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  1. Everything That Can Be Shaken Is About To Be...

    That's a point I didn't think of, Yowm, but it's an undeniable one.
  2. Everything That Can Be Shaken Is About To Be...

    Dissuaded? It means to be persuaded to not do something.
  3. Everything That Can Be Shaken Is About To Be...

    You're right, it happens over and over. I, for one, will try to stay on topic.

    Even though everyone KNOWS they pray to Mary and worship her as 'Queen of Heaven', Catholics will deny this until the cows come home. I have been to Catholic mass and have seen it with my own eyes. Still they deny.

    Are you saying that God's command to Moses was WRONG?
  6. The dangers of astral projection....

    Oh...Friendofthaylord said my hair was blond but it's brown. I guess that really didn't make sense to anyone except him, huh?
  7. EMF & 5G & our health

    Well not to go OT but I'm all for cutting the electronics in half myself, especially for kids. They are much better off outside and doing things than they are with their faces glued to a screen. Some in my own family are giving me concern over this. Honestly, my kids can't be more than two feet from their phones without freaking out. Of course they're older than your son but the principle is the same and no, we really DON'T know what effects these things have on us.
  8. Everything That Can Be Shaken Is About To Be...

    Nope. I know what Preterism is and I think it's unbiblical.
  9. World Space Programs & The Occult

    My favorite is 'How Great Thou Art.'
  10. EMF & 5G & our health

    Indeed, Praise God! I am very happy for you and your family, Abby. And, as Butero said, why take chances If that router is suspect, unplug it. We all lived without WI-FI up until the past few years so we all know it's expendable.
  11. Everything That Can Be Shaken Is About To Be...

    Well if we are not to take it literally then I guess we needn't worry about a third of the human population dying or the oceans and rivers turning to blood or the AC wreaking havoc on the world or anyone having to take the Mark or the establishment o fa one World Religion or Armageddon? Are you saying that stuff has already happened or you just don't believe what the Bible says? It's a learning process when it comes to reading the Bible correctly and being able to discern what is literal and what is symbolic.
  12. Has God sent Islam to punish the west?

    I agree with A./.'s post. No, islam is not a punishment on Christians by God. To expand on that, islam is satan's very own religion. He always tries to imitate God.
  13. Modern fashion for women is frustrating

    I agree, LK. One can find modest clothing at any store, even Walmart. I've never had a problem with it either but DO agree with the OP that a lot of women's clothing today is immodest. I'm a jeans and Tee shirt type of girl so it's easy for me.
  14. Everything That Can Be Shaken Is About To Be...

    You are derailing this thread to prove your elusive point; kindly stop.
  15. Everything That Can Be Shaken Is About To Be...

    Don't be dissuaded or discouraged, Yowm. There are those who can't resist being aasversarial. It's not important.