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  1. Phil 4:13 says that all things are possible through Christ. So in answer to your question...yes.
  2. You would think that if some places have gas at over 4 bucks a gallon Bush would do something...
  3. I realize that anti-virus software is a must but I'm a poor college kid haha. So I just spent the money to upgrade the software on this laptop not my desktop. It's fine I can get a free virus checker but I need something to get them off as well lol.
  4. I don't have anti-virus software on here...it expired and I usually only use this for gaming. I checked out that grisoft site and the only downloads I can find are either a trial version or payed versions. Anyone know of any free programs?
  5. I haven't read the whole thread...a lot to read, so I'm just posting comments from the title. The Lord wants you to come as you are. Granted you can't show up looking like a stripper every Sunday but I would hope that if a stripper showed up she would be loved and cared for not judged and mis-treated.
  6. How would YOU know? ;-)
  7. How do i get into the registry to delete it?
  8. How are you having trouble ladyc? Just curious because I haven't experienced any problems due to speed or anything on these boards...
  9. It just hit me to try Firefox that I have on here. Everything is working fine. Could a virus or spyware/malware attach itself specifically to IE? Would uninstalling IE get rid of the problem?
  10. I believe Peaches was just joking...:-)
  11. Sometimes we forget that the answer God gives us isn't the one we are looking for so we miss it. Loved ones die all the time even with prayer to save them. But God's time and perfect will isn't always ours. Sometimes we pray with an agenda. Just remember God's agenda is always right :-)
  12. I'm pretty new here so I have no idea whatsoever where to post this question. Maybe it's not even a good question for this site but I'm hoping somebody knows something about computers...I'm not a complete novice to pc's...I built the one I'm on right now. My problem is this..I have some sort of either virus or adware or malware or something on my pc. Everytime I load IE (yes I know...hah) I go to www.perfectedsecurity.com. I didn't set that as the homepage, nore do I want to go there. Here on worthy boards, I can't use "my assistant"...it pops up and than i get re-directed to another page saying that spyware or malware has restricted or blocked access...aka download "our" software to fight it etc...I have Ad-Aware SE...I've ran it twice back to back times...I've ran Spybot Search and Destroy...eliminated all threats...however this is still on my computer. Anyone have any ideas on what the heck it is and how to fix it? Thanks Andrew
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