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  1. MorningGlory

    The New Animal thread

    My little girl cat, Chloe,listening carefully as I tell her what NOT to do....she then went on to ignore me, of course.
  2. MorningGlory

    Is Forum Slower These Days?

    This site is a shadow of what it was twelve years ago. It's a shame but....it is what it is. Thought becomes restricted and members leave. It happens on pretty much all discussion forums.
  3. Youre right to have doubts about things like this because it's total rubbish. People will hear it if they want to believe it but it's almost always those that are not fully in tune with the Holy Spirit. That can be remedied by calling on God for clarification when confronted with things you doubt.
  4. Jimmy Carter is the most dangerous kind of 'Christian'. Like the Pharisees he feigns a type of righteousness but doesn't live by God's word.
  5. MorningGlory

    Derailing thread

    Tuesday Wisdom....
  6. MorningGlory

    The Coming Alien Slave Trade

    This is right on the money. The alleged aliens are a deception put forth by satan. Does the Bible say we will be invaded by aliens from space? Since it does not, it's a lie.
  7. MorningGlory

    Derailing thread

  8. MorningGlory

    The Coming Alien Slave Trade

    I would like to know who the person with the telescope is and where we can see his video. I don't believe one word of this. Yes, there are demonic forces out there. No, there are no 'aliens' or 'gays'. It's a crock
  9. MorningGlory

    Derailing thread

  10. MorningGlory

    Derailing thread

    A crocheting maniac posted this on FB. Can you imagine?
  11. MorningGlory

    Mark of the Beast/Versus the SEAL of God

    The RCC is actually declining in power and followers. We shouldn't be staring at the Vatican to the point we miss the real problems. In other words that ain't where it's at.
  12. MorningGlory

    Woman's Obit Takes A Dark Turn

    It's true that only God can bring true forgiveness but it's also true that we will be called to account for our every word and deed. Defaming the dead heals no one.
  13. MorningGlory

    something I saw in an internet video

    I think the problem is that they are both men.
  14. MorningGlory

    Woman's Obit Takes A Dark Turn

    Posting such vitriol about someone who has passed on is just hateful. Not a word about forgiveness or the hope that the lady came to God before she died. Who among us is free of sin? Very depressing and it could benefit no one.
  15. I can tell you what ISN'T and that is your parents treating you this way. You can't change them you can only change how you react to them. Lead your life, lean on God, and trust Him to take you where He would have you go. I will pray for your peace with this situation. And welcome to Worthy. 😊