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  1. You mean like Glinda in the Wizard of Oz? Disney.........need I say more? Yes, Glinda is another example of a witch portrayed as 'good'.
  2. I'm not into fantasy, but one good thing I definately have to say for Narnia, is the witch is portrayed as EVIL. And that's how it should be. Witches, wizards and such should never be portrayed as 'good'.
  3. Probably the Martin Luther topic should be discussed in this thread instead.
  4. Actually it's a public thread. If you want the convo *exclusivlely* between you and FA and noone else, use PM. Anything on this thread, you have to accept that other posters may voice their opinion. I'm glad to hear you two worked it out.
  5. Hiya Bibs! By the way, I have noticed you have your 'Last Seen' in your profile set to private. Do you feel that to be lying or deceptive? Kind of like you're pretending not to be online? Do you see my point? To clarify, I see nothing wrong at all with setting your 'Last Seen' to private, just as I see nothing wrong with someone choosing to leave The lights off so trick or treaters know to move on to the next house.
  6. While we do answer the door, I see NOTHING wrong with someone turning off lights so trick or treaters know to move onto the next house. There are a variety of reasons a person will have their lights off to let trick or treaters know to move onto the next house, such as, they are out of candy, they don't give out candy for whatever reason, severe medical illness, or they are not home and may be at the local mall with their kids trick or treating, or they may be at an event at their church. I dont think too many people spend alot of time dwelling on why a house has it's lights off, they just hurry onto the next house, collecting as much candy as they can. Lights off is not lying and saying you are not home, it's a way for the trick or treaters to know to go on to the next house. If Floating Axe were to put up a sign that says, "We Are Not Home", only then would she be lying. Knight Of Christ, yes it is a very simple plan.
  7. Me and my husband have been talking about the possibility of moving to Arizona. It's only a slight possibility, in very early stages. #1 reason why we are considering Arizona? My husband is a paraplegic in a wheelchair, with horrible, horrible arthritis in his shoulders, hands and wrists. He recently went off his arthritis meds three weeks ago. Each day he hurts a little more, but not as much as he would in winter. Cold and humidity hurt his joints. We still have young children, (two boys, age 4 and 11) and my husband is very concerned about the risk of heart attack that comes from all NSAID'S used for arthritis. Anyways, Arizona I hear is a nice dry heat. Perfect environment for my husband's arthritis. Can anyone tell me more about Arizona? We dont want it to be over 100 degrees year round, and would like to still be able to snuggle around a campfire once in a while without sweating. I understand there are no lawn to mow in Arizona? ( ) What kind of wildlife is out there? What has been your experience?
  8. statistically speaking, the dog known to have more bites to its record is the Dalmatians.... why? cause they have been imbread in such a way, they tend to loose their hearing or eye sight, thus making them easy to spook, and when a dog is spooked, they tend to take a defensive stance or defensive action, biting..... anyways.... have a wonderful day.... mike I was speaking of in that specific county that I worked in. We had a very large # of rottweilers and pits in our county, but they were not the ones who bit the most in that county. But yes, 1 in 10 dalmations are born deaf. I believe this is true of all white dogs as well. I have an American Eskimo, one of his litter mates was deaf. (whole litter was pure white, came through our shelter) I wasn't aware of the connection between being deaf and being aggresive. In my experience, spooks cause the least serious of bites. There's different kinds of biting. Spook biting is usually just a quick warning bite or snap, rather than a much more harmful and very intentional full on attack. Cockers and chow chows are territorial, and tend to set a perimeter larger than their own yard, and bite strangers who come in their perimeter. Cockers tend to bite from behind. I love cockers, they are great dogs, no dog is perfect, but that is one trait cockers tend to have thatone has to watch out for. There's spook warning snap/bites, there's territorial bites, and then there's the kind of bite where the dog pretty much wants to kill you. I didnt work in the animal control part of the job as I am deaf, so that is from my limited experience. I did get bit on the job by an Akita who had every intention of doing serious harm and wasnt stopping on his own. My boss came running across the room and inserted her boot square into his face and he let go at that time, and I slammed the kennel door shut. (Akita had head through door opening when he was attacking me, I put my boot in his mouth, otherwise it would have been my face) I have been bit twice by cockers. Both territorial bites, on the back of my calf. Only one broke skin and caused blood shed.
  9. I'd like to burn a new CD, one specifically for working out to. I like loud upbeat music when I work out, no slow music please. I dont like a heavy metal sound though either. I like songs such as 'One Way', or 'God Is Great', etc. I look forward to your suggestions!
  10. I would just like to add, (without having read many of the long replies) that we need to watch out for what exzactly the Christian lyric is saying. Is it negative? Is it angry towards other perhaps what they deem to be judgemental Christians or etc.? Or is it positive? Focusing on praising God? Someone posted the lyric to a song almos a year ago, that was goth in nature, rather negative and angry, yet 'Christian'. I enjoy Christian rock, but I just think we need to remember to be discerning towards the lyrics, even if they claim to be Christian.
  11. I worked in an animal shleter for three years. The worst biters were: 1)Chow Chows 2)Cocker Spaniels Rottweilers and pitbulls were further down the list.
  12. The lyrics are what counts, and also what emotions the rhythm of the music brings out in you personally.
  13. Ah! I had heard the term 'muscle memory' but wasn't sure if that's what it was. So it is. Thanks Big Steve! What originally took me a year to achieve in strength now only takes me a couple months. Chin ups have always been my weak point. When I very first started working out, I could not even do one lady style push up. After a year, I could do 22 push ups (Legs straight, arms slightly less than shoulder width apart) I had stopped in the fall, and started back up a month ago. When I started back up I could do 4 push ups. Now I am at 12. Anyways, about the chin ups, I bought a chin up bar yesterday. Could not even do one. But reminded myself, there was a time I could not even do one push up. For now I am doing jumping up chin ups, and then slowly lowering myself down. I am going to keep doing this, and hopefully some day I will be able to do real chin ups! I also did some thigh raises on the chin up bar for abs. Strength training is really fun! ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ I have been wondering though, if this is wrong of me. (Bear with me as it may take some time to explain) As a young girl, from age 10-13, I was beaten regulalrly by my mother's boyfriend. I used to hate him with every fiber of my being. I struggled for awhile in my faith, because, I just could not bring myself to forgive him. I prayed, and I literally begged God daily, to please help me forgive this man. One day I had a revelation, and was sitting in the van, in the driveway, bawling my eyes out, and begging God to forgive me for my lack of forgiveness. Anyways, thanks to the Holy Spirit, I was able to forgive him, otherwise, it would have been impossible. Still dont have any kind of relationship with him or anything. I cant force that. All I can do is work on my part and having my heart right. Anyways.....------>My first time getting into push ups, what motivated me was visualizing that man hurting me, and how weak I used to be, and then imagining myself PUSHING him off. He was always so much stronger than me, and forever overpowering me. It feels empowering to know, that if someone were to ever try to do that to me again, I might have a fighting chance. (I would use element of surprise, let them think I am scrawny and weak, right for the right moment, and then wham!) Even though I have fully forgiven Rob, I still find myself able to do more push ups if I visualize myself pushing him off when he hurt me. I am not sure if that is wrong?
  14. I have been into weightlifting on and off since high school. I have noticed, that once you get real good in an area, if you stop for a year, it comes back way easier than how hard I had to work to get that strong in the first place. I was wondering if anyone else finds this to be true and is there a term for that?
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