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  1. Then there are those couples who can't have children. Maybe the wife has had a hysterectomy. God doesn't expect these couples to not have sex.
  2. Monarchy, I feel for you. I've gone thru similar trials, not so much with family, tho it's been rough there too, as no one in my family practises any religion. Some of them used to, but don't any more. Some say they are Christian, but that's as far as it goes. My mother was the matriarch, and now that she's gone, it's passed on to me. But I, like you, wasn't socialized. I never had many friends, only 2 or 3 "best friends". I felt like a misfit too. My sense of self image was and is very low. Because of this, I used to be so shy that people thought I was stuck up. I thought people wouldn't like me. I've improved somewhat, but I still have a hard time making friends, and feel very isolated. Like you, I gave up on counseling long ago. My family is also very dysfunctional. You wouldn't believe. I see nothing wrong with you, tho.
  3. Talk about sour grapes!! It will come back to bite them. Hopefully.
  4. My sister is a diehard liberal who believes we cause global warming. She's committed to getting me to believe it.
  5. Translation: The Republicans need to work with him and compromise with him. Translation: They need to go along with him and his agenda. If not, they are "obstructionists" and the party of "no".
  6. Here's 2 questions I've just recently thought about. 1. There were millions of people, plus millions of livestock, crossing the desert for 40 years. How did they get water for everything??? All the places in the Bible during that time where it ways to wash things or for people to bathe. Let alone for everyone and everything to drink!! It's only mentioned once where water came out of a rock. Where did all the other water come from? 2. How could there have been room on the ark for all the thousands of species of animals -- 2 each, and 7 each of some? Plus enough food for 40 days for all of them? And how can you get notified in email when someone responds to your post?
  7. Happy Birthday, Stranger! Have a great day and eat lots of
  8. I'm late too, but my wish is still just as big. Happy Birthday!!!!
  9. Happy Birthday, and thank you for Worthy.
  10. Wow, watching that was downright scary! There is no way I could do that if I wanted to. It would take legs of steel!
  11. That woman needs to spend 15 hours in a proportionately sized trash can, scared to death.
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