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  1. That's because the naughty list is a badge of honor to me
  2. I already had it, but it is nice of you to finally admit it kind sir. You are of course, welcome to stay just like everyone else.
  3. Perhaps it was because I am last!
  4. I still do, I'm forever on his naughty list for shooting his reindeer off of my roof. But boy, it was certainly worth it, that reindeer steak was scrumptious, and Rudolf's head looks wonderful mounted above my fireplace. And, since his nose still glows I don't even need a nightlight anymore!
  5. of course not, you mean. now will you quite monkeying around...i swear youve been taking lessons from the noob.
  6. airport police did their job. once the guy ran back on the plane, he became a danger to the aircraft, the crew, and the passengers. they had no idea if the guy was going back for a laptop or a bomb, and they did their job. Had they done nothing and he was going back for a bomb, everyone would be asking "why didnt airport police do something?" fact of the matter is, the guy was a doctor. That means he had leverage, all he had to do was be an adult, walk off the plane, and then blast united on social media how his patients were being punished for Uniteds actions, etc etc. which, in todays social media world would have likely taken on like wildfire, given united the same public relations nightmere theyre in now, and gotten the policies changed, all without breaking any laws on his part, or getting his nose broken. As it is, he acted like a petty criminal, and then got rewarded for it.
  7. i last
  8. did you miss the part where the guy ran back in the plane and refused to leave? there was no excessive force. the guy was in the wrong, security did its job. I mean what did you expect them to do at that point? give him a pony?
  9. honestly first off, it wasnt even the airline that did it, it was TSA, complying with federal law, yet its the airline taking the heat for it. second, i wouldnt have any problem with it had it been the airline-they are a private enterprise and should have the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason they deem fit. If that means that they want to give your seat to one of their means get your rear end off that airplane.
  10. dont like it? dont fly. thats the way i look at it.
  11. the plane was overbooked, otherwise they would have never asked him to leave. The airlines, by nature overbook every flight because theres always a certain percentage of passengers that never shown up. And, had the airline not needed to move flight crew from point A, to point B, he would have never been asked to leave. If you actually go through the facts, the before and after and not just the small tidbit that social media spread around you will see that before anyone was asked, the offer went out to everyone on the plane for volunteers. No one volunteered so he was picked according to a computer program and asked to leave, to which he did initially-and then turned around and charged back on the fight, and fought off the security. It wasn't until that point that any force was used, and he brought it upon himself. Its like the whole thing in ferguson awhile back-if you dont want shot, dont attack the cops. You don't want dragged off the plane? dont fight security when asked to leave. theyre just doing their job and upholding federal law, the minute that guy turned around and charged back on that plane, he became a security risk. They did what they would do to anyone who had done such a thing, had the guy been a bomber, and they hadn't of done that, and everyone on that plane died, everyone would be going after the security guys do. Thats why its important to look into the whole story, not just the sensationalized little tidbit you see on facebook, or the media portrays. Does the law need changed? maybe maybe not. But this wasnt the way to handle it.
  12. yes, now next time the airline needs to move crew around so as not to avoid flight delays, they wont be able to, and we will have horrendous delays while waiting on the crew to drive halfway across the country. Just so one guy, wont miss his flight. Yes, its definetly a law that needs changed.
  13. its called being a petty criminal and a child. If he had been singled out for his race, gender, or anything else, I would buy civil disobedience. As it was, he was picked at random to obey federal law. What he did was petty.
  14. Regardless of whether it's a good law or not, the fact remains it is a law, and had he done what he did on any airline the result would have remained the same. The mature thing for him to have done was to have peacefully left the airplane and then sued/tried to change the law. The way he did it was completely uncalled for.
  15. I'm not ugly...I'm awesome. Which is why I'm last