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  1. Maraleen, One more thought from someone who is the Prodigal Son Poster Child: Coming back to God is initiated by God; He is the one drawing you back. So if you "feel" the drawing of God, your responsibility is simply to receive His grace and mercy. No matter what your kids do to you, even storm off and yell, "I don't want to be your child anymore" does not negate the fact that they are still your child. God always takes the initiative, and where sin abounds, His grace abounds all the more. If you have received Christ by faith, your standing and relationship before God is based on what Christ did on your behalf, not on what you do. Remember: We respond to what God does for us, not what we do for Him. Just trust Him to forgive you, because He has. Peace...
  2. May I suggest a website that gives a good overview of controversial topics, while maintaining a solid evangelical base? covers many topics such as these from some of today's most outstanding Christian authors, theologians and apologists. links is Theopedia