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  1. Deathstar 80

    Need help with question about Noah & dinosaurs.

    Thanks! That really helped me.
  2. There's a question someone on another forum is asking me and a few other Christians. This is the question. I looked in the bible, and this is what it says from the New King James Version (NKJV). Genesis 7:2 Doesn't this mean Noah took dinosaurs into the ark? If he did, why aren't dinosaurs existing today? I'm curious myself.
  3. Deathstar 80

    Need help with homework.

    I know he might have not been insane. I realized that while I was reading the sixth act of Hamlet, and that's why I'm kind of regretting writing about this. Since I've started typing about this, I have to make a final draft with it and I have to make this paper persuasive as if Hamlet was insane.
  4. Deathstar 80

    Need help with homework.

    I've deleted what I previously typed down and decided to type this. (In this new statement, I'm saying that Hamlet was a character who was insane but didn't know he was.) The problem that I see with this statement is that the audience might actually think the play Hamlet said that Hamlet was insane, when it actually doesn't. Since this paper is a persuasive paper, my teacher complained in my paper about how when I'm telling my opinion, I shouldn't say for example, "I personally beleive that Hamlet was mentally ill." My teacher says to instead write down, "Hamlet was mentally ill", forcing my opinion to the audience and saying that I'm completely right. I'm not used to writing like this though. I feel like I'm disrespectful to those who have a different opinion than mine. Saying all of this, I still need a source (preferably a website) for my paper. Thanks for all of your help, all of you have truly helped me with this. I still need a source though. I'm sorry to hear of all of the mental illnesses. To cymba22, I will pray for your son. And to LadyRaven, I will pray for you and for the person you mentioned who had a mental illness also. I imagine it's hard to live with a mental illness, but having God can help everyone through this life no matter what. I've realized that there are many websites that help tell people if they have a mental illness or not. This could show that some people don't know they have a mental illness, and I was wondering if I could just type the websites or not. Yet, I still need a source that says some people do know they have a mental illness.
  5. Deathstar 80

    Need help with homework.

    For my homework, I'm trying to write a paper proving that Hamlet in Shakespeare's play Hamlet is insane. In Hamlet, Hamlet says that he purposely acts insane in order to follow his plan to eventually kill the person who he was told killed his father. I put in my paper as evidence that Hamlet only tells people he's not insane, yet he continues to act insane. I was told by my brother (I think it was my brother) that people who are insane don't know they're insane.
  6. I'm not sure if this is where I can put a question like this, but I need help on homework. Do insane people admit they're insane? I thought I was told from someone (I think it was my brother) who said people who are insane never admit they're insane. If this is true, I need to find a source from somewhere proving that happened. If not, then I need to change the paper that I'm writing. *Just a warning, I looked for sources that said that on www.google.com, and there were a few bad sites and bad words on the web page. I don't know why, but there just were.*
  7. Deathstar 80

    Security of the Beliver.

    I hope nobody here minds if I skip reading what others have put down already and post this. If anyone does have a problem with it, please pm me and I will stop. I have a comment about the proof given for "once saved, always saved". To my understanding, you have misinterpreted what Jesus said. He is not saying that believers will always have salvation or even that they will only lose salvation if they want to. John 10:28 says that believers shall live eternally because they believed. The last two verses says that nobody else can take away a person's salvation.
  8. I constantly feel impatient and when I'm tempted to sin, it seems I'm forced to sin (such as if I'm tempted to play video games when I know to work on homework, I feel like I have no choice) and I regret my decisions later on. Am I still saved? I've been going through a lot of trouble, not on the outside but on the inside with something, yet I can't recognize what the problem is. I typed topics earlier about certain problems I had, and it did seem that those problems were going to go away, but the seem to always come back. When I try to pray to become saved, I feel like I can't. I was thinking maybe this was because I committed blasphemy against the holy spirit, the one "unforgiving sin". When I did commit this sin, I wanted to purposely commit that sin because I was mad at god for my confusion (of course, I now know it was my fault for my confusion, but I am slightly mad at TBN because they were the ones that I listened to and I'm pretty sure they added to my confusion). Does this mean I have no hope to go to heaven? My family and me used to be good Christians, but it seems that my brother is just as confused as I am, and my parents seemed to go farther away from god.
  9. Deathstar 80

    Even more confusion.

