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  1. Hi Guys I have just joined today, I'm from Essex in England 21 years old. i won't waffle on too much jut a bit of how i came here. I havent been to church for almost 6-9 months, something just made me give up on God all together, i dont know what but. I found myself drinking all the time just to get drunk, getting into fights, looking at stuff that i shouldn't have been, taking stuff i shouldn't have been. But for some reason this afternoon sitting at home something made me think and get up and go to church. It is soo hard to explain but I went. And now i feel great the other stuff seems so irelevant now, and i was a fool to do it. But i feel alive again so happy too. everyone at church was happy to see me i felt comfortable there like i'd never left. Anyways thanks for reading it and would welcome any comments from you guys. My msn name is in my profile if you ever fancy a chat. Hope to speak to more of you in the future. TTFN Jamesy God Bless x
  2. it is hard to forgive, i always struggle to forgive immidiatly but always do in the long run. it does tell us in the bible to forgive you enemy even if he sins against you 77 times dont know what passge it is from tho