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  1. Pastors hopefully will retain the right to perform or not perform weddings and just say no. The congregation or church board can mandate no outside clergy may officiate on the premises. It's not much but it could hold them off for awhile.
  2. The devil will not praise the Lord. He would have to acknowlege His coming in the flesh and we know from 1st John4:2 that he won't. A house devided will fall. Satan can't cast out Satan and he certainly won't do anything that might put focus on Christ
  3. I AS WELL AGREE 100% WITH Arthur and Leonard!!
  4. br.biff


    We modern folks need to remember that people 2000 years ago were not stupid. they wre educated. they were manipulative. just like today. John tells us many times that there were plenty of heretics even then. this document proves nothing more than someone wrote down false doctrine. This doesn't change anything spunky, its just a feeble atempt to shake those weak in thier faith. I agree that just because a document is old doesn't make it true. There are plenty of old records the say the world is flat. I don't believe them either.
  5. br.biff


    I believe Ciaphas was high priest that year not Jesus. The thief expressed belief in Jesus as his saviour thats all.Then he went to paradise to be with Him. Remember Christ died first so He had died for sin already when the thief had his legs broken. The thief died under the new covenant.
  6. Remember, Jesus came so that all would be saved but we know that not all will, God is not going to say " well son you didn't get them all". No He rewards the effort not the result. Just keep praying and try not to let these thoughts control you and you will begin to see that they get easier to put away. May not happen overnight but He will reward your effort.
  7. Deck the halls with bells of holly . . . . P.S. It's spelled "Holy" Dearest nebula, don't throw stones. It's boughs of holly, not bells, I believe.
  8. Sometimes it is not the faith of the healee but the faith of the healer that is lacking. Not all instances of healing in the new testament say any thing about the faith of the one being healed. I also disagree with those that say you are sick due to lack of faith. When asked about the blind man and whose sin made him blind (his mother or father or his own) Jesus replied neither,he was blind that the works of God could be made manifest in him(Jn.9:1)Trust Him He knows what He is doing!!
  9. So called "leaders" of the faith (though I won't name them here), are going to receive the greater damnation for leading so many into false doctrine. My pastor often says and I agree that we as individuals are responsible to know the word. If what you hear does't line up with the Word of God then what you are hearing is WRONG!! The Word is the final authority. This dual covenant theology is not grounded in scriptue. Christ came to the jews ,if they could get to heaven without Him He would not have come."if righteousness come by the law the Christ is dead in vain" Gal 2:21
  10. Isn't it something that the media hated The Passion and it was virtually ignored at the awards shows though millions have seen and loved it,when Brokeback Mountain is the darling of the awards and media but actually by comparrison very few have seen or liked it? Perilous times indeed.
  11. Copper Scroll, About free will, God ceated man in His image , He let man name all the animals without input, gave a set of rules to follow, allowed him to choose any thing in the garden to eat exept the forbiden tree.These choice options imply free will. If not there would be no need to forbid anything because we simply could not choose.
  12. " no man comes to the father but by me" Jn14:6. You can't argue with that.
  13. I believe we are created with free will. I also believe that means God has called us to be responsible. He in a sense trusts us to make the right decision. Since we are left to make our own choice He might not know what it will be . I believe He knows the outcome of any of the gazillion choices we could make but we are responsible for the choice. As far as suffering or eternal hell, God has said it is so. We as mortal humans have no cause to questoin Him. Live according to His word and you don't have to worry about it. We cannot call our creator into question. To do so revisits the origanal sin. Why does this happen ? why does that happen? why?why?why? SIN. Adam did it so why not question Adam? He(Adam) was told the consequence of his action but chose to disobey.That brought all this calamity to the earth. When asked why the man was born blind or whose fault it was Jesus replied that it wasn't anyones fault but so the glory of God would be revealed. Tradgedy sucks that is true but ALL things work together for good... If my 7yr. old son had not died in 1998 I would not be a minister of the Word Of God today. Trials build strength and dependence on God. Hell however is real and is where unbelievers go with the rebellious angels because God says so. This world is where you decide where you want to spend eternity. It's not that life is short , it's that your'e dead for such a long time. Choose wisely
  14. I must admit I skipped ahead on this thread after reading many pages. However forgive me if this has already been brought up.The word says that noone not even the Son knows the exact day. Also it says that the gates of hell will not prevail against the church. It also says he who now letteth will let till he be taken out of the way. A good source for pre trib. Don't bite my head here but if the church is ratured or taken out of the way then anti-christ will be free to do as he pleases. Claiming the rature was his doing thereby deceiving the world to follow him. Just a possibility.
  15. This is not the only "religious" station to be so relaxed in thier views. You would think that people that start these stations would have a handle on thier faith and be sound in thier doctrine. They should not allow equal air time to the lies of false teaching.However air time is not cheap and someones got to pay the bills. I would rather shut down than bow down to the devil and take his money. I can't hardly stand to watch my local channel because of all the ridculous claims of some of the "prophets" they parade. They have big telethons and ask for donations and they have many speakers with extremely opposing oppinions all to get somethig from everyone. If you don't like my doctrine just wait five minutes and hear this other guy and give . The Truth is all we need. There is only One. People need to hear consistant sound biblical doctrine not drivel to itching ears.
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