    I have great news. I haven't talked to a doctor or anything, but my relationship with God is slowly being restored. I think all I needed to know was how much he really loved me (and how much he really loves everyone).
  10. Deathstar 80

    The Drug Free Families Act of 2008

    I voted yes, but I feel bad for those who are on drugs.
  11. Deathstar 80

    Even more confusion.

    I'm a little confused right now in my life. For the last few years (about 3 or 4 years), I've been "out of reality". Every year it's been getting worse. At first when I started to go "out of reality", I was the closest to God as I have ever been, and I was persecuted. Because of that, I decided to become more part of the world by becoming prideful during our Summer break, and ever since, even though I've stopped my pride, I've still been going "out of reality". When I wasn't out of reality, I was smarter, more athletic, and more social than I am now. Today, I'm still known to be a great Christian, while other Christians seem that they're trying to prove I'm not a Christian. I'm expected to do a lot of great things by my parents and everybody, but where I'm out of touch with reality, I can't do anything. I know some people would say my self-esteem is the cause of the problem, but I know as a fact it's not my self-esteem. I literally am much worse than I used to be and I don't know what to do. I'm very shy, and just recently I've seen something called asperger syndrome (I looked on www.webmd.com for all of my symptoms, and right now it seems I have at least 5 out of 9 symptoms - 1) dislikes change in routine, 2) unusual face expressions, 3) difficulty learning new things, 4) socially withdrawn, 5) difficulty solving problems. There are other things I have in common of people with this syndrome, according to WebMD.com). The reason I want to post this is because I'm confused what to do. I've been embarrassing myself everyday, and it's hard for me not to get mad at God, knowing that he can instantly get rid of whatever problem I have. What do I do? What's wrong with me?
  12. Deathstar 80

    A Confusing Time

    This problem has already been solved. Before I quit the team, though, I learned that the head coach didn't completely understand what happened and didn't really care. Thanks for all of your prayers and advice!
  13. Deathstar 80

    A Confusing Time

    I was practicing with the school soccer team and one of the team leaders told me to do something while we were playing a scrimmage. I did what I thought was I was supposed to do, having no intention to go against our team leader. Throughout the entire scrimmage, he screamed to me how horrible of a job I was doing and what I was supposed to do. The one time I had bad intentions against the team leader was when I was tired, I started to walk away. He then started to talk to the team, and I knew I should've listened to what he had to say, but I was confused the entire scrimmage and his yelling didn't help me at all. After practice, I was hurt but I was confident that our two coaches would tell our team leader what he did was wrong. The next day, I was surprised when the coaches gave a big speech on how we should listen to our team leaders. I felt confused because they said I was selfish and I purposely went against the team leaders orders. I then talked to our assistant coach after the speech, telling him that I was simply confused during the entire time. The look on his face seemed like he either didn't believe me or he was about to laugh. I'm shy, so I'm not a "people person", as others would say. Therefore I might have explained it poorly. This seems to happen to me a lot. Does this happen often to others? What am I supposed to do? I want to quit because ever since then, soccer hasn't been fun at all to me. I'd rather rest.
  14. Deathstar 80

    Honeybee's CORN-er

    MMMM . .I'm canadian but spent a summer in Maryland and wish we had grits up here!!! As for corn . .I love it. To be honest when I first saw the poll I was thinking of the band (thought it was really weird) .. but then read through and saw its the veggie Welcome, fellow corn lover! I'm a sort-of corn lover, why don't I get a hug? :24: (I just felt like putting the dancing smiley face in there...I couldn't resist!!)
  15. Deathstar 80

    "Numb" life

    Stacey c, you don't have to be sorry. Thanks for that reply. Sorry that I haven't replied in a long time, but I'm happy to say I'm healed! My stomach problem was called gastritis (inflammation in the stomach). A small part of my stomach inflamed a little bit for some odd reason, but the doctors gave me some medicine, and I should be healed by now. I have a much better relationship with god today, and my life feels a lot less numb! If everyone was okay with it, though, I would like it if people continued to pray that my numbness goes away completely. Thanks again.