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  1. Facebook was created as a vehicle for Liberal propaganda and so the NSA could collect personal information. But it has turned into the largest vehicle for Conservative outrage there is out there. You assertions are laughable because you act as if everyone thinks the same. If you are scared of Facebook because you think it is going to make you cheat, then don't use it. But quit telling everyone it's inherently evil because it is not. Satan can poke at a chink in your armor but he can't force you to do something against your will. You talk as if he can and you give him more power that he has. Facebook does not make anyone cheat and it is not the medium itself that breaks anything up. That is caused by a sinful heart, always. It's just as easy to become enamored with some chick you see in a grocery store as it is to fall for some skirt on Facebook. Your post deny's the condition of a person's heart and blames an inanimate Internet site.
  2. Cobalt1959

    Pope as AntiChrist?

    Because Israel is not going to accept anyone as messiah unless he is a Jew.
  3. You can upload them to YouTube and post a link to them. You can simply upload them to your own FB page and post the link. The methods of putting a stream for your church service on FB are endless.
  4. Because the friend count indicates the degree of what I call "Facebook Sickness" someone has. As your friends list grows to outrageous proportions it means you are either a famous public figure, or you just "friend" everyone who sends you a request, including the girl in Thailand offering to send you explicit pictures of her squishy bits. My friends list has 39 people on it. Of those people, I have met and personally known, at some period of my life, 34 of them. Of the 5 I have never met, 4 of those people were members of a Diecast car forum I used to be a member of and one of them is someone I am related to because we have the same Grandfather. 4 of them are my children. 2 of them are my children's spouses. 1 is my wife. 1 is an ex-girlfriend. The rest are either current or past work associates or people I grew up with. In other words, I have had a close, long-standing relationship with all of these people in some way, except the distant cousin, and they are on my friends list because I care about all of them, because I have been personally interacting with them, in some way, for years. When you view someone's page and it says they have 384+ friends, you know that they have not had close personal dealings with the huge majority of those people. I am not going to "friend" someone in Weed, California because he has a cute cat.
  5. Good grief. Families are shattered by people without Facebook every day of the week. Facebook does not shatter families, the people making bad choices shatter families and they don't need Facebook to do so. The second paragraph is so off-base that I don't even know how to approach dealing with it. Facebook is not evil, in and of itself. It can be used for bad, or for good, or completely indifferent. As I already pointed out, if you feel that strongly about Facebook being bad you shouldn't even be on the Internet at all. People can stay friends with ex-partners and not want to get back together with them. As long as you have the correct mindset, it does not cause a problem to anyone at all. What you are attempting to do is blame a communication medium for the bad choices of individuals.
  6. Cobalt1959

    That an unlimited God had to be born here to die...

    Your statement is contradictory. You have know way of knowing whether you are "seeking" something more than someone else.
  7. Cobalt1959

    What is your opinion on young earth creationism

    You feel picked on? Let's examine a few actual facts since you are such a big fan of "the truth." Were you invited here? Or did you just stumble onto the site? Either way, you strolled onto our playground. We did not invade yours. So assertions that you are somehow being picked on are going to fall flat when you were the one who willingly joined this forum. No one held a gun to your head. And you joined here expressly to denigrate Christianity. That is the only reason you are here. If you were not ready to deal with people who are going to counter your false claims with reason, logic, and yes, their faith, you should not have come here. Don't complain about the consequences of your actions when you should have realized what you were in for before you even came here. I would not join an Atheist forum, start playing Whack-A-Mole there and then not expect a good deal of push-back from the members there. They would be 100% justified in treating me like a red-headed step child since I came onto their playground, uninvited, and started bad-mouthing them. I would not expect them to behave any differently than that. You are not being picked-on and the Victim Card is not going to work for you here. You make false claims and then drop them like they are hot when you are countered with facts you cannot refute. You did it with the Bible. Claiming we can't trust it because it is old, but it is the only ancient text you will dismiss because of it's age and you do so expressly because of what God claims the Bible is. You can question it's inspiration, but you cannot question the voracity of the book itself, based on it's age. If you do, you also have to toss out every single ancient text we have. Have you done that? Do you view every ancient text as suspect? Obviously, you do not since you use Philo to try and prop up your false assertions that Jesus did not exist at all. Philo's writings are ironclad, but the Bible is like the National Enquirer to you. Got it. The Dead Sea scrolls. Everything you said about the Dead Sea scrolls was 100% false and you left a trail of dust when that was pointed out. Jesus could not be mentioned in the Dead Sea scrolls since they were written approx. 250 years before He was born. They are still talked about, examined, researched and studied to this day. Even more fragments are being found, to this day, as I showed from a link I posted to an article on CNN, of all places, even though you claimed nobody talks about them any more. Did you deal with that? Nope. Ancient extra-biblical sources that assert to the existence of Jesus. Your entire response was based around Philo not mentioning Him. You'll take other writers mentioning Him and toss them in the dust bin because they do not fit what you have already decided is true, but another ancient author, who is silent on the subject will be used, by you, to try and backstop a false assertion. You cannot support a theory from silence on the subject. I could go on, but you are not a victim here, in any way. If you expected to come here and call everybody names while you claim there is no God and people were just going to roll over and say "OK," you didn't think this through very well.
  8. Cobalt1959

    What is your opinion on young earth creationism

    If sarcasm suits the situation, I will use it. You accuse others of sarcasm, and then end your post with the poison-barbed sentence I highlighted. Hypocrisy much? In this case, I am pointing out that according to your logic, every single possible permutation of a sin has to be laid out in specific text. I don't need a commandment telling me not to smoke crack when I know that that would not be a behavior a Christian was encouraged to embrace. The same applies to rape. Some things are simple common sense. The real problem here is that you make endless accusations and use the same falsehoods atheist have been using for years. You bring nothing new to the conversation. What you claim is debunked, at which point you abandon that line of reasoning and move on to the next atheist talking point. A person with credibility would address rebuttals and simply admit they were wrong, or at the very least, discuss them. Take for instance your claims about Philo and the Dead Sea scrolls. When it was pointed out you were wrong about these things you suddenly abandoned those topics. People notice when you make a statement, it is countered and suddenly you are seen walking in the opposite direction.
  9. Cobalt1959

    You should strive to speak in tongues.

    Have you forgotten this thread? I'm still waiting for you to answer my question. How does your magnificent blessing of tongues benefit your church?
  10. Cobalt1959

    That an unlimited God had to be born here to die...

    I see you still don't know how to use the quote function. So I inserted your post for you. You're welcome. It is an insult to point out that a seeker who tells others they do not think because they believe differently is self-serving? I don't think so. besides, what does that matter to you? You insult people in every single post and think nothing of it. All this while continually claiming how spiritually superior you are. If you were as advanced as you continually claim to be, you would not be insulting people. The Gospel of Jesus is so simple a 5 year-old understands it. It's people that gum it up by adding junk to it. Works. Legalism. Holiness. Sabbath-keeping. Tongues. All inventions of people who think Jesus needs help when it comes to saving them. Since Jesus Himself proclaims that His work was finished when he died on the cross, I don't think He needs our help. If He does, He isn't God. 1. God authorized the sacrificial system and instituted it at Mt. Sinai or He would not have commanded the Israelites to observe it and obey it. 2. I don't know where you get that. It certainly is not something you learned in Pentecostal, or even Charismatic teachings. Even Charismatics are not foolish enough to mis-characterize the Law that way. Charismatics completely screw up eschatology, but they don't jack with the past. Well, except people like Bill Johnson and C. Peter Wagner. 3. Jesus came at the time when God appointed Him to come. Qumran or the Maccabeans have nothing to do with it, any more than we can somehow affect when Christ returns in any way. That is according to God's time table, not ours. It had nothing to do with the Essenes. Or a Jewish revolt. 4. Mankind was not created with a sinful nature. We acquired that sinful nature when Adam & Eve disobeyed God in the Garden and disobeyed God's commands. That isn't on God, it's on us. We are responsible for our disobedience, not God. I don't know where you get this theology, but biblically-speaking, it has some severe problems.
  11. While I understand the spirit of your post I would perhaps try a different tact. . . The people who are answering "Facebook Evil," will not be mollified by people who use it in a positive way because their mind is already made up. What needs to be done is point out the complete hypocrisy of their position. While condemning Facebook, these same people are using the Internet which is the biggest source of pornography delivery that the world has ever known. Kind of a blatant disconnect there . . .
  12. If you use it that way. I keep seeing the people who do not use it saying this, but how would they know? Facebook is what you make it. It's just a communication medium just like any other. No better and no worse. How a person uses it is up to them. If you are a vapid and vain person posting endless selfies, well, that is all about self. If you are posting pictures of kittens every day, cute, but not terribly interesting. I use it to keep in touch with my kids and bore people with endless pictures of cars and their history. Facebook isn't automatically bad because some people use it badly.
  13. Cobalt1959

    What is your opinion on young earth creationism

    And perhaps these should have been included: "Thou shalt not smoke crack." "Thou shalt not drive intoxicated." Exactly how many commandments against every permutation of sin do you think you need? The problem is not with the commandments themselves, the problem is people ignoring them. The basic ten cover your basic framework of sin. Mosaic Law gets much more detailed, so to say there is no commandment against rape is actually a false statement. I don't expect you to correct it, but people who actually know the Bible know that statement is false. You continue to use time-worn atheist talking points that have been thoroughly debunked time and time again. All you doing is covering old ground that others have already tread.
  14. Cobalt1959

    That an unlimited God had to be born here to die...

    So . . . . . . . . People who believe differently than you do not "think?" That's a pretty self-serving way of trying to solidify your own belief. Jesus' necessary sacrifice to redeem mankind is not a difficult concept to understand. Unless you want to make it difficult.
  15. Cobalt1959

    You should strive to speak in tongues.

    I noticed you still have not answered my question. I'll ask again, for the third time: How did your speaking in tongues help the Church? We get that you think you got all kinds of cool stuff out of it. So what. How did your church benefit? You are going around in circles trying to distance yourself from the wretched excesses the Charismatic crowd engages in every week. Singling out one church that doesn't do that does absolutely nothing to mitigate what the rest of the movement revels in. My church didn't do it either, but the AoG is rife with it.