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  1. Is it sinful to listen to music that has bad lyrics? Or just a choice?
  2. I also feel that every christian must serve the purpose of bringing others to know the Lord and to follow Gods word and praise him. Otherwise our purpose here will never be known by us. Those that are happy and seem to know their purpose don't they are just happy because they are serving the Lord which is the only purpose we should be concerned abput. Isn't it wrong to question the Lord. By wondering what your purpose is, is almost like questioning him and not having trust. If you trust the Lord then you will know that he has everyone here for a reason and with his guidance and your belief that purpose will be fufilled!
  3. Can you only listen to christian music when you are a christian? Whats wrong with listening to other music as long as it isn't negative?
  4. I agree that murder in self defense shouldn't be viewed as wrong. BUt the question is was this in self defense? . But God knows things that no one else knows so obviously in some means it wasn't wrong. Or our forgiving God forgave him. If someone kills and asks for forgiveness are you saying God wouldn't forgive them?
  5. I believe what I believe. I was asking what the differences in religions are and why one can't be just as right as theother. Through this topic and most of the posts I have gained a good insight. I never said that I am believing in several different things. I simply started out thinking it is wrong to say someone else is wrong for praising and believing in God in their own religion. To me that would be judging someone.
  6. I am understanding this a lot CJ. God just wanted everyone to follow his word, not make their own provisions and insights on what the Bible says and means. As Anita stated the JW have made their own translation and someone else posted that Muslims and Christians can't both be right because they are against one another. All of this has come to you guys with time invested to the LOrd and knowledge and I want to thank you all for your responses.
  7. Mike E thanks for the comments you really gave good insight. I honestly know certain things, but have never really studied other religions to know and now I see from all of you the difference of a JW. Still I want to know if there is a specific way to pray? Anyone ?
  8. If you follow God and his word and you confess your sins and ask for forgiveness then does it matter what religion you consider yourself?
  9. I believe as well as you that racism will never be fully left alone on this planet. This is wrong and nasty and these racist people will be dealt with by God Almighty.
  10. chatrismoy


    And no wonder! For satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light. 2 Corinthians 11:14 Wow to you Man that was a really good comment!
  11. I don't believe that Christians are the only right ones. I believe that if you believe in GOd, you praise God, you live an unsinnful life, you ask to be saved then you are. If you believe in God deep in your heart you are going to heaven. Isn't it wrong to judge someone? If you Shy feel that only Christians are right then you are judging all other religions. If someone believes in God and follows his word and isn't a christian they are still "in the family". We aren't the ones who can judge a religion.
  12. So let me ask you then what are you now a Christian? And will someone tell me how a methodist or a baptist is a christian?
  13. I believe the experience that you had shouldn't come between your relationship with God. Try a different church. The question that is coming to my mind is are you for church? Are you a believer?
  14. Jehovahs witness is like a cult you are saying? I
  15. So a Jehovahs Witness isn't recognized by God? I have attended Methodist churches since I was 10 so you say this is a form of Christianity. But who is to say that Christianity is right?
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