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  1. If I were an evil overlord

    Must post more. *is dieing of laughter over here* These are too funny. :3
  2. Stressed out!! Overworked!!!!!

    hahahhahaaa =)) That was funny. Is in two parts, working and school. ^^
  3. Dragons. Were they real?

    I was just looking up "dragon?" On dictionary.com yesterday. lol Here's some of the things it said. Also Draco drag
  4. [newbie forumer]*pokes* Hmmmm... Hi?

    Thank you so much Born Again! :3 God bless you as well!
  5. [newbie forumer]*pokes* Hmmmm... Hi?

    I guess you can't center pictures in your siggy? *pokes* Hmm now why do you have all that white? I though I made you transparent.... Edit: Well since it didn't want to be transparent I added some color. Now it'll be transparent. lol ^^ *runs off to scribbe some more* lol Edit-Edit: Yeah. Like new-found-siblings or something. :3 Hi buddy. :hug: Ooo you're from the Philippines, how cool. ^^ Yes this is a wonderful place. I don't know why I didn't come here more often
  6. [newbie forumer]*pokes* Hmmmm... Hi?

    *snicker* Oh don't worry it's all good. She's an angel remember? Ok I'll say hello to her for ya. ^^
  7. [newbie forumer]*pokes* Hmmmm... Hi?

    I've heard about you Willow! *lol* ((((((((((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))))))))) heheheThanks so much for the warm welcome. Wow this really is quick responce. It doesn't look like I'll ever be editing posts to add stuff You guys type fast! Hi jcm I guess we'll be newbies together? ^^
  8. [newbie forumer]*pokes* Hmmmm... Hi?

    Why thank you Danielle. Could you happen to tell me which one I cshould have posted under? I didn't see which one so I just picked the one I though most likely. lol ^^ It is a pleasure being here. Edit: hehehe Hi IR! lol I guessed as much. I should've started posting here a LONG time ago *can see Angel nodding like crazy* Fellowship Hall and Humor Section sounds like fun. ^^ We throw pies here? Ohh goodies I wonder what kind? *peacons* lol I've had a share of pie-in-the-faces before but all should be in love. Exspacailly here since we're mostly all believes. *Though that doesn't always happen* Thanks for the heads up. ^^ I hope to see you around more. *I'm sure of it. ^^*
  9. Hello there I'm ~*~Marsi~*~ and I'm a bit new to the WC forums. Well since I couldn't get the "chat now" to work. (I'm rarely there but I've lurked there a bit behind some of my friends *hugs to Gamma, Angel, Omega, and I don't know the rest of their names*) Is this where I post a "Hi I'm new" thread or did I miss something? lol I don't know the rules or whatnot of these forums and I'd like to meet some new people so I guess I'll try posting here and get poked if I did something wrong. What would be helpful is a quick run down on what to do here is all I need. Other then meeting some brothers and sisters (or soon-to-be's?/ I'm-just-lurking's). Well I guess that's it. I'm not the most active member but maybe that'll change. *gets poked by Angel* I'm sure she's happy I at least /tried/ to get on when I' at my own house. *misses taking over gamma/angel's computer and being silly on chat* Anywho Nice to meet ya! :hug: