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  1. It would seem that nearly ANYONE would know that his plan is dangerous. Why do people do things? Publicity? Publicity is of no use if you're dead. I can't understand how anyone could believe that the entire world is lying about the shape of the Earth either.
  2. I'd be interested as well. Can he travel high enough to even see the curvature (or in his mind the lack thereof) and can he even come back in one piece to tell the tale? A lot of 'flat earthers' have so obviously never traveled as you have and know not whereof they speak, to quote someone whose name escapes me.
  3. I heard this on the news tonight and apparently it's shocking everyone. I think we are becoming tired of the forced 'diversity' of the past 25 years or so. We can't continue to absorb the numbers that want to come here.
  4. I had not heard about the discovery of over 30 skeletons in the same area where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found. Some scientists theorize that these MIGHT be the remains of the Essenes, an ancient sect that is believed to be the authors of the scrolls. According to radio carbon dating, the bones are around 2,200 years old, making them approximately the same age as the scrolls. The Middle East continues to give up it's secrets. http://www.newsweek.com/dead-sea-scrolls-qumran-skeletons-human-bones-israel-716320?utm_source=yahoo&utm_medium=yahoo_news&utm_campaign=rss-related&utm_content=/rss/yahoous/news
  5. Update on 'Mad Mike'; looks like he's almost ready to try again. \https://www.yahoo.com/news/man-hopes-prove-earth-flat-213624305.html
  6. That's Right. I'm Back!

    Welcome back, LK! I was hoping you would stop in again.
  7. World Space Programs & The Occult

    Scripture tells us this will happen............ Daniel; 12:4 KJV But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.
  8. Yes, and that's why I posted this thread. I see so many believers buying into every CT that comes along and I can't see how that could possibly NOT get in the way of our Christian walk. It's very worrisome.
  9. Fake news alert; this guy has been under a deportation order since 2009 and is charged with using a fraudulent marriage to enter the country. Reading the comments is very interesting. It seems the fake news media is losing their ability to fool people. https://www.yahoo.com/news/house-blocks-trump-apos-order-000208270.html
  10. I don't listen to Alex Jones but I do know he's a confirmed CT. If you blindly believe everything he says you are doing yourself a great disservice. From the article: "This has been an increasingly important issue for Christians due to a recent primetime interview on NBC News between Megyn Kelly and Alex Jones, which had to be re-edited after widespread scrutiny from the public. Many people of differing political identities decried the interview before seeing it because it purportedly gave a platform—and therefore, sense of credibility—to the radio show host, who has claimed and stands by unfounded theories that the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax staged by the U.S. government and that Barack Obama wasn’t born in the U.S., among many other alarming conspiracies claimed without real evidence."
  11. Derailing thread

    My New Year's resolution at work........
  12. So many wrong. Few right. What's the difference ?

    Well it is encouraging but I still don't know what the 'right' searches would be on Biblegateway and who determines that.
  13. Infomercial of Taco Bell

    So you've seen the commercial?
  14. Legalism

    We do see some of that here on Worthy with the constant comments about paganism and what is allowed in the OT. We aren't living in the OT days people! Mosaic law was for the Jews. We are living in the age of Grace. What is so hard to understand about not being able to earn your way into Heaven? I think the Pharisees tried that as well.
  15. Your thoughts on Halloween?

    We're on Halloween again? The Christmas thread was deleted so I guess the legalists will have to post here?