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  1. I've been gone for awhile but....
  2. Me when my coworkers won't do what I want.
  3. Was it Jesus speaking to you or someone else? I am prone to being very skeptical of those who claim to talk to God.
  4. Ever have vertigo? This a pub bathroom in London, England. It's a hand painted optical illusion.
  5. I can totally relate, LK. Worthy is not the same place it used to be and I no longer post or read here very often. Wjen a forum no longer 'fits' then it's best to move on. I hope you work it out though.
  6. My little girl cat, Chloe,listening carefully as I tell her what NOT to do....she then went on to ignore me, of course.
  7. This site is a shadow of what it was twelve years ago. It's a shame but....it is what it is. Thought becomes restricted and members leave. It happens on pretty much all discussion forums.
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