do not copywrite my poems... They are Gods.. He can do with them what He likes
  8. yes, HIS timing is perfect I am so glad my poem ministered to you as much as did me as I wrote it I never write when I have arrived.......I write best when I go through Dont ever be discouraged by the storms Rain must fall, winds must blow and hard times must come TO MAKE US STRONG, change us and enable us to GROW Note my signature
  9. For all those who are going through a storm right now I hope this poem ministers to your heart and I pray that God will give you a RAINBOW of HOPE after the storm in your life has passed Let this poem speak to your heart today and know that God is the LIGHT and HOPE On your grey and cloudy days God bless you all Love Kerrie xox ________ This poem is dedicated to Clare Thankyou for teaching me things that I could never have learnt any other way God used you in my Life more than you will ever know You were used by God, to cause the seeds in my heart to take root - blossom and grow I said goodbye to you today, and it was a sad goodbye Because God used you, to make a difference in my life and I thank you, and I thank God.. because I wouldn't be where I am today If you never came to stay God fulfilled His purpose and plan for my life and yours I can do nothing but thank Him, and rejoice For in every circumstance, whether good or bad He will work His perfect will and His Plan I LOVE YOU Rainbow in the Storm Isaiah 50 - 51 _______________________________________ All is quiet and I am standing still Standing on God
  10. Thats okay Openly Curious...I was speechless myself after I wrote it The part in the poem that made me cry a fountain of tears was this part I can curl up in Your lap, And rest my weary head We can talk, and there
  11. Hi Openly Curious, I didnt understand your one word comment? Do you want to tell me what you mean? God bless you Hi pancho, thanks for your reply. I have written over 100 poems now, and there are only a few that affect me as much as this one did, as I write them You see, it is a miracle and a testimony in itself, that I finally understand the LOVE of God. My view of God was so distorted that I saw him only as an angry, wrathful, judgemental God It has taken me along time to see and know HIM as He really is I cried all the way through this poem as I wrote it because I am so thankful that my Father kept His hand on me all these years and gently guided me to the TRUTH. I used to run from God, if I ever sinned, afraid of His judgement I used to only go to God if was desperate, because I didnt think deserved to be blessed I used to think He loved me IF and only IF i was a good, obedient, faithful Christian, and if i had ever failed God I just thought that he would punish me Alot of the reason I viewed God the way I did, was because i viewed him thru a filter of my earthy father and also reflected God off some pastors and leaders, who were supose to represent him, and unfortunatley did not. ( read Cult of Confusion) Anyway... this prodigal princess is finally HOME, where she belongs In her HEAVENLY FATHERS EVERLASTING ARMS I share openly & honestly, because I know there are others out there, who struggle to have a relationship with the Heavenly Father. This poem, was one a few could relate to I am sure and I just cant hide or be quiet about ALL that God has Done and where He has brought me from. I can not speak enough about How Jesus Christ has made a night and day difference to my life God bless you all Love BellaRose
  12. thankyou for your kind and encouraging words God bless you both Love BellaRose
  13. I hear YOU Daddy __________________________________________________ I hear You whispering to me in the breeze I hear You singing, Your love songs to me I hear Your voice of comfort Through the thunder and the rain I hear Your soft words of encouragement When I fall, You give me The courage and the strength, to try again I hear you calling me, When I have wandered far from home I hear You speaking so tenderly When I
  14. Ive never ben in the chat room either... Dont normally have time to chat in chatrooms But you can email me if you like, Just look for my email under my profile God bless you
  15. One Little Piece Of Coal _________________________________________ There was once a little piece of coal Which burned bright and hot She was so full of Passion And Love for her God In the Fire of the Holy Spirit With the other pieces of coal She was warmed, encouraged And strengthened, in her spirit and soul One day, she found herself isolated She had somehow, rolled out of the Fire She tried to keep her passion, but found that She was loosing her Godly desires Meanwhile, the other pieces of coal Continued to burn hot and glow bright But the little piece of coal, out on her own Started to loose her heat, And her passion for God began to die She once burned, Coloured with an intense red Now she only had a glimmer of fire She was turning black, and almost dead She sat and cried,
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