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  1. This is not definitively a sign that the board was bad or that you were a victim. Often, when our behavior is poor, we have no wish to rectify it, and we do not even wish to acknowledge the fact that it is poor. This does not mean we are victims, or that we are right and everyone else is wrong. It often means our behavior is bad. I have been reprimanded on this board a few times for bad behavior and it was justified in almost every single case. Because you have your own idea as to what all that entails, that does not mean you are an expert on the subject and it certainly does not mean everyone, or even anyone you tell it to is required to change their behavior to what you tell them it should be. They have no mandate to run the church the way you tell them it should be run. What are your credentials beyond thinking you are the only one who is right? Again, perhaps it is not so much the message as it is the way in which it is delivered. You seem to believe that you are the only one right and the entire rest of the Body has it wrong. That is not statistically possible. Once again you assume that you are a victim because nobody receives the message well when it may very well be in the delivery. There is nothing wrong with titles unless one uses them to make themselves look important or attempt to control or coerce people into wrong-doing. Titles identify us to others according to our profession and our expertise. There is nothing inherently wrong with titles. There is no way you can refute the whole "church" system with a couple of proof texts. Why do you say your are "despised" in nearly every paragraph? You have no idea of anyone's motivations, concretely unless you have the ability to read minds. So you have attended every church, and that is how you know, without a doubt that EVERY church is doing it wrong? If I may be so bold as to ask, exactly why has God blessed you as being the only person on this Earth that knows how to do church "right," and everyone else does it wrong? No, it is not. Many of us, some here on this very board stand for God, His plan, and His truth every single day, both here and in our personal lives. You have not cornered the market on truth, or serving God. And it is highly presumptuous, as well as insulting to every single other believer in Christ to both think, and say that you have. I don't even know where to start with that. "Sounds like more, "They won't listen to me so they are not the real church." Sin-agogues? Why don't you just say that every church sucks. I highly doubt the "seething anger" is because of your own personal version of what you view as the truth. The anger quite clearly comes from your behavior. You seem to go into churches intent on telling them they are doing it all wrong and expecting them to immediately do things the way you tell them it should be done. Then you are surprised when anger is the result. Then you insult them by calling them arrogant, stubborn and guilt of practicing witchcraft. Without a lot more time and data to go with, you can't make that call. Your methodology leaves a lot to be desired, not to mention lacking a good deal of humility.
  2. I actually love Windows 7. It is very stable and it has better backwards compatibility than most Windows OS's that came before it. If I need a specific machine for a specific version of Windows, I build a machine specifically for it.
  3. I don't hate Windows. I don't care for certain editions of Windows. I think Vista was the worst rip-off ever foisted onto the computer-buying public. Windows 8 is not much better. With 8 Microsoft seemed to take the attitude that they would take an OS that had been consistently designed for easier and easier use and take 10 giant steps backward.
  4. If you could adequately defend your religion, there would be no need to deliver the last sentence and then leave. You have delivered all the standard JW talking points that have been debunked here many times. The result is always the same. After they are debunked, the JW poster leaves. Your denomination is false because it teaches a salvation based on works. Boiled down to its lowest common denominator, your denomination teaches a salvation by works acquired by knocking on strangers doors and handing them a Watchtower. That it what your salvation is based on. It is not based on Jesus, and even if it where, your rendition of Jesus is a created being who cannot offer a propitiatory sacrifice for anyone. Works buy no one salvation. Salvation is acquired solely by belief in the saving Grace of Jesus Christ and repenting of one's sins. That salvation is not found in an organization, and in all of your posts, what you point to, as all JW's do, above Jesus, above the Bible, above anything else, is an organization. An organization that has proved to be in error, and a clearly discernible fraud over, and over and over again.
  5. You did not actually answer the question. It is a pretty simple one, so I will ask it again: So . . . According to your logic the U.S. is responsible for all wars and conflicts in the world?
  6. So . . . According to your logic the U.S. is responsible for all wars and conflicts in the world?
  7. Sounds good. Except for the fact that it is all based on a faulty foundation. God judges who is wicked, and who is not, eternally-speaking. We are not given that responsibility. Since we are all fallen, just like every other person, our human judgement as to who is wicked and who is not is highly biased and cannot be trusted. Since Jesus Himself wishes for us to both pray for, and plead with everyone we know to seek salvation it is extremely contradictory to tell people they should be praying for unbelievers to be destroyed. One cannot be displaying Christ's love and also be praying for lost souls to go to Hell at the same time.
  8. Single cores were reaching a dead-end when the LGA775 Pentium 4's were wide-spread, just like the Athlon II single-cores. I am no fan of the Pentium D's, but they served the purpose they were designed for just as the Athlon X2's did. When I bought my eMachines W5233 brand new in 2007 I had no clue that it's processor was a dual core. I had no clue when my Mom's HP a6013w arrived in a box from my sister that it was also a dual core Pentium D machine. I ran it for a couple of years with a 3.2 single core Pentium 4 because I was so stupid I didn't know the difference. Even XP does not really do all that much better with more than one core so at the time the LGA775 Pentium 4's were using the most that the current OS had to offer. I have 7 Pentium iii chips including one of the 1.3Ghz Celeron Tualatin cores. I am not sure if I even have a board that will take a Socket 370. I know I have no board that will run the Tualatin. It came out of a Compaq Presario 5410US that I ganked the socket tabs on for the CPU fan. I seem to learn by trial and error.
  9. I actually did do that after I ran these benchmarks. I had an nVidia MX4000 PCI card and installed it. It is the only PCI graphics card I own. The problem is that all it has is a single VGA out so no dual monitor. This 1100 is not a bad computer for a budget machine, and I am going to see what it does with some mid-2000's games while I am on vacation week-after-next, but if I am going to do some serious gaming on a Dell XP-equipped computer it will be on either my Dimension 4600's or 4700's. Believe it or not, I have two of both and bought them all at the same time at the DAV. The 4600's both have 3.0Ghz Pentium 4 Northwoods (I pulled one of those from Nu. 2 for the benchmarks) and one of the 4700's has the stock 3.2Ghz LGA775 Pentium 4 it came with and the other has a 3.8Ghz Pentium 4 LGA775 that I bought off of eBay. That is the fastest single-core Pentium 4 LGA775 Intel made. It benchmarked at 367.4 and as an added bonus it produces lots of heat if you use it in this room in the winter. The Dell Dimension 4700's were the model that Dell shipped many with the case fan installed backwards so it pulled hot air from the PSU and blew it back into the case. Both of mine had the fan installed backwards.
  10. We have not one example of Jesus praying an imprecatory prayer. Therefore, you cannot infer that imprecatory prayers are normative for a Christian using Jesus as an example. We have no example in the New Testament of believers praying for the destruction or harm of individuals.
  11. The Test. Looking to prove how bad Celerons are, I did exactly the opposite. First, the baseline test. This was done on a Dell Dimension 1100. This is a budget box from Dell at the time with limited options to upgrade it. You can upgrade the RAM, the CPU and the hard drive size but not the graphics because the motherboard has no AGP slot. This particular Dell shipped on 5/22/2006 with 256Mb's of RAM, an 80Gb hard drive and a 2.8Ghz Pentium 4 Prescott core CPU. I ran the first test as it shipped with 256Mb of ram. I upgraded it to 1 Gb of RAM and then ran a best-of-three test, first with the original 2.8 Prescott. Then with a 2.93Ghz Celeron D Prescott core. The Celeron fell behind the 2.8 Pentium by only 5.6 points. Surprising since both chips have the same bus speed but the Pentium has a 1Mb cache size and the Celeron only has 256Kb. Then with a 3.0Ghz Pentium 4 Northwood core: It beat the other two.
  12. I think that most seasoned Christians are readily able to both understand and accept that others do not believe as they do. That is not the problem. The Bible is replete with examples and illustrations of both believers and unbelievers and the motivations of both groups. The two explanations are simple. Dedication to God? Or dedication to self? The Christian is dedicated to God. The atheist is dedicated to self. This is the eternal paradox since mankind sinned. Do I serve myself? Or God? The atheist serves self pretending to himself that there is no God. The simple proof of that rational comes from the atheist himself. If I am internally insecure about my beliefs as a Christian, and need some kind of external reinforcement that my beliefs are correct, I am going to go join some atheist board, (and there are plenty of them out there) and challenge them with what I feel are unassailable arguments as to why my position is correct and theirs is not. I need external reinforcement because my inner self is telling me my belief system is not that strong and it needs some shoring up by pre-cut answers to pre-cut questions by atheists. Because those questions never vary. Almost all of atheist's questions revolve around spurious feints at Bible errors they garnered off of the Internet or some reference to Mosaic Law. In ten years here, it isn't as if we have not all seen those before. The final question remains. Why? As an atheist, if you are so comfortable, and so confident that you are right, why the motivation to join a Christian board in a not-even-well-concealed effort to shake people's faith? If you were so completely sure that you were 100% correct in your belief that there was no God, you would not even need to waste your time. If one is secure in their beliefs there is no need to hunt down and attempt to destroy the faith of others who do not believe as you do. Insecurity is the key. There is a huge gulf between "I know what I believe is true" and "I hope what I believe is true." The atheist hopes what he believes is true. The Christian knows what he believes is true.