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  1. Nope
  2. last
  3. Never with any success anyway lol. Fact checked a post by my ultra liberal aunt few weeks ago on Facebook...she messaged and gave me this sob story of how I must not like her etc etc. I told her like and respect had nothing to do with it her information was wrong. She told me if I did again she would block me. I fact checked her again the next day...
  4. At this stage there's likely nothing there to even attract bugs...just a pretty rock.
  5. But I am
  6. Or forever
  7. Last forever
  8. Right, what they gonna do, stop selling us illegal drugs and guns?
  9. Going invisible like your friend the lioness?
  10. I know many female truck drivers, trained several,some even do heavy haul, and they were every bit as good as their male counterparts. I really don't think ones gender affects ones ability to drive/work.
  11. So what if they don't...we are America they can take a hike.
  12. Not in this lifetime
  13. Logans right...I'm still last.
  14. Nope your just invisible.
  15. Your lost