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  1. Ok I read all, lets look at some people who really could complain about their life. Johnny Eirckson Tada paralyzed from the neck down as a teenager can you even imagine the grief but yet she was an over comer and just look at her life now. Or how about Bobby Schuller from Australia no arms or legs he to could of let that get him down or all the people who were born with all kinds of disabilities it could be so much worse. Take me for instance I got saved when I was 23 never in a million years could I imagine that not until I was 32 I would find my best friend she was 18. I was ready to through in the towel I waited so long and it was the weirdest way I meant her. Her steering wheel was stuck and I helped get it free at that very moment I knew this girl was for me and God set the hole thing up. When I got saved all my friends of 2 left me I was a shy person high school educated poor as a church mouse as she was. Now 32 years later still in Love 3 kids 4 grand kids 5 businesses later I look back and say WOW God is so good. Backslid several times asked forgiveness and here I am writing to you my friend do not give up stop trying to find the right one as I did and God will set it up.
  2. So this is an example of why we must love the people who have had abortions and speak out against it with a loud voice if we do not who will.
  3. backontrack

    United Methodists to Vote on LGBTQ Issues

    Their are many churches I will not attend but prayer changes things. So lets keep them in our prayers it is out of mans hands let put it in Gods hands.
  4. backontrack

    United Methodists to Vote on LGBTQ Issues

    I wonder if I lie would I be judged the same as a gay person if I do not repent? I think being gay is so wrong the filling I get is a since of weirdness not natural. When I look at my wife I think Wow God you sure made her beautiful and perfect how can anyone lay with another man. We have to be living in a time when God has to do something about the wickedness in the earth. Acts 5:3 Ananias lied to the holy spirit and he and his wife and both died wonder how that is going to be after Jesus comes back to earth.
  5. backontrack

    wish i were home

    Jesus Loved and boy did they hate him, I do not think we have seen anything yet I just hope when it really gets bad we can still love one another.
  6. backontrack

    wish i were home

    We are right here and you just did it and you can have peace on earth by just knowing Jesus he is my escape when I have had enough of this world. We are temp. visitors just passing through until we become perminate residents when Jesus comes here to rule and rain, cannot wait but in the mean time lets laugh pray and unite as his body what a great opportunity he has given us. A world of sinners just waiting to meet him!
  7. backontrack

    Chrisitians, or slaves?

    First of all Jesus was not white he was brown middle eastern, second God created man in his image and we are all created equal and have the same father same savior. Africa lets say a few words about it, in my opinion it could be the greatest continent on earth, it has more natural resources then any other but the sad part is> tribal conflict has created a decaying society if the tribes could consider themselves equal instead of a ruling party it could change. How can a continent so great be so backwords. If they only could come together and rule as God would intend them to starving little kids disease rampant poverty with so much resources at hand can it ever change. It seems like they blame everyone else but all they need to do is to look in the mirror and there in itself lye's the problem. Now how is it when Europeans move in the country it prospers in many ways utilizing resources organization unity. Now when this happens the local people blame them when it was all available for them right there but they just could not unite enough to build it themselves.
  8. Jesus is here in us as his bride just wanted to see who would recognize this, I think your wrong about T.V. even the bible says the 2 witnesses will be heard and seen worldwide wonder how that will happen.
  9. backontrack

    Why Our Evangelism Efforts are Failing....

    all one has to do is look at what the American people voted into office Abortionists that my friends is where we are at today, 70% of America claims to be Christian REALLY. We need to try harder at what Jesus told us to do Love one another even as Jesus loved the church I encourage us all to put on the righteous of Christ live holy and begin to Love each other again then we will see the world say who are these people who have so much Love one for another. Hearts will change!
  10. backontrack

    CBD Oil

    I tried it for pain no results at all and kinda made me sick on an empty stomach
  11. I did not really want to post this but it hurts my heart so much that I had to we must do all we can to show America-World this is against human nature and God. I do not know if this will help but I cannot sit by and say nothing and I cannot sit by without including it in my prayer daily. I can see the babies being ripped apart inside the mom trying to cry with mouths wide open but not having the ability to make a noise. After that I am speechless!
  12. backontrack

    Why Our Evangelism Efforts are Failing....

    John 13:35 by our love one for another If have no love what can we offer the world and how can they recognize us as his disciples. Mathew 7:21 Not everyone who calls me lord will enter the kingdom of heaven. Even the ones who Jesus preached to fell away and even denied him in his time. We live in a world where they call good evil and evil good as the bible predicted and many will fall away into their own lusts, money, love of the world. We cannot love this world and serve him and the world. In the last days man will ask for a sign but none will be given. Let me say this I was saved by watching how people were changed by becoming saved themselves the change in there life overwhelmed me and that still is happening today. Not every person is called to preach but the world is watching us and what we project in our daily walk does encourage the unbeliever. Not everyone can be saved and it is often said do not cast your pearls among the swine or in other words trust in the holy spirit and he will direct you to them who are ready to hear the word of salvation. I still have faith in the church so im not giving up on it. Praise God for it!
  13. Lets get some scripture going on this I would love to know and read all of them. Thanks!
  14. So was King David condemned you know Jesus was in his bloodline!
  15. Funny God's only Son came from his blood line guess God forgave David to!