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  1. Face it. If we stopped being naughty, last would get bored real quick! And who would you have to throw frying pans at? Anyway hope you get to feeling better!
  2. No, you can't have my last but I do pray lady is well.
  3. The only thing obvious about enoobs last is that it's actually mine
  4. It is me and me is last.
  5. It's to bad I got it then. Now I'm off to bed.
  6. I could use some sleep...
  7. Tweet 15 could be true if California would just hurry up and secede lol
  8. No one is eating with me tonight, last dines alone.
  9. I do believe I said that. I also said I'm always going to take the states side every time...and I won't encourage federal over reach on principal.
  10. Nah. First off on principal, that while you are correct that federal law supercedes state law, it shouldn't. State law should come first. Second...who cares let them throw their pity party.
  11. I get a kick out the author still referring to Obama as the president. He's not the president any more people...
  12. That's fine. If my 270 don't take it down I'm sure my pet leviathan will.
  13. Your lucky Logan came to the rescue, he's nice...some of us resort to more "violent" means of rescue....
  14. They buy enough of ours to ever boycott anything we do lol
  15. "The Iraqis include convicted murderers, rapists, burglars and drug traffickers who are either illegal immigrants or who came legally then committed crimes that make them deportable." I like how they label them as "Christians" hmmmm. ‌