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  1. MorningGlory

    Derailing thread

    Me when my coworkers won't do what I want.
  2. MorningGlory

    Derailing thread

  3. MorningGlory

    Derailing thread

    No, why?
  4. MorningGlory

    Not buying....

    I said nothing about the AC. Not sure where that came from but the other stuff is from CT sites. I read them too. If you can post the Bible verses that back up your theories then please do so.
  5. MorningGlory

    Derailing thread

  6. MorningGlory

    Derailing thread

  7. MorningGlory

    Derailing thread

  8. Was it Jesus speaking to you or someone else? I am prone to being very skeptical of those who claim to talk to God.
  9. MorningGlory

    Derailing thread

    Ever have vertigo? This a pub bathroom in London, England. It's a hand painted optical illusion.
  10. MorningGlory

    Not buying....

    If you're unable to differentiate between what you see and what you are told is true by the CT sites then you are oppressed and deceived.Pray for God to open your eyes. After all how would a regular citizen know what goes on in 'secret'? Answer: their leaders tell them and they DO buy that.
  11. MorningGlory

    Derailing thread

  12. MorningGlory

    Stepping Away I Need A Break

    I can totally relate, LK. Worthy is not the same place it used to be and I no longer post or read here very often. Wjen a forum no longer 'fits' then it's best to move on. I hope you work it out though.
  13. MorningGlory

    The New Animal thread

    My little girl cat, Chloe,listening carefully as I tell her what NOT to do....she then went on to ignore me, of course.
  14. MorningGlory

    Is Forum Slower These Days?

    This site is a shadow of what it was twelve years ago. It's a shame but....it is what it is. Thought becomes restricted and members leave. It happens on pretty much all discussion forums.
  15. Youre right to have doubts about things like this because it's total rubbish. People will hear it if they want to believe it but it's almost always those that are not fully in tune with the Holy Spirit. That can be remedied by calling on God for clarification when confronted with things you doubt.