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  1. ...ok, typically, I find such threads frivolous...I mean, why would I care who has a mouse, just dispose of it and be gone.... But I opened this thread out of curiosity...and people are honestly debating over the proper way to get rid of a mouse? Now that makes it worth while, at least in the entertainment department! So I'll add my two cents. Ya should have trapped it alive. And then lured a few more in and trapped them. Then find someone with live snakes, and sell the mice as snake food. That's right... capitalize on the vermin. Snake gets fed, you have a mouse free home, and money in your pocket. It's a win all the way around.
  2. Please. We all know blonde had nothing on Doc Holliday.
  3. Don't know, don't care. Because your to slow for me, because no one is as fast as last.
  4. I won't need any friends...you might though, to make it a fair fight
  5. Your no fun at all...the ladies in this thread want to see the shoes, you know how women and shoes are. And what kind of gentleman is going to refuse a request of this nature from a lady?
  6. What I find ironic here, is I believe the term "don't give them any quarter" was originally a British term...so here you are making fun of us for speaking British...not very ladylike of you.
  7. I'll cross middle...like the koolaid man. Because last is awesome like that.
  8. Wrong movie, but I guess it's no surprise seeing as your in the wrong thread.
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