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  1. just because you brits do it all wrong, doesnt mean anything, other then your obviously not last.
  2. Thanks, we now have it in writing that you are relinquishing your false claim on last.
  3. totally last. all you fakers better watch out!
  4. And here i am, still last regardless of your beliefs.
  5. pretty sure your not popeye, either. and yet you think Im the delusional one...at least im not pretending to be a super strong pear tree wondering around eating spinach out of a can...
  6. are* the proper term is are. leave it to a tree to not figure that one out...
  7. you mean I will have my precious last. *sigh* why do I have to keep correcting you silly brits?
  8. good your content with a fake, ill settle for the real deal.
  9. sorry, but the queens gambit will not win you last.
  10. One almost wonders if you two are related...one thinks shes a tree the other a looney tune...no wonder last prefers it over here with me.
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