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  1. what is the importance of baptism?
  2. you know what. I am so sick of the UN. What are their fruits? They are given millions upon millions for what? To make policies that do absoultly nothing? Its pathetic. Not once have these UN or Eu things ever worked. They are always corrupt by the greed of power and money. I dont know why people are even giving there tiem to listen to the UN.
  3. lol. maybe Isreal is tired of cease-fire screaming from the morrons at UN and decided to put them in their place.
  4. It is good we support Isreal. If we sought after a cease fire it would undermind and contradict everything we have done in Iraq and Aganastan.
  5. Indeed there will be crazy liberals freakingout of the Hezbollah that are dieing but push for unborn babies to be murdered. Its a sick and twisted world.
  6. wow the king is a genious! Of course there will be war if there is no peace. Thats like saying the probel that a football team isnt winning games is because they need to score more points.
  7. Hypothetical: Who would you blame?

    I think if i couldnt live in the USA id go Isreal.
  8. ya i could pull that off. i will need my ipod of course
  9. And on a secoun thought. THe UN is completely useless. Just like the European Union Couldnt stop World War II they cant stop terriosm. THe Eu negioated with Hitler who ened up killing millions. All the power the Un has is to negioate useless negotation and give in to the terriost of the world. Un is a waste of time and money. And its corrupt.
  10. Do you consider your to be a particularly Christian attitude? im not sure what you are asking, but i think you are asking if what i said is a Christian attitude. I believe it is. Indeed we need to give humantarian aid to Leabon. im not saying we shoudlnt. But what about ISreal??? Leabon got what was coming to them. ISreal was attacked first and retaillated. So many people talk about the poor leabon civilians. GUYS I HATE TO SAY THIS BUT IT IS TRUE. CIVILIANS DIE IN WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT SUCKS. BUT THATS LIFE. IT IS LIKE NOW ADAYS PEOPLE GET UPSET AT WAR AND WANT TO BRING OUR TROOPS HOME BECAUSE SOME CIVILS DIED. the media makes it out to look like the military of the USA and ISreal are civililan murders. Many marines have died in Iraq because they didnt want ot kill iinnocent civilians. Or they let enemies get away for fear of hitting civilians. so any one who thinks Isreal is doing wrong beacuse civilians leabonese civilians are dieng are just dumb. hesbollah are keeping civilians from leaving. Hesbollah is hurting their civilians more than Isreal. So as far as im concerned i think we should get some aid for leabonse but also and more to Isreal. IF the LEABONESSE GOVERNEMT CAN NOT HELP THEIR OWN CIVILIINAS HOW IN THE WORLD CAN THEY KEEP MORE TERRIOST OUT OF THEIR COUNTRY ONCE THIS IS OVER. Its time Governemtns grow up and stop looking for handouts from the UN and US>
  11. Hypothetical: Who would you blame?

    Am I. Explain in why? Is England surrounded by nations wanting to drive the English out to sea? Are the English being threatened with irradication? Are the IRA or INLA being funded by France and Spain? lol. brits swimming in the ocean. that would be a site to see.
  12. well hopefully Isreal and the United States and other countires make it where there is no place safe for hezbollah
  13. Hypothetical: Who would you blame?

    im sorry but this is not a good anology. See the hizbolua are actualy part of the government. Leabon's government is divided into 5 parts and hizbaloa makes up a 5th of that. They have taken the southern region of leabon as their little kingdom. The leabonese governemt has made no action to get rid of this state in a state rule the Hizbolua have. So it is really alot different than the KKK established in AZ and NM. OUr governemtn would put a stop to that before it go to Mexico. HIzbolua is a part of Leabanesee. THe KKK is not part of the USA
  14. that makes me soo mad. People freak out when Isreal stars whoop n some butt when they get attacked. Is anyone calling for aid for the Iseralites who are getting attacked by 100s of katushya rockets everyday?? NO. Makes me soo mad how the world is so blind to this extreme terriost. And we have to send our trooops to take them out of places which shouldnt have needed to be done but it did because the rest of the world can not stand up for themselves and have a liberal political view on everything. sorry for the rant but pray for Isael.