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  1. No problem!
  2. When I was young, I was brought to the church as my family are all Christians. So, its some sort like no other choices for me to choose. I was brought to a chinese church which I actually dont understand chinese as well. I cant communicate in chinese, or read and write chinese words. So, soon, going to the church has been like a family activity for me. Its some sort like a compulsary thing to do on Sunday. During the service, I will be playing in the church, not listening to what the Pastor or anyone says in the front. I play with papers, pens, even brought my own toys in. I talk to myself, sing and even jump and run here and there. (I did went for the children's service but just couldnt mix well with the other kids so I followed my parents to the adults') Soon, the feeling of going to the church fades off for me. I tried all kinds of reasons just to escape from the church. It's like running away from God's love, try to deny Him or something. Until I reached the age of 13, which is the first year Im in Secondary school. Well, I started to think a lot about church, like.. hate to go to the church as I kind of full of hatred. I hate lots of ppl even my relatives. They've been hurting my parents so badly (I'll skip the family conflicts). It made me felt like.. so frustrated that why didnt God came to protect us or something. So, eventually, I lost the interested to go to the church. My second bro graduated that year, with my eldest bro, but he was the only one who came back from NZ while my eldest bro stayed. Im not sure why, altho I respect him a lot and probably admire him a lot.. I still quarrel a lot with him (which siblings dont ?) Then, aint sure why.. the hatred growed. I started to swear at him (mild one) even curse him at times. We started to grow very unnatural, like.. not the same as the past anymore. There was this day that I said something bad about him, and he even slapped me for it. I then, shouted at him warning him that not to slap me anymore as I hate people slapping me. However, few days after that we're good again. The coming Sunday. I didnt went to the church, but my family did. That night, we were watching tv upstair in my parents' room. My mum, bro, sis and I were enjoying the entertaining program, Super Sunday or something.. I forgot. Its very funny and relishing. So, during the commercial break, my mum asked my sis to go down to the kitchen to get him a bottle of water because she's thirsty. My sis, then went down for her. Not long after that, like 1-2 minutes (I guess), she rushed back in with the bottle in her hand while crying. We were shocked and totally stunned by her. We asked her of what happened. She told us that.. the moment she walked into the kitchen, she saw an old man with a scary look, standing inside there looking at her. While looking at that old man, the kitchen has growed wider and bigger. My sis, then rushed to get the bottle filled, trying not to look at him while praying in her heart as she felt like .. she's getting lost. After hearing that, my mum even scolded my sis for lying but looking at her reaction, we knew that it was true. My mum told her that she should came back to us instead of going in alone. So, we decided to go down to the kitchen together. When we passed by the dining room. We smelt something like.. food left there for a long time. We saw the curry which my dad's friend sent us that evening was very smelly and we could even saw the bubbles on it.. as if its newly cooked or something. However, it still smell bad. We knew something is wrong, as.. it was very cold that day, rained during the day time so it shouldnt be the weather who caused that. Somemore, the curry was sent to us right after my dad's friend cooked it. We walked in the kitchen.. but there was nothing. So, we decided to go back to my parents' room to pray. We all grabbed our own bibles and read it together. But when Im reading the bible and praying, I suddenly started to lose control of my body. I felt numb on certain parts of my body, I trembled and I slowly lose my vision. My bro saw me and hug me tightly. We all knew that they're attacking me. I just cant feel my body and cant see anything, as if Im blinded (eyes covered by something, Im sure). Suddenly, I shouted "SLAP ME!".. it wasnt actually my intention to even say that, but it just happened. However, no one did.. and I shouted it again. My bro then, slapped me continuously.. but I couldnt even feel the pain. Then, they all started to pray for me. At that moment.. I slowly.. see a light in the dark. I saw the crown.. shining at me. And I felt the warmth in the room, as if lots of people are surrounding me. I gained my vision, and I saw the room fulled of people with their smiling faces. They looked very nice. However, it lasted just for a while. I went back to the darkness again but I could slightly see a little. My mum was very worried, she called the church and asked for the Pastors to come. So my situation remained until we heard the car of our Pastors. I couldnt move my body, and I was lying on my bed but then.. in my eyes, I could see them praying in the car before they get down from it. My bro and sis then went down to open the door, but I just suddenly shouted out loud again without any purpose. Its like Im very scared of something. Afraid of something. So, it must be them who're scared because of the arrival of the Pastors. I, just suddenly gained back my vision and the control of my body. I felt totally exhausted! As if, I've been doing some excersises or something. Im just too tired and very sleepy. I told my mum that I need to sleep as I have no more energy.. Until the Pastors walked in the room. I felt as if.. my dad came back from outstation. I felt very warm at heart and very peaceful in mind. He told us that everything is over, just trust the Lord and we'll be fine. They prayed for us and it was as if nothing happened just now, everything just gone. I was refreshed again. I could do anything that I want, gained back my energy. We walked down to the dining room and showed them the food, and they said something like "No doubt, it was Satan who attacked". And they explained on why I was targetted as I was the leak of this family. I didnt go to the service, and lost the faith for God and I was the weakest one in the family thats why he chose me. After that, everything turned out to be okie. I went back to the church and even joined the church choir (until now). Im happy that I was brought back. I am as if a lost sheep in the past, but now.. Im back to God's arms. What God has done for us is amazing and we couldnt explain it at all, all we could say is.. He loves us. Amen!