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  1. one cant be last and be underwater....so I guess she has a decision to make.
  2. It doesn't matter. Tigers can outrun a penguin any day. There's no contest there. Victory is mine! Muahahahahahahaha!
  3. Seems I found the solution to our rodent and flightless bird problem, and it didn't cost me a thing.
  4. Technically God just wants us to give back...so I would say by the technical rule it's "ok" However if your a member of a local church by doing this your punishing them. Churches have bills to, and from my experience churches often run in the red-meaning they don't have enough money to fully cover all their needs. And honestly if one is just looking to give the 10% suggested by the Bible, that's kinda Missing the point. One should give like the poor woman in the temple who only gave 2 mites...and I don't mean you should give everything, what I mean is you should give with your heart, whether it's 2% or 20%. Personally I do give a 10% tithe to the church as a base...and then I go from there. If there's a shoe ministry I give in addition to that 10% if there's a missions trip I give extra straight to it. I also donate to various other entities that need money. My point isn't to say look at me. My point is, everyone is different, everyones finances are different, but you should never forsake the fellowship, and you should always give with your heart. If your not sure how, how much, or who to give to, pray for God's guidance, and be willing to listen for the answer.
  5. Lol either that or they're ticking of all their fans by cancelling all their cool shows
  6. You've obviously never been to hot springs...you'd change your tune if you had. Hot mineral water is downright amazing. The native Americans believed it had healing properties, and there maybe some truth to that lol.
  7. Thanks. Been back for a week...though still not 100%. But I did talk the wife into taking off for Thermopolis this weekend and soaking in the hot springs. . .you should try it sometime. Maybe then last would hang out with ya
  8. As misinformed as the lady who thinks she's a tree or the dude chasing windmills...or the short blue dude.... anyway me and last have to get some sleep. Night....errrr morning, or whatever it is wherever your at...it's technically morning here....but since I work nights I sleep days so that makes it night? Oh well. Its clear that I'm last.
  9. I am. While also being last. I can multi task. Because I'm awesome like that.
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