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  1. That's a great little show to put history into perspective! ~in a post-trib kinda' way - but anything that proclaims the coming of the LORD JESUS lifts my heart right up! Love in Christ, Mark
  2. cjrose: I like to start in the morning, and go til midnight. I don't get the chance very often, since I don't know a lot of people who want to do this. But like you said, Awesome!! I just looooooove chocolate! I especially like the dark chocolate, with my preference at 72% cocoa. I get the "Pound Plus" from Trader Joe's (500 gram), and it will last me about a week. When was the last retreat you went on?
  3. Beach Bible Study Barbeque with lots of singing, fellowship, sunshine, waves, and Bible Has the person below me lived in more than one country?
  4. I didn't know I could do all those things! - Hey, wait! they're getting paid for this!
  5. I mostly get the drummer for a rock band, a concert violinist, or an FBI agent that cracked a big cocaine case. But when I googled images, well, this one is more of how I feel today! Love in Christ, Mark
  6. Oldtimer, Thanks for the address! I most certainly do want to write to this godly man to encourage him! Praise Jesus for the work He is already doing through Kent. This momentary light affliction works a far greater eternal weight of glory! We must stand in pray for Kent and Jo, and all who suffer for their faith! Love in Christ, Mark
  7. I can't imagine that its not just a matter of time for this to happen, there and here also!
  8. I do, although I wish I didn't. Everyone says they really suit me though so that's a plus I guess. Does the person below me travel a lot? hardly at all! wait - does "in my mind" count? Does the person below be drink LOTS of water?
  9. Hi HC, If God is a figment of my imagination then so is the Bible, and so is the world, because what I find in the Bible tells me exactly what I find in the world. For these to be in such complete agreement, they are either both objective reality, or both subjective delusion. Now, if they are both subjective delusion, we need not continue, because I already do enough talking to myself as it is! But if they are both real, well, that's a different sort of proposition. Because a book has to have an author. And the Author of this book had to know thousands of years in advance what was going to happen, what the world would be like, and so on, when no one else did. Big bang? No evidence. Big flood? All kinds of evidence. Evolution? Ridiculous! Creation? That's what the "human genome" guy now thinks. The "hopeful monster" has been slain by Irreducible Complexity. The "Church" at-large? Predicted well in advance: (2 Timothy 3) . . . having a form of Godliness, but denying it's power! Holy Christian, be all your name means, and walk in holiness, dedication to your Risen Saviour! There is a faithful remnant, through which God still works His wonders! And I would be happy to show you to the best of my ability what the Bible says about any objection to faith that you may have. Love in Christ, Mark
  10. mark s

    New Thread

    The Calvinist may think the same about the Arminian use of scripture! What do you think when you read the Bible? Love in Christ, Mark
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