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  1. please include my son and my daughter who have heart ailments in your prayers.


    Don't wait for 6 strong men to take you to church. I don't get this one...
  3. Nope... Anger is a natural emotion. I try not to sin in my anger and I try not to hold on to that anger for a long period of time. I think maybe if I were to sin or to be angry for a long time about something, I could imagine becoming ill about it. But I get angry, say something about it, or get over it. After reading the comments though, I feel a bit odd about not becoming sick when I'm angry with some one. Oh well...
  4. 14 Reasons Men Shouldn't Be Forced to Shop

    I think my husband has actually done half of those... I will not be showing him this list as there could be the potential for many more bored shopper syndrome pranks.
  5. Reverend Butts

    his last name fit's his head. Here I was coming to see a controversial issue, and I end up getting a laugh. Thanks y'all. Back to the issue though...this is why we still have racism in America today. Not because there aren't people out there who are trying to calm people down, but because there are white and black people out there who are still obsessed with color. Get over it.
  6. What is your denominational background?

    Born a Nazarene. Probably gonna die a Nazarene.
  7. Elderly drivers

    Oh no... that's funny!
  8. He is doing amazingly well. My breast milk has not come in, and probably will not come in, so he's enjoying the nipple from a different source. It's ended up being a sort of blessing though because daddy has been more involved in the feedings.

  9. How's the little guy doing?

  10. I used to live in Sumter, SC...practically next door to Shaw Air Force Base. (That was a looooong time ago). But I remember being a child and everyone talking about these things in the sky. It ended up they were the stealth bombers that were being tested at the base. No aliens. Poop. But I do so enjoy the movie "The Explorers"...River Phoenix before his delve into drugs and death. I don't know if I believe that UFO's carry aliens from another planet, but I do believe there are things in the sky that not every one knows exists at this moment. I also #1 don't believe that UFO's are demonic and #2 don't believe that UFO sightings are actually a sign of the end times. There's always been stuff in the sky that we don't always recognize. Like so many others though, I often wonder why people who are abducted by aliens are always people that you would have cause to question their judgement...
  11. Now I've heard that in some cases, after you've been married for awhile, you begin to look like your spouse. In this case, I think I would have begin to wonder when people began making comments about looking alike before the marriage vows had been said.
  12. The First EVER Blond Guy Joke!

    A brunette man, raven hair dude, and blonde guy are riding in a jeep through the desert looking for a place to camp. The jeep breaks down and the guys all decide that they will take one thing with them through the desert to help them survive as they look for help. They're walking along and brunette man turns to raven hair dude and asks, "What did you bring?" Raven hair dude says, "I brought a canteen of water in case we get thirsty." Raven hair dude in turn asks brunette man what he decided to bring. Brunette man says, "I brought the crackers and canned meat in case we get hungry." Then brunette man and raven hair dude both turn to blonde guy to ask what he has brought. Blonde guy is walking through the desert with a door taken off the jeep because, "in case we get hot, we can just roll down the window." That's horrible, but it was funny when we were kids. Or the one where the guys all get together and start agruing who will fall to the ground first if they jump off the building. One of them loses because he stops to ask for directions...
  13. The First EVER Blond Guy Joke!

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I am so tired anything will make me laugh... That is funny though. It reminds me of another joke that I heard a loooooong time ago.
  14. I knew it....LOL Congrats!!!!

  15. LOL you've gone off and had a baby now haven't you???