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  1. Well, sweeties fake last is stuck in Wales anyway (pretty bad he can't even get ahold of fake last) but real last was with me at my company picnic enjoying free food and music!
  2. The answer is he didn't....that was my decoy, as is evidenced by my last.
  3. probably has something to do with me being last, and you being jealous
  4. I'm pretty sure the only thing you shot was the jukebox Bubba.
  5. Maybe look into online courses... something that would allow you to be home with your baby at the same time.
  6. If I read between the lines, or don't, no matter how one reads it, I'm last.
  7. yet here I am, still last, and on the way to the shower myself!
  8. Your smelly head will not scare last away from me. Now go take a shower stinky.
  9. aaaah, its page 1911. the year my favorite gun was designed.
  10. We do recycle metal here. That was likely a reload. I have brass I've shot over 10 times before lol
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