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  1. I'm glad you agree....all those chipper morning people can have the worms.
  2. I do thank God for the President we have, and consider what we COULD have had, had God not decided who He would put in office. Not because Mr. Trump is the most righteous or the most perfect, but because he is the one God chooses to use for His purposes right now. Consider the evil and darkness lined up against the POTUS and you will know this is true.
  3. Don't run with scissors.
  4. That's a really insulting and condescending way to speak to another poster. It must be nice to be so much smarter than everyone else.
  5. That would be too logical, wingnut.
  6. Oh I remember that Rumlsfeld was in the Bush administration when Iraq happened; I didn't like him then and I don't like him now. But Behar and those like her were put in their place and he did a good job of that.
  7. Well neither Nsync nor Britney Spears has ever besmirched my CD player! Not my kind of music.
  8. Or to engage the brain and think for one's self. Group think is something that makes me nuts!
  9. I think watching t.v. is okay but we need to monitor what we watch. I don't watch much really but if I do it's documentaries and news mostly. But I confess I DO watch Ancient Aliens and argue with them all through the shows!
  10. If the Beatles are an example of musical taste I guess I am just clueless. That music is so old it has whiskers! But one of the networks DID just announce the launch of a Beatles' channel.
  11. You know the thread has be derailed, LK, or else we would think we were on another site.
  12. Yes, encourage your friend to repent and to marry the child's father. I said 'encourage' not lecture. Her transgressions are to be judged by God alone. We do not have that authority. As for being disappointed, be that, but realize that we ALL trip up at times and will need forgiveness. If you cannot get beyond their transgression the friendship will not survive.