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  1. Melania Trump's $3000 pink dress has the MSM melting down

    A mud stick??? LK, you know as well as I that men are not judged like women are. One of these days we WILL have a First Gentleman and the dumb media had BETTER criticize his hair and clothes. Oh, and his shoes! Michele Obama was absolutely trashed for her BELT a few years ago and for wearing 'gasp' shorts in Hawaii. It's all dumb.
  2. Melania Trump's $3000 pink dress has the MSM melting down

    Actually, Angels, no, it's petty nonsense. My point was Mrs. Trump being criticized for the price of her clothing and that is simply unfair since ALL First Ladies have worn expensive clothes and, other than Michele Obama, were not criticized for it. First Ladies don't run for office but they often get flak.
  3. Well, I'm glad you spoke your mind, OO. My purpose is not to spit in anyone's face or make them feel terrible or to tell them they don't know what they are living through. It's either real or not and I can only think in logical terms. I simply can't get my mind around such things. But, that being said, what use would a thread be where everyone agrees and pats each other on the back? I will respect that some believe this stuff as long as they respect the fact that I do not. I will try to be more gentle in my comments though. I don't purposely set out to hurt anyone.
  4. Pumpkin Spice Pizza

    Pumpkin Spice pizza is sacrilege.
  5. Pumpkin Spice Pizza

    Yes, Gary Lee, THAT is pizza! Jalapenos go with ANYTHING!
  6. Melania Trump's $3000 pink dress has the MSM melting down

    I know! But being just a regular person, if I could afford to spend that much , I would find something more meaningful than a dress to spend it on. I don't criticize her for spending HER money though and neither should the dumb media.
  7. All of it has been debunked. Why keep on with a CT that makes no sense?
  8. At the Traffic Light

    I don't care one way or the other. So long as they stay in their lane, I'm okay.
  9. Melania Trump's $3000 pink dress has the MSM melting down

    I agree, 87,
  10. Melania Trump's $3000 pink dress has the MSM melting down

    Well, yes, LK. That's what you or I would do but rich people think differently I guess. Honestly, I don't even like that pink dress. My only problem is is the media criticizing her for it. Not their money, none of their business. And, yeah, I use Kohl's coupons too; the day I pay $3000 for a dress is the day I will know I've done lost my mind!!!!.
  11. MSM accuses the POTUS of not recognizing his own wife

    My high school paper was light years ahead of what passes for journalism these days.
  12. Stacey Dash - Liberal Hollywood is forcing segregation on us

    Such logic is lost on the left. Ms. Dash is a conservative, therefore she will be trashed by the Hillary Hangers On that simply can't grasp that their queen has been dethroned. Where does a diehard lefty go these days? Me thinks to insults and character assassination; they have nothing else.
  13. Might want to correct the title of this thread; it says B-52 and the photo says B-25 bomber.
  14. Wow, are we back to this same old, same old? Again? This Truther thing has been debunked so many times I can't believe anyone would try to resurrect it.
  15. I know there are evil entities in the world and I know that God reigns. I don't believe in this mind control conspiracy thing. Logic is key. And I could not ever support the illogical conspiracy theories that abound on the internet andd I hate to see them being spread to even MORE people who might believe them. The thing is, with most of those who claim abduction, mind manipulation, etc., they write books and do speaking tours. Ever ask yourself why, if they are so terrified, they do this?