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  1. Hey, count me in on that group as well. I don't think I will ever reach a time when I would have learned all there is to know. God's mysteries are so deep and so wide!! There are many more links that will take you there as well if you hit the Kingdom links button too! Have fun.
  2. Wow, That is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And truly the Love of Christ shines through....
  3. Hey Mark! Nice to meet ya! Now, take all those parables and read them BUT read them with fresh eyes. Because they are written to believers. ALL believers. All the virgins are believers. Some are unfaithful believers. Some were not WAITING for the bridegroom. Some of their oil went out. WHY were they at the party if they were UNBELIEVERS!!!!!! They shouldn't even be there! In the case of the wheat and the tares. Think about it. You know some pretty scary christians don't you??? Some pretty unfaithful ones. Their are some christians growing up among us that are very much like the tares. But Jesus said do not yet harvest the tares for fear of pulling out the wheat. Still let it grow among them. Much like unfaithful disobedient christians of our day who live by cheap grace! The two women at the well. One is taken one is left. I believe that is a type of the rapture. I don't think the WHOLE church will be taken. I think that only faithful, obedient christians LOOKING WAITING WATCHING for Christ will be taken. So, with that said. I believe the women left at the well is a type of the remaining unfaithful christians who lived for themselves selfishly disobediently never giving their lives over to Christ. They are left to be refined through the trib. The types are all over the place in the old testament. ANd in revelation with the Harvesting. And look at the 10 Lepers. ONly 1 turns back to thank Jesus. REad the book of Ruth!!! Its a good picture of the Bride being pulled from the church. Also in Genesis with Adam. Ask God to give you a fresh eyes. Its really cool. I believe the WHOLE entire word of God is a exhortation/love letter to Believers and believers only, warnings and all! Radical I know. I also believe I am SAVED BY THE BLOOD!!!! Thank you Jesus! I just don't think there won't be any consequences for unfaithful christians at the judgement seat... I think we will all see an age of reward during the 1,000 year reign of Christ. And that is what I don't want to miss out on!!! Oh gosh I am sorry for going on and on. Was this confusing???
  4. Cat, I am a very very new member here. But do have a pretty good understanding of the Messianic/Hebrew traditions. The reason for the Virgins is a sign of Purity. The Bride in Jewish tradition had to be surrounded and attended to by Purity. Her attendands had to be pure as well. Which would exclude women married. This parable has a number of symbolic references to it from the Hebrew traditions. It is very amazing. There is a good website to go to for Messianic information. It is Inthebeginning.org On the side there is a menu. You can find a number of different studies regarding the kingdom! Good studying!
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