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  1. The Bots are people; they rack up posts and have a join date just like the rest of us. If any Bots are reading though, y'all DO tend to post a lot topics which are already ongoing.
  2. That's true. But He also gives us the power to defend ourselves if that be His will.
  3. And this is what is happening everywhere; white people insisting they are black, men think they're women and women think they're men. Some refuse to be ANY gender. Women think they have the RIGHT to murder babies in the womb. And the latest insanity; encouraging morbidly obese people to stay huge and telling gays their lifestyles are normal. The Bible tells us that in the end man will call evil good and good evil. I am believing we are close to outta here.
  4. Stuff like this just makes me wish the Lord would come now; this world is MESSED UP!
  5. Three miles down I-45 South......oh wait, that's the Yellow Brick Bar and Grill....never mind!
  6. Whoa, Kwik! Those are some awesome shoes! !
  7. I'm pretty sure He did give you one, wingnut! Maybe it's just misplaced?
  8. I really, truly didn't believe this at first and then I saw it on the news too. This woman deliberately blinded herself because she just 'knew' she was meant to be blind. Can anyone help me here? Is anyone really this deranged? For once, I'm speechless! But the 'psychologist' who poured the drain cleaner in her eyes should be arrested.
  9. Once this weapon is operational, I will sleep more soundly at night.
  10. Apparently, China is preparing for the worst. The Chinese don't usually get all freaked out over nothing so this bears watching.
  11. This is a good problem to have but I'm wondering if students are being prepared for all these jobs?
  12. Looks like the moles who are leaking in the administration have been put on notice.
  13. Mohammad was just an Arab who invented a 'religion'; he was a False Prophet. The Comforter who came after Jesus is the Holy Spirit.
  14. I would never agree to this, even if mandatory, because it just sounds too much like the Mark. Nope, I don't see it as a good idea at all. If God wanted us to be Smart People He would have included the software.