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  1. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. Dad and I were brought to a place of rejoicing when we read your reply to the fiirst part of testimony. Thank God for His faithfulness to all of us honey. We love you, Mom
  2. In 1984 I wrote a testimony of my introduction to the Lord and how that had worked through my life. After reading through the eight pages I decided that I should perhaps share it in segments. Following will is the first portion of a testimony from the article I wrote back in 1984. Remembrance Bringing Forth Testimony #1 In September 1976 I went to my husband on one of those occasions we were talking and told him I knew I was becoming too attracted to a business associate who had taken the time to listen and console me. If he didn
  3. Your right Honey, in case you are wondering this is your wife, and we have had a good ride but the Old Path was great. We need to do our best with Gods help to make a unique life, One like no other as we are unique people. Love you
  4. Arminian .... yes Calvinist ..... no woot amen Believe we have our free will something that has not been taken from us but that we are responsible for and the walk we move forward in. God will direct our steps but we will take the steps. joy
  5. Arminian .... yes Calvinist ..... no woot amen
  6. 4joy


    Thank God His shoulders are broad, He will carry us all as we make our way to the wall!
  7. Thank you Crystal. We need to keep sending acculades to the admins. and staff of Worthy Boards. I too thank them for the dilligence and protection as we post here and there. They watch out for us and for people on the sites. Thank you again we do appreciate all you do. Glo
  8. 4joy

    Marnie Survives!

    It's always good to reach a minestone. Especially rebuilding a life. That is a joy to the Father, can't help but bring glory to Him. Glo
  9. thank for your explanation about where it came from.
  10. 4joy

    can you

    Here's two easy ones - Red lorry, yellow lorry (keep repeating!) In Hertford, Hereford and Hampshire hurricanes hardly ever happen.
  11. Sorry, that website is blocked on my computer-Glo
  12. Ok it isn't the biggest grin!
  13. 4joy

    God is Like.....

    God is like a breath of fresh air that fills me and gives me strength to move forward in the places He has called me to. Glo
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