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  1. I'm with you Yod. I live in Alabama on the coast and my sister lives in Mississippi on the coast and I can tell you there are no places that look like that. I have also been through more hurricanes than I can count and have never seen anything like that. I think it's totally fake!
  2. Whenever we went on road trips I would see the big green signs that read for instance "Orlando, Exit 3, 2 miles". I would think that in 2 miles we would be in Orlando. I don't know how long it took me to figure out that it didn't work that way.
  3. Suz, I have seen and experienced what situations like this can do to a marriage and a family. Nothing good can come out of it. There isn't a question of how you should end this relationship. You either end it or you don't. There is no hanging on and there is no 'just being friends' if you both have developed feelings for each other. Both of you have reached a point where you can't go back to being friends. You have to decide between your husband and family or some guy you think you have fallen for. God's desire for you is to stop what you're doing and commit to your husband and family. Have you told your husband how you feel? I mean how desperate you feel? That you are out looking for something that you feel your marriage is missing? It may take you being totally honest with him for him to realize that something in the marriage needs to change. The choice is yours.
  4. Well, when my wife wants my attention it's not very difficult for her to get it regardless of my state of mind or how emersed in myself or anything for that matter. Seems like God would be capable of at least the same don't you think? Not to mention the fact that she is capable of getting my attention even after 13 years of marriage (meaning I've learned to tune her out when I want to ) I think I would notice if God was trying to get my attention. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> What makes you think that the people here at worthy are sent by God to get your attention and direct you to Him? You commented earlier in your post that being bitter is a human emotion that would be "unfit" for God. So what makes you think that Him revealing himself to you in the way that your wife would (in some human form) is fit for God too? God could have decided to forgive the sins of the world by speaking it, thinking it whatever. Sending Jesus as he did shows us how much God truly loves us and wants us to be part of His family. Jesus' sacrifice for us on the cross shows us the love and desire that he had for us. I'm sure it wasn't easy to be mocked, beaten, tortured and killed for people that would surely spit in his face. He loved you and I enough to take a chance that we would one day choose him.
  5. I wasn't complaining...merely asking a question. Our team was organized in the beginning to choose which ones we wanted to answer. It was an idea but no big deal. Thanks for taking the time to do this.
  6. Yeah..duh..long day. I answered that too. The answer to #1 is Uriah. Why do we have to have questions assigned anyway? Can't we just pick the one we want to answer?
  7. Why is it the other team's thread is always on the top and I have to search on page 3 for ours? That doesn't speak well of us huh?
  8. Ted you are so funny...even if you are a Tennessee fan!
  9. And let me just add that the poll is a joke. Besides...I thought they weren't going to introduce any polls until a couple games into the season. Or did that make too much sense for them?
  10. I'm pretty much devoted to Hillsong and Mercy Me. Although...my husband just bought a Kutless cd and I was surprised to see how much I really like it. Perhaps there's a rocker in me after all.
  11. Pa-leeze! Oklahoma is overrated!
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