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    Jesus walked on ice?

    It is very clear from the Bible that Jesus knew what Judas was doing and that God was going to use it for the good of us all. These Gnostic gospels are nothing more than fictional imaginings that deluded people who obviously didn't understand the menang of salvation came up with. Already as soon as Christianity was spreading there were false teachers and doctrines causing trouble, so I the only reason why these people would even claim that these heresies bear any weight is just so that they can say the Bible is wrong and they can continue sinning and living the way they want to.

    is anyone here bilingual?

    Hey thanks Trinity but those translators are never grammatically correct. They're great for reading but not composing. I learned this the very hard way when putting up a bilingual flyer for a lost dog. I was told it sounded like a 3 year old wrote it...lol. But thanks for the offer I really appreciate that.

    is anyone here bilingual?

    People think I can wrte in spanish apparently just because I can read it. (A little) I was handed a project that I thought would be writing versions of verses in english and spanish but it involves a little more. For one it involves the phrase: Never again will I confess (and then various words after that such as fear, persecution, ect) If anyone here can help it's for church this sunday. Online translators won't work for this so I need help from someone who can speak or write in spanish. Hey to all sorry I haven't been on for abit. I did not mean to disappear. I'm in college at 29 so I've been swamped.

    Your Most Embarassing Moment At Church...

    Pastors are always good for support. I can imagine how embarrassed you'd be if they had caught that on tape and it had gotten aired. I'd have been mortified.

    What is it that you like most about God?

    He's never made me feel like a burden to him.

    Your Most Embarassing Moment At Church...

    kittylover0991 so your church has an official whopee cushin...lol. wow!

    Your Most Embarassing Moment At Church...

    50_Cent's_dog, I really have this feeling myself at times. I like the church I am going to but don't really feel like I fit in at all and feel like I'm not a real Christian and have no hope of being saved. I feel I just cannot cut it and be like the others and sometimes I'm jealous of them that they seem to be able connect and praise and worship and I feel so distant. It is Satan though and he is trying to decieve us. Maybe we can pray for each other about this issue.
  8. Just last Sunday I was chewing gum and singing and my gum flew out of my mouth and onto the Bible of a young man in front of me. That was very EMBARRASSING! Anyone else brave enough to share?
  9. This person has suffered burns over 45% of her body. Her life was saved by an Israeli doctor and her outlook for life is very poor since her options for a good marraige are very limited. (Think about the culture where she comes from, women are property) Also it is very disturbing that this girl has wanted to die ever since she was LITTLE! This girl is suffering and very much in need of our prayers.

    More Weird Dreams

    I think your dream is a call to pray for your son and for others in Iraq and that perhaps someone is worried that he won't come home or that the experience from the war will cause him to have psychological issues. (Post Traumatic Stress) The dream could also imply a fear of him coming back a changed man. If these dreams have caused fear or distress in you in any way then they have been used by the enemy to cause you to to have fear. Please surround yourself with other Believers and ask for extra prayers from others during this time.

    The gift of being a Seer.

    The orginal poster seems to be seeking a spiritual gift or confirmation of a spiritual gift. This in of itself is not bad. It seems to me this person is asking for help understanding the prophecy...Though I think we'd have to hear it word for word to be able to help on that. I think this person is saying that they think that a prophet and a seer is not the same thing and that their church hasn't specifically told them this. It sounds like this is confusion on the OP's part and they are actually seeking more information. Perhaps this isn't a doctrinal issue but a misundertanding. (I wish more churches made their services available online...if we had a recording of the service I'm sure we could accurately discern.)

    The gift of being a Seer.

    Okay, since God knows the furture and can percieve things that are happening right now that many people cannot it's not that much of a stretch to assume that a prophet or seer could have divine knowlegde of the now or the future and that this knowledge comes from God and not the seer who is merely a tool that God wields? Okay this person has been told they've been created to be a tool for the Lord to use and that they are a specific tool with a specific purpose...How does this contradict the Bible? God sent people to tell others future events in the Bible. How is this different from now? I know there are alot of people who do mix mysticism with Christianity but prophecies and prophets of the Lord have nothing to do with that. I have had a bad prophecy delivered to me from my preacher. He told me I was going to go through a very rough time where I felt like I was being knocked down every time I got up but that I should just hang on. It was a true prophecy and I had a very difficult time but the Lord worked a beautiful miracle towards the end.

    Bird Flu Infects Cat

    I'm sorry but I did find this disturbing. (not the little rhyme of course) With this virus jumping species and spreading so quickly it seems to be soemthing to possibly be wary of. Is this normal for any virus to travel so fast?

    It's Still Winter but...........

    I was rather pleased with the weather in Brevard, NC today. I despise cold weather.