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  1. wingnut's back but where are you?

  2. Sis just went to hospital

    ty all! Much appreciated!! She's doing a bit better now
  3. Sis just went to hospital

    She got stronger medicine... now we have to wait... thx for oyur prayers! dont want to have moire funerals this year
  4. Hi all, Plz pray for my sis. She's just brought to hospital with a very very high fever and problems breathing. She got antobiotics last weeks and they seemed to work, but since today thing got worse very bad! Plz pray, cant loose more people i love!!!
  5. Wingnut

    even no mod knows how he is doing???
  6. Wingnut

    Really guys..isnt there anyone (even no mod) who knows how he is doing?? plzz....
  7. Wingnut

    up...plz continues praying. Anyone heard anything of him yet?
  8. Wingnut

    yeah me too sue wished we knew how he is doing!
  9. Wingnut

  10. Wingnut

    Up!! anyone knows how wingnut is doing??? plzzzz!!
  11. Wingnut

    Anyone heard from him yet?? and how is he doing?
  12. Wingnut

    thx bopeep Still not heard from him... hope he's ok
  13. Wingnut

    Hi all, I'm worried about wingnut. I havent seen him in quite a while and i have the feeling he needs prayers!! Plz pray for him... If it is the God you are talking about than He knows what wingnut needs. I care about him... let's all pray.