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  1. i listen to James Earl Jones do a dramatized version in the car. It's nice because I'm not a great reader so listening to the Word helps reveal things in a different light that i miss when I'm reading.
  2. What do I need to know?

    Praying first is always a good idea... but remember the WORD is the Living Word... which means you will always find God speaking to you through it despite how many times we have read it... so you will always be learning something different.
  3. Are you being a Witness?

    i reach out to other women at the park when i take my toddler. Whether they need someone to watch their kid, or just a friend to talk to. Also i have care packages and gift cards to give to the homeless when i see them in the park... which includes water, toilet paper, and sunscreen... among other snack items. I love others because God loved me first and we all NEED him
  4. have you seen the gifts used?

    Yes... every believer has a spiritual gift and they are all used to this day. The only gift i haven't seen is someone speaking in tongues with an interpreter near by... however i do believe it is a gift that is still used despite my own experiences.
  5. Would you fly on a plane with no pilot?

    i agree. machine can't replace human intuition