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  1. Crisis of faith

  2. Crisis of faith

  3. Crisis of faith

    Thanks all who contributed - I am deleting my bit now.
  4. Urgent Prayer now please!

    Thank you for your prayers!! One and a half hours after the initial call to the emergency services, 2 paramedics came out. By this time she had deteriorated to the point where she said she could see her life flashing before her eyes! I have never been with anyone so ill and yet precious time was lost due to red tape and paper work! I have read of cases in the newspapers where this sort of thing has happened but it had to be seen to be believed. Anyway, the paramedics who finally did come were really lovely and stabilized her on the spot so she avoided being admitted to hospital. They gave her intravenous Paracetamol and an anti-emetic which stopped the vomiting immediately and gave her some relief. She had a quiet night and has managed to keep some chicken soup down which means she may be able to try the antibiotics later for her throat and ears. So thank you all again - it was the scariest night of my life!
  5. Urgent Prayer now please!

    Our daughter has been being violently sick almost constantly for the past hour. She has even vomited blood but so far we have been unable to get a doctor our to see her! I have never heard such suffering - she sounds as if the sick is strangling her. We desperately need prayers!
  6. Just returning the hello ! :-)

  7. Just returning the hello ! :-)

  8. Just stopped by to say hello. x

  9. Just read this Nigel. Knowing you has certainly been a blessing to me and your thoughts and opinions are also a blessing on this site. I'm so glad you have found Worthy to enhance your life. I believe that God has had His hand on you even through the hard places with that "love that will not let us go"!
  10. Hey little buddy how are you? :)

  11. Imposing Shariah Law in London

    A well considered and wise reply ncn!!
  12. So grateful!!

    I finally found a good doctor!!! :emot-highfive: I have Parkinson's so this is very important to me. For years I have put up with minimal interest from my doctor so I finally got up the courage to change to someone I had heard good reports about. Today I went to see him for the first time with something not related to Parkinson's but he asked me how I was getting on and discussed medication and research with me instead of just treating the non related problem! I can't tell you how much this has meant to me, to have a doctor who is interested in the whole person and who seems to care! Pity there aren't more of them!
  13. Hello! Just recovering from my visitors! Hope you are OK!