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  1. ALright, i can totally help you with this. If you have AIM, you can IM me at Limbsy. Just click my profile for contact info. IM 5 foot 10, 190, i want to get down to like.. 170.... i want to be SLICK AS A TUNA lol. You need to notice, when you do cardio, you are actaully less hungry, and just eat 3 times a day. Healthy Stuff. Dont have junk around the house. And do what you can do. Find something thats convenient for you, do what you need in order to get it done. Ill will give you an example. My mom bought a treadmill, do i put it upstairs or downstairs?? Upstairs was more convenient, and i would use it more, so i put it there. I needed music, and something to cool me down as i did it. Motivation, and comfort as im doing it. So i blast the music when my parents arent home, and my treadmill has a fan, and i put it on high. Give yourself a realistic goal. Example... On my treadmill, i started fast walking at 4miles an hour for 20minutes. THen 10minutes of running at 5 miles an hour, then 10 minutes of fast walking at 4mph. Then i did that for another day. You just make sure you can handle it. Gradually increase the time. Now after a week and a half, im at 15minutes of running at 5. I keep everything else the same. Wait a couple days, and just change ONE thing. I didnt feel like i was getting a workout enough when i was walking, so i just upped up the speed to 4.1. Be gradual. 1) Convenience 2) Comfort 3) Realistic goals 4) Gradually increase your time and speed. Im at 45minutes in total, Thats all i will do. I will jus increase speed from now on. Thats it. And incline.