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  1. (((mathqueen))) I am sorry that you are having such a miserable time. Relationships are never easy are they? Especially when we have been hurt so deeply. I wish I had some easy answers for you, but I don't really, but I will pray for you. Colleen
  2. Thank you Christiangirl for that beautiful testimony. What a wonderful reminder of God's love and faithfulness to us!!
  3. Collie1


    Since birthdays are after the birth we know when to celebrate them. We couldn't celebrate death days because we don't know when they are until afterward!
  4. Rachel, this was an accident pure and simple. You say, "I have a hard time with anger. Is it okay to be angry about this? And how long till I should stop and forgive this guy for going to my dad? " Forgive him now, just as Christ forgave you...being angry at this man will not hurt him, but it will hurt you, and could turn into bitterness on your part which does you even more harm. I would just let this all go, unless you hear back from the dog owner, if he bothers your dad again, your dad should remind him that he was at fault for not controlling the dog, and that if he (the owner) should be glad you don't sue him for the damage done to your car. Hope it all works out well for you, Colleen
  5. I've been dieting for a couple of months, and just recently added excercise to my life. I bought a mini-trampoline for $40.00 It's wonderful! I don't jump much on it yet, most walk and maybe a little jogging in place. I plan to gradually move up to doing some jumping jacks and other excercises on it. It's fun and simple. Maybe this will be the weekend I get into those size 12s. If I could only leave the chocolate alone!!
  6. Thank you for your replies, I'd heard a local church was being accused of becoming an emergent church. I attended there at one time, but left for different reasons. My son still goes there, so I want to be sure I know what they are being accused of. Your answers were helpful. colleen
  7. Is there a thread on here that speaks of the emergent church? I have heard it mentioned a bit lately, but am not sure what it is all about.
  8. Biscuit, if you are male be very careful with this.
  9. I believe that using language like that amounts to some type of harassment. Years ago my late husband had to take a class about harassment, and they did say that swearing can be considered harassment. I think you should talk to your director about it, if you feel he/she would be discreet in talking to your co-worker. I wouldn't necessarily go with the headphones; you could alienate yourself from everyone doing that. I am sure you are already setting a good example by keeping your mouth clean and your actions above reproach. People notice this. When I first started my present job, the language from my co-workers was terrible. I never said anything until they got to know me better; then I just mentioned how awful I thought taking the LORD's name in vain was. They were really good at not doing that for awhile, the rest of their language has cleaned up considerably. Hope this is helpful, Colleen
  10. I love that phrase, 'I felt like God might be pushing me and now I think He might just be preparing me.' That sounds so hopeful. It sounds like your husband suffers from paranoia (sp?) I do believe God can fix your marriage, but in time. As everyone else says, give it lots of time. You are so right not to rush into a reconciliation and your attitude about not looking for anyone else is to be commended. I pray that your husband gets the help he needs with his anger and whatever else is going on inside of him.
  11. Hi I have been looking, kind of scanning through some of these posts. I work for a company that sells diet and nutrition products. One of the things that is helpful to drink is water and cranberry juice, the real cranberry juice; unsweetened, no sweeteners, and nothing else added. Mix together 8 parts water to one part juice. Drink up to 64 oz of this daily. It's not really too bad. Knudsten's makes this. It's a little expensive, but very healthy for you. I'll try really hard to offer any helpful advice without mentioning where I work. I don't claim to be an expert on weightloss. In fact I have lost 7 lbs in a month, all in the first two weeks of my New Year's resolution. I cheat a lot and because of that I haven't lost any the last two weeks, but I did lose an inch. Colleen
  12. Anita, please wait awhile, even to start new friendships with men until after your divorce is final, and then wait a little longer. Learn about who you are, and what a terrific person you are as an individual. Learn that you are worth so much more than you ever imagined. Christ values you!! I know it is not easy, but it is so important! Years ago my first husband died, it was very difficult. Our children were 7 and 10. My daughter who is a loner and has low self esteem, was especially struggling. We went to a counsellor who advised us to tell our selves loudly, I'm a great deal!! You Anita are a great deal!! You have a compassionate heart and a trusting nature. God will give you the strength you need to get through this. He will never leave you nor forsake you, or abuse you. May He richly bless you, Colleen
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