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  1. Well, He delivered us from the affliction of socialism and made sure Hillary didn't get elected so for that I give all Praise to the Lord!
  2. I do....when Obama gave the order to take out Bin Laden, I gave him full credit for it.
  3. I couldn't have said it better mysself, Shiloh! The people are seeing just what a pathetic bunch we have in Washington and that's regardless of what letter is after their name. I love watching those phoney baloney 'conservatives' squirm!
  4. Yes He does, MM. Hopefully, they will turn to Him. And yes, there are muslims who just want to live in peace. The bad thing is....we don't know which ones those are. I would say that American muslims who want to live here and be Americans can prove it by standing up to, and alerting the authorities about, those among them who are NOT here for peaceful reasons. That would go a long way toward getting rid of the suspicion and dislike Americans feel toward them. As it is, they are nearly silent, no matter what other muslims do so it appears to Americans as tacit agreement with the radicals.
  5. Please quote and post my words saying the above. I never called you delusional nor did I accuse you of making things up. As for following you all over the forum....please, I have better things to do. That isn't true either so I guess I will just have to report your personal attacks on me.
  6. There is no reason to get offended, Abby. I've not accused you, or anyone else, of anything. But this is a Christian board and the things I see posted here are not Biblical, they're just not. Anyone who wants to believe in such things is free in this country to do so. Scientifically, a human/animal hybrid is not possible beyond the beginning cell stage, the Lord made sure of that when He created life. Satan, not being God, cannot create life. Those are scientific and Biblical facts so I don't know what else to tell you or anyone else who believes this stuff. No one has ever seen one, that's another fact and, in this day of cell phone videos everywhere, I'm sure someone would have taped such a thing if they existed. They don't exist, regardless of a YouTube video. As I said, you and others are free to believe as you wish but young and impressionable minds reading this might take it as gospel. That's the real problem here.
  7. I did not call anyone names and I did NOT say these claims are a product of Abby's troubled mind; I said A troubled mind and I'm sure she got this stuff from someone else. I challenged ridiculous claims of hybrids and chimeras. When threads are posted should we just all agree with everything that is said? Should a Christian not challenge unbiblical posts? I see things from a Biblical perspective and all of this stuff is unbiblical. And, of course, has no verification ..... anywhere.
  8. Correct, the Bible reveals, it does not conceal and it's not a magic book full of codes.
  9. Abby, I have called you absolutely NO names, none whatsoever. And if you don't want debate, i.e., you don't want anyone disagreeing with you, why did you post this stuff?
  10. I am not even sure what the topic of this thread IS, to be honest. But if you're bothered by all the noise, move. If you can see people looking into your apartment, hang shades.
  11. It was a World Religions History class, not a theology class. The professor had no business teaching DOCTRINE since that isn't history. Muslims poison everything they touch. She denigrated the beliefs of this Christian student and should be fired. If the situation were reversed, the prof would be sitting on the curb.
  12. It's the downward spiral of society. Perversions and mental illness are celebrated and satan rubs his hands in glee.
  13. I'm going to second what Worthy told you, Zorgblar; astral projection DOES allow the evil ones in. It is an occult practice and forbidden for Christians. Don't open that door and keep praying for God's help. I am praying for you as well. And welcome to Worthy!
  14. I use the recording that came with my IPhone and always have. It is a sad world indeed when you have to stay one step ahead of scammers. I would also suggest that, when you get a new debit card, you go to the bank and pick it up. My new one disappeared after it was mailed to me and I had to go in and cancel everything because the new card had been activated. They didn't get anything though.
  15. Well, if I pay my cable bill over the phone, it asks me to state my name. I'm not sure aboout the signature but apparently the scammers can use it.