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  1. Federal Minimum Wage

    wow... you make it seem like me and my family are horrible people or something because we dont make a lot of money. I am a college student. Trying to get a degree so I can get a good job. My hubby has a college degree and still cant get a good job. If someone were to offer me a job right now I would take it. I have been applying at 3-5 places every day for like the last 3 weeks. Still no call backs. My hubby has been looking for an accounting jo b for the last 2 years or so... still nothing!!!!!! So what should the state do for those who are working low paying jobs... or those who are search for jobs with no luck? Just forget about them? Hubby would go back to school for his masters degree to try and improve his chanes of getting a high paying job but guess what? Financial aid doesnt cover it!!! So it cant happen. WHat kind of work is it that you do??? Do you have any openings where you work? Offer me or my hubby a decent paying job and ill move to where you are and gladly accept it.
  2. return of christ?

    im not sure if i should talk on this topic cuz im not too familar with it and stuff... but here goes nothing i think that we will be here when the tribulation begins. But before we are required to take some kind of mark, we will be called to heaven. I was taught that when the "rapture" occurs, no one will know what happened. Those who are saved will hear the trumpet and look to the sky and be taken to heaven. Those who are not saved will hear nothing more than thunder. They will not hear the call. Satan will have his time on earth. Those who refuse to take the mark shall die. Then God will come a second time and those who did not believe, will then see him. Judgement will occur, and those that did not accept him, will be put in hell. Then I know I heard something about there will be a new earth.. so I guess that is where we will spend the rest of eternity.. like I said, I really dont know much about the topic. all I know is that I wont be one of the ones who will have to worry about not going to heaven!! I do believe though that it wont be long until he comes for us. So many things are lining up with how the bible said they would. Its a little bit scary to be quite honest. I guess my mind just doesnt understand how this can be possible. But I just believe.
  3. Federal Minimum Wage

    WOW! your bills go over what my house hold brings in! we have a budge also. we pay 405 dollars a month for LOT RENT ON A TRAILER!!! and yes its one of the cheapest around here.. 125 for mortgage, add Gas, about 100 a month, electric is around 50, phone is about 60, insurance for car is 150 cuz hubby is bad driver, gas for car is around 200 cuz i commute to school and hubby to work... thats 1090 a month. Hubby brings in $8.00 an hour.. if he is lucky he will get 40 hours a week. Thats 1280 before taxes... minus the taxes and we are pretty close to that 1090.. oh, and we havent eaten yet!! and do you see we have no medical insurance? I didnt include tv and internet cuz those are extras but still, no money to pay for it! And you need to buy clothes in there sometime. Not for me and hubby, but for growing baby (he is 15 months). and all those weeks where hubby doesnt get 40 hours, how do we survive? credit card of course! We have no other way to pay for things. Then we get stuck paying the min payment, IF we can afford it! Im not trying to say that a budget is bad.. its not! It helps to see where all your money is going. but it sure doesnt solve everything! There should be more help out there for those who need it (like me! lol)
  4. Church Music

    I like them all... although a lean more towards the new stuff. Personally, rather its modern songs or not, i enjoy singing acapella. Its beautiful to hear people in the church of christ singing
  5. Phobias

    I dont have any phobias... But I watched I believe it was Maury or Montel and they had people on there with fobias. Some of them were afraid of cotton, foil, birds... all sorts of things!! I am glad im not too afraid of anything. I have a fear of touching fish after fishing.. but maybe thats cuz im a gal! lol but they dont scare me and make me run or anything
  6. Worthy Is A Blessing!

    I have deleted what I have written on this post but dont know how to delete the actual post. sorry.
  7. Federal Minimum Wage

    Even though it may be hard to do, I think that min wage should be different for every state or county even. For some places if you make min wage, you can afford the cost of living because it isnt very expensive. Other places if you make min wage, you can even come up with enough money for a 1 bedroom apartment! I think min wage should parallel with the cost of living. My husband makes $8.00 an hour. Let me tell you, that doenst cut it for a family of 3. I tried to get help through the state so that I could go to work and my husband could work, but I would need to put my son in daycare. If they were to pay for daycare part time while I am at work part time, I would have to still pay out more money than I would make. The state doesnt help the "woking poor" very much. Its sad. You have those who are not willing to work at all and they fork all the money over to them.. or those who have drug or alcohol problems so that their addiction can be supported! It drives me nuts! Okay.. before I go off on a wild tangent ill just restate... YES!!! min wage does need to be raised!
  8. Star Signs, NOT for Christians are they.

    personally, I dont see anything wrong with saying what your sign is. Its just a "stupid" secular way of identifying when you were born. There may be a problem if you choose to follow all the "garbage" that comes with it.. such as horoscopes and stuff like that. Most of us have social security numbers. That is a secular way of identifying yourself. And those numbers can show what state you are in. I know its a little bit of a stretch to compare the two of them... but they are both optional things to "have". It all depends how you see your "star sign". God made the stars and arranged them in a certain way. Why not appreciate that? One of Gods wonderful creations was clever enough to play connect the dots and draw a picture Be amazed at what God has created... not what man has made of it.

    I donate blood and when I die I have told my family that I would like my organs donated. Perhaps there is a person out there who is in need of a heart. If they receive my heart, they may in return go around sharing how God had blessed them with a new heart. Anything that may lead to the spreading of Gods message I am game for
  10. should I have created 7 more nicknames so I could be 10,000 ? lol
  11. Xmas a pagan holiday?

    Well, I say its neither! I know that sounds bad... Well we all know that some chritmas traditions are from the pagans: the tree, some of the songs, etc. But most pagans dont celebrate Christmas. They celebrate Yule. So really, Christmas isnt a pagan holiday. And as for it being Jesus birth, I have been told by bible scholars that he wasn't born in the winter. This day was just when people decided to start celebrating his birth. And you know what? Its nice to have one special day to do that, but in all reality we should be celebrating his birth every day!
  12. Where Is Santa?

    My mom just told me about this really cute thing they have where she lives (in Virginia). Starting at 11AM tomorrow, there is a phone number you can call that will tell you where Santa is at!! Through the whole day and night they will be tracking Santa and telling all of us what country (or state) he is at delivering presents to those good girls and boys! Anyone can call the phone number. Of course if you live outside of Virginia Beach it will be long distance (remember those unlimited night time minutes you may have). But I bet your kids would love it if you gave this number a call around the time they were headed to bed to find out where he is! Hey, im going to even be calling to track the big jolly guy myself! SO, here is the number if you are interested in calling. (757) 640-5555 Extension H O M E (4663) Enjoy